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Exercise During Convalescence Can Improve Recovery

Thinking back to those days when people had to chew cinchona barks and an assortment of roots and leaves whenever they fell ill, I can say with certainty that drugs have largely improved the fortunes of people.

But I fear that drugs have become overused, and nowadays we have a pill for all and sundry, for those with life threatening conditions, and those seeking to tweak their otherwise healthy selves. I know I have done it, popping supplements back when I wanted to get Ronnie Coleman’s physique; the only problem was that I wasn’t doing the requisite amount of exercise to get there.

We are rapidly progressing to a point where were are getting into a drug  overload, as prescriptions increase over the board, while people seem to ignore the most basic engagements through which they can maintain their health.

According to research carried out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 80% of American adults do not do engage in the minimum recommended weekly exercise, and that is 2.5 hours of moderate activity or 1¼ hours of intense activity.

It is a shame really, considering that there are many known benefits to exercising even when you are the paragon of health.

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Probiotics Inconclusive as to Whether or Not they Help Excessively Crying Babies

In a recent study published in JAMA, researchers from the Murdoch Children’s Institute and Royals Children Hospital examined the use of priobiotics (Lactobacillus reuterl) to prevent or treat excessive crying. Results from the study still lacked sufficient evidence to demonstrate that probiotic use improved the crying in formula fed babies.  However, the study did suggest that probiotic use could be an effective treatment plan for colicky babies who are breastfed exclusively.

Cry Baby


Mothers all have war stories about their child’s infant days, especially if the infant didn’t sleep through the night. There are books and techniques out to address a colicky baby.  Colic is defined as “crying for more than three hours a day, three days a week for more than three weeks in an otherwise well-fed, healthy baby.”

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Buffaloberry, Chokecherry, and Sea Buckthorn: Nutrient Rich Powerhouse Prairie Fruits

The names of prairie fruits alone are enough to have the public go out and try them.  With unique strong names like buffaloberry, chokecherry, and sea buckthorn, these fruits are proving to be just as nutritionally powerful as their names.  According to a new study published in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science, researchers working at the University of Saskatchewan have discovered prairie fruits to be nutrient rich foods. This discovery has fruit growers in Saskatchewan ecstatic as the results could provide the push needed to develop these fruits for the commercial markets as food and medicinal extracts.


Buffaloberry is a native plant that is commonly seen in the western and central North American Great Plains.  It is primarily a wildcrafted plant and the fruit are red, 6 to 9 mm in diameter, and slightly fleshy with a large single seed. Currently there is little data on the physiochemical properties of this fruit in literature.

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Junk Food Makers Targeting Children with Online Games

How do you get little Bobby to ask his Mom for a double cheeseburger?  Have him play a free online game. Advergames are now the latest avenue for Junk Food Makers to advertise to young children. The latest research found that free children online games promoted food products that tended to be high fat and sugary products

Exploring ABC For Kids


What are advergames?  Simply, they are video games that features an advertisement for a product, service, or company.  Companies use them to target a specific demographic and reinforce their branding.  Researchers looked at 143 of the advertised websites marketing foods to children and found most of the emphasis was on high fat, sugar laden products.

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Large Study Set to Stop the Uprise of Type 2 Diabetes through Diet and Exercise

The number of diabetics globally is staggering. It is no longer a lifestyle disease of the elderly. It crosses all spectrums as now diabetes is seen in the young, the middle aged, the poor, and the rich. The numbers have risen so dramatically that the EU Commission has deployed funds towards a large research project called PREVIEW.  The largest study of its kind, PREVIEW seeks to find the most efficient methods to prevent type-2 diabetes through diet, exercise, and lifestyle.

cornucopia de pondy bazar

Type-2 Diabetes

Currently there are twenty one million Europeans who are treated for diabetes.  Around the world, the number is estimated to be more than 371 million people.  While those numbers are already high, it does not account for all diabetics.  There are also a number of people who go undiagnosed. 

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Treatment Options for Getting Rid of the Dreaded Muffin Top

Are you tired of your clothes not fitting properly and dealing with that roll of fat spilling out over your pants? For some people, diet and exercise take care of the problem, while others can’t seem to get rid of it no matter how many sit-ups or abdominal exercises they do.

Compression tops and shape wear such as Spanx can temporarily help, but there are some simple surgical and non-surgical procedures that offer more long-term solutions. While there are many body contouring solutions currently on the market we will cover today’s most popular treatments in this article. 

Non-Surgical Options


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Too Little Sleep and Too Much Sleep Associated with Diabetes, Heart Disease, Anxiety, and Obesity

Remember the tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears?  Goldilocks spent the entire story looking for the item that was “just right.”  She didn’t want the porridge that was too hot or too cold, but ate the porridge that was “just right.” She didn’t sleep in the bed that was too hard or too soft, but slept in the bed that was “just right.”   Like Goldilocks, scientists are finding that the “just right” amount of sleep is 7-9 hours.  This is the optimum duration to receive sleep health benefits.

In a recent study, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), researchers found that too little sleep and too much sleep are associated with chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, and obesity.

Sleeping Boy

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Proper Nutrition Starts Early: Both Mother’s Pregnancy Diet and Baby’s Diet Can Affect Child's Behavior and Intelligence

Instead of the adage “You are what you eat” new research suggests that “You are what you and your Mother ate.”  The need for proper nutrition starts while in the womb.  In a new study, Researchers from the Nutri Menthe project and the University of Granada report that nutrition received while in vitro and during early life can “program” children for long term health, brain development, and mental performance.  They stress that certain nutrients are important to this childhood development process.


Belly silhouette

Nutri Menthe Project

The researchers from these findings are part of a long-term longitudinal project called Nutri Menthe.  The Nutri Menthe goal is to gain knowledge as to the role, mechanisms, and the benefits of specific nutrients and food components on the mental performance of children.  It was funded in 2008 and consists of an international forum of scientists from twenty different organizations and 9 world wide countries.

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The Tri-Trick Behind Weight Loss

In the last six weeks I am actually down almost 15 pounds. Yes you heard it right. However, the journey was not without any hiccups. My incidents can either make you feel like you have completely failed or can make you learn a lesson from them, although I have learnt a lot from my mistakes and have moved on. The days seemed to just fly by and the scale has been moving down little by little every day.

Well, everything worked well because of good planning. I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that I was implementing the right plan for me. And this can help me to get a healthy weight and regain my life again. I know many people have miserably failed to stick to their strict diet, however, I am sure that if I can plan it out, and so can you. All it needs is determination and the right guidance.

Plan 1- Do not be afraid to try new foods

Trying New Foods (3/52)

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Aerobic Fitness Boosts Learning and Memory in Children

There is a call from the First Lady to battle childhood obesity.  The growing trend of childhood inactivity is devastating to our children.  With city and state budget cuts, one of the first school programs to be cut is Physical Education.  Lawmakers and education policy makers should be aware there is a growing amount of evidence that demonstrates the importance of physical activity and the learning capabilities of children.  The latest study showed another positive correlation between fitness and memory in children.

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