A Painless Electrically-Stimulated Process to Shed Excess Pounds

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Do you want to lose weight instantly, but fear the pain you might experience in undergoing liposuction? Are you concerned about that flab on your waistline, but doctors always recommend painful procedures? Now, there’s another way to lose that fat instantly with no pain at all.

A spa in New York and Florida offers this painless weight loss treatment that promises to reduce the flab on your waistline and other areas of your body in an instant. This treatment is known as FatGirlShrink, which is a detoxifying treatment that reduces the water in the adipose tissues through the use of an electrical stimulation in the skin.

Painless electrical stimulation to shed extra pounds

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Since it is non invasive, it is advertised as pain-free. The electrical currents applied to the skin cause muscle-stimulation that helps burn fat as well as eliminate water to reduce the size of the adipose tissues.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

The procedure at Bliss Spa involves the application of thermal clay on the skin overlying the area you want to reduce. The thermal clay serves as a conductor for the electricity that will be applied. As the electric current is applied, the muscles become stimulated, which leads to loss of water weight.

The process starts by measuring the body parts which you want to become smaller such as the arms, thighs or belly. The measurement serves as a basis for evaluating whether the procedure really reduced the size. A pad is then placed on the area in question, which serves to hold the clay once it is applied.

The thermal clay is actually a sludgy solution, which includes various products. One of the components of the clay is seaweed. According to an expert, seaweed helps re-mineralize and detoxify the skin. The clay component, on the other hand, is the one responsible for conducting the electric current.

The Effects of the Electrical Stimulation

The main mechanism of the procedure is to eliminate the excess water from the body. The process is said to eliminate excess water weight from common problem areas such as the thighs, abdomen and even the rear. Since water is eliminated, there will be an instant reduction in weight and size of the body area. However, it tends to be short-term only because the lost water weight may be regained in the long run.

Since it does not produce long-term results, it is considered a fad. Nevertheless, people who want an instant result before an important occasion such as a beach party may consider trying the treatment.

If you want another painless approach to reduce your belly fat, you could try Flex Belt. This is a special device attached around the waist to produce similar stimulations over the area to help you develop the abs you have been dreaming of. Dieting is also another painless approach in losing weight. You may try eDiets for various diet plans for weight loss.

Electrical stimulation is a good approach for weight loss because it produces instant results; however, for those who want a long-lasting weight loss effect, other treatments should be undertaken such as dieting and exercise.

The spa procedure costs about $180 dollars per session and you may require more than one session if you want to maintain the effective results.

The advancement in technology has really provided ways to do things easier and faster. Gone are the days when people spent most of their lives trying to lose weight because this new technology may just be the answer to your quick weight loss needs.

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Dr. Amarendra, the author is from India and he completed his Medicine an year back. Apart from practicing Medicine, he loves blogging on health aspects at Syndromespedia, a syndrome site and ehealthwall.com, a health site.

How effective is electrical

How effective is electrical stimulation to remove fat and where does the burned fat (calories) go?

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Electrical stimulation mainly

Electrical stimulation mainly works to remove water and this process is painless short term weight loss process. This process is less effective in burning fat. If we need long lasting results we need to consider dieting and exercise as a part of our lifestyle. 

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