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ProSource Resistance Exercise Band Review

I don’t frequently use resistance exercise bands as part of my workout anymore, but there are certainly times in my life when they have proved useful to me.

Around five years ago now, I dislocated my thumb and broke my scaphoid playing rugby. It was an excruciatingly painful injury and one that ultimately kept me out of the sport, and from lifting weights properly, for about three years. That’s when I first discovered the benefits of resistance exercise band training and it was an absolute life saver.

Unable to comfortably grip and lift weights, and bored of doing press ups, resistance exercise band training really gave me another outlook on muscle toning. I could run during these three years, but I’ve always been an avid lifter, so, with my options limited, discovering this new type of training was a great thing for me. It gave me a way to keep my muscles toned and was an integral part of my rehabilitation program.

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Running Sucks! Review

If you ask anyone who exercises regularly whether they like to run, a majority, like me, will greet you with an overwhelming no. We all know that running is a necessary evil if you’re keen to lose weight, get trim and improve your cardio fitness. The very idea, however, of throwing on your trainers and pounding the streets for hours on end is usually enough for you to find some excuse not to do it. I know it is with me.

This is why Jennifer Jolan’s book, Running Sucks, is such a great find.

Unlike other books on running, Jolan’s book is not filled with page after page of useless training routines that make outlandish claims, in terms of their effectiveness, but it is instead based entirely on changing everything about the way that one runs.

How does Running Sucks work?

Running Sucks isn’t your run of the mill fitness training guide and it’s certainly not for everyone, and nor does it claim to be.

The book is targeted specifically at women who detest the very thought of running and are short on time. Its target audience is those women who begrudgingly make running a regular part of their fitness regime, but would rather not, if only there was another way of losing weight.

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How to Lose 5lb in 30min - Kutting Weight Sauna Suit Review

If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for new ways of making your training time more effective. I can’t say that I’m a frequent user of sauna suits, but I have a couple of friends who are amateur boxers and they swear by it. Naturally, I have tried their suits a few times and you can’t argue with the results. You sweat infinitely more than you would during a regular training session and wearing a sauna suit is a great way to lose weight fast.

If my boxing buddies have one complaint, however, it’s regarding durability. A lot of sauna suits simply aren’t durable and have to be thrown away after a few months. So, after coming across so many positive reviews of the Kutting Weight sauna suit, I have to admit that I was intrigued to find out more.

How does the Kutting Weight sauna suit work?

Made from 2.5mm thick neoprene, and triple reinforced, the Kutting Weight sauna suit is designed for those who are looking to lose weight quickly. Like any sauna suit, the Kutting Weight sauna suit works by trapping heat and moisture, which encourages profuse sweating.

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Sexy Leg Workout for Women

Having strong and sexy legs is every woman’s dream. However, getting lean, muscular legs may seem like a difficult achievement when busy daily schedules leave you with little time for exercising. The challenge is to find a leg workout that yields the greatest results in 15 minutes or less each day without disrupting time planned for other responsibilities. Fortunately, there are a number of short but effective exercises that target the various muscle groups in the legs. Here are five leg exercises that target the different areas of the legs and, when done correctly and performed regularly, will help you get the shapely, sexy legs you desire. Perform each exercise for a one-minute interval and repeat the sets in three total circuits.

Weighted side lunges

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Is There A Genetic Predisposition To Obesity?

Our diets and lifestyle are of course to blame for being overweight or obese and these have been considered the main factors responsible. However, scientists have now turned their eyes to something much less obvious but which possibly carries almost equal weight–our genes. Geneticists have recently discovered a genetic component to obesity. The past two decades have in fact seen a number of studies in mice as well as humans that have attempted to identify exactly which genes play a role in the development of obesity. Obesity and obesity-related illnesses are a huge burden on health care systems across the world. Thanks to research, this global problem is now better understood on a genetic level. This understanding will enable more effective treatments to be developed.

obesity genetics

Some interesting facts about obesity

Obesity is defined as the excessive accumulation of fat to the point where it interferes with health and well-being. Just a few established facts will show the extent of the obesity pandemic.

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Celebrity Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy Weight

Recent photos of the pregnant Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in a bikini and the criticism of actress Jessica Simpson’s ballooning pregnancy weight show us celebrities are under a huge amount of pressure. They are expected to stay healthy and fit, even when pregnant.

Weight gain during pregnancy is a desired and expected outcome. A steady gain of 1.5-2kg (3-4lb) per month through a controlled calorie intake is to be celebrated not feared. It is the growing of your body and baby. By maintaining your pregnancy weight gain within the healthy range you are ensuring the kilos will be easier to shift after the birth.

Unlike celebrities, most women do not have a personal chef, prenatal trainer and personal assistant to manage their weight gain or postnatal weight loss. However there are plenty of celebrity tips for maintaining a healthy body and losing weight after the birth. We’ve listed down a few tips which won’t cost you a thing and will keep you looking like a star.

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How I Got a Six Pack Eating Junk Food

In the last couple of years, my love for bodybuilding has grown enormously. I have experienced several cycles of "cutting" and "bulking", in which I have learned invaluable knowledge on how to lose weight. With a "cut" meaning to shed body fat. And a "bulk" meaning to gain weight and muscle. My experience has helped me debunk several myths on the topic of losing weight and preserving muscle mass when dieting.

During each "cut" (see photo below) I had the task of losing 30lbs and achieving a six pack, whilst maintaining my muscle mass. Losing muscle during this process was my biggest anxiety.

My First Cut

In order to achieve my goal, I lost weight gradually, aiming for 2lbs max per week. This slow weekly weight loss allowed me to keep my calories fairly high at 2,000, yet still burning fat.

I also kept my protein intake high, consuming one gram of protein per lb of bodyweight, spaced out evenly throughout the day, across six meals. This high protein intake approach was adopted to keep my body in a positive nitrogen balance, with amino acids constantly fueling my muscles. This was to prevent breakdown and loss of muscle tissue.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Cardio Training Routine

I need you to get off that treadmill and ask yourself an important question: is your current cardio training routine WORKING? Honestly. Day-in and day-out there are people, maybe like you, who spend their precious time using ineffective cardio techniques that produce very little results.

Well, those days are over. I’m going to explain 10 ways for you to improve your cardio training routine, and start seeing the results you deserve. Let’s get started.


Warming up - dynamic stretching

Seriously…? Warming-up is a way to improve your cardio routine? You better believe it. Without an effective warm-up you won’t be able to perform any routine at 100 percent intensity. If you’re going to train, then you should commit your body all the way!

The most effective way to warm-up before any exercise is through dynamic stretching. Do not static stretch before exercise because it does not probably prepare the muscles and joints for explosive exercise.

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The Number One Foods You Have To Buy Organic From Now On

Now, if we all happened to live in some sort of perfect world then I could tell you right now that we would all be shopping for delicious, fresh food down at the farmer’s market, eating healthy organic chickens that were grown locally, working with friends and family to buy whole entire cows for really fresh organic meat, and going down to local forests and jungles to actually find really fresh organic mushrooms to eat.

But while the ideal situation sounds great and will certainly make you a lot more healthier, the truth is that most people just aren’t able to live like this… simply because it isn’t that practical. Perhaps even if it was I really doubt most people would want to struggle so much.

Believe me, I really find it hard that anyone out there would prefer to spend the whole weekend hunting for food, when they can pop into any convenience store and get whatever they want and need in just 10 minutes flat.

Now, while most of us may not be prepared to actually get out there and hunt for food, I am pretty sure that almost all of us still want to be as healthy as we possibly can… ideally without scarifying any of the comforts that we have gotten used to. The best option for most of us would be to buy the few most important foods that should be organic and don’t cost a lot either.

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Binge Drinking is Associated with an Increased Risk of Diabetes

New research unveils hidden mystery of pathogenesis of insulin- dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM)

According to the reports of CDC, binge drinking is perhaps the most common pattern of alcohol consumption in most western countries and is strongly associated with metabolic issues like diabetes.  With over 347 million Diabetics worldwide and an increasing trend in the emergence of new cases, the need of aggressive research in the pathogenesis of diabetes mellitus has become even more necessary.

Alcohol consumption is closely associated with the development of a number of other metabolic irregularities that include obesity, cancer, hypertension, gastric irritability and liver issues.

Binge drinking

Researchers and physicians long believed that the development of metabolic issues in individuals is directly proportional to the frequency of alcohol intake; however, recent research, conducted by Claudia Lindtner, Thomas Scherer and associates, concluded that binge drinking (even once a week) is strongly associated with intense metabolic abnormalities and increases the risk of diabetes mellitus type 2 due to relative insulin resistance.

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