5 Intense Workout DVDs for MMA Fighters

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Due to the intensity of the sport, MMA athletes require a high-impact, well-balanced workout that includes all the essentials that they face while in the ring including: strength, cardio, power, agility, and balance, among others. A run around the track or an old Richard Simmons workout tape isn’t going to cut it.

These 5 workout DVDs promise to deliver the high-quality workout that MMA fighters need in order to see big results and become ring-ready:

1. Rushfit

Developed by MMA fighter Georges “Rush” St. Pierre, the intense “Rushfit” training camp style workout promises to share “the secrets of a champion” to achieve excellent results. The program includes six DVDs that contain seven 45-minute high-intensity workouts that focus on all the essential MMA training elements including: strength, balance, agility, flexibility, power, endurance and core stability. The system also includes 2 training guides with nutrition management plans to train from the inside out.  The workout requires a set of dumbbells and 8 weeks of dedication alongside instructor, Georges St. Pierre.

2. Tapout XT

Developed by fitness expert and professional trainer, Mike Karpenko, this intense 12-DVD collection includes MMA core training elements ranging from “Cross Core Combat” and “Sprawl and Brawl” to “Yoga XT” and “Ultimate Abs.” The workout series follows the “R.I.P.P.” philosophy of Rapid-fire, Interval, Precision and Power, which promises to deliver an MMA styleworkout that burns up to 1,200 calories per session. The workout requires no additional equipment but boasts that it is an extreme 90-day workout, and not for everyone. In addition to the 12 DVDs, the system also includes an additional training DVD (which teaches proper form and offers tips from MMA pros), a fitness guide to track progress, a food plan with nutrition tips, an “XT extreme resistance band” and a “Tapout XT training band.”

3. Insanity

Trainer Shaun T delivers a 10-DVD collection that uses interval training to guarantee big results in 60 days. The interval training requires long bursts of high energy to complete high intensity workouts with minimal rest periods. The workout brings some necessary essentials for an MMA workout including, cardio, balance, resistance, and plyometrics. The “Insanity” system claims to burn up to 1,000 calories per workout and includes a nutrition plan, fitness guide, workout calendar with "Fit Test" tracker and free online tools to keep you in the know 24/7. No additional equipment is required.

4. P90X

Created by celebrity trainer Tony Horton, the P90X system includes 12 workout DVDs, nutritional plans, a fitness guide, tracker sheets, and online support. Unlike some of the other workouts, the “P90X” system does require equipment—a set of dumbbells and a pull-up bar—to complete the workout effectively. While the basic system does not include any equipment, one can purchase two varying upgraded packages that includethe necessary hardware. The system uses the “muscle confusion” workout philosophy that tricks the body over 90 days thru different training workouts; thus avoiding frustrating plateaus. The workouts contain exercises beneficial to any MMA trainee including, cardio, “Kenpo,” yoga, and strength training.

5.The MMA Body

Led by trainer Nicolas Stone, the “The MMA Body” workout is a bit less intensive than the previous workouts, but still promises big results. The workout includes one DVD that holds two workouts: “The Championship MMA Workout,” which includes five rounds of cardio and strength training, and “The Undercard MMA Workout,” which focuses on three rounds of focused strength training. Stone promises that in just 15-30 minutes a day “you will be surprised at how quickly you will see results from your workout: defined biceps, toned triceps, tight glutes, and shredded abs.” The workout requires no additional equipment.

Being an MMA fighter requires an exceptional amount of physical fitness, hard work and dedication. Luckily, these DVDS can get the results fighters need while remaining in the comfort of home; leaving no room for excuses.

Dwayne Thomas, who works for Cable TV (link removed upon request), loves to find innovative ways to improve his physical fitness.  To learn more about Dwayne, check out his Twitter page @Dwayne_CableTV.

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