Ab Circle Pro Review - Does Ab Circle Pro Work for Weight Loss?

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Everyone is looking to have a nice and toned mid-section and yes, 6-pack abs would be great! Men and women alike are constantly scouring the fitness market for that new abdominal machine that is going to help them reach their weight loss goals. The Ab Circle Pro may be that product for you.

Weight loss is a total body goal but for most people, their mid-section is their problem area and I am going to help you figure out if the Ab Circle Pro is right for you and your fitness needs.

Does the Ab Circle Pro Really Work?

"You Don't Need the Ab Circle Pro to Lose Weight" ConsumerReports.org

How Does the Ab Circle Pro Work?

This product runs on a friction free track that allows you to smoothly and easily swing your body from side to side utilizing your abdominal muscles only. You will receive a 3minute workout DVD with this product to help you see how it should be used and different methods to use it as well so you are getting the most out of this new product.

With three resistance levels, you can easily start as a beginner and then progress to the next level and then the highest level as your abdominals become stronger and the fat cells become fewer. It is extremely easy to use. Simply get on, place your knees in the holders and start swinging!

What Are Others Saying-Does the Ab Circle Pro Really Deliver?

It is common in the area of fitness equipment such as this that quality can be a factor and that seems to be the general consensus here. The product itself works and for some gets the job done but for the most part, reviewers are concerned about the quality. For example, Anderson is an Amazon reviewer who says, “The concept of this product is great. But the quality sucks.

With problems with the knee holders and paint chipping nearly immediately after the first use, the quality of this item is in question.

Will it Help Me Lose Weight?

There were several satisfied customers on Amazon who found this product to work and yes, help them lose weight. Any product that can help tone your abdominals can help you lose weight. By turning fat into lean muscle you are eliminating the excess fat and creating that toned mid-section men and women alike are hoping to achieve. Julia Selleck is an Amazon reviewer who says, “I have back problems I am unable to do regular sit ups. With this I can do as many as I want.”

Everyone has a different experience with every piece of fitness equipment on the market today and if you find this machine is up to your standards than the design and concept of it can help you meet your weight loss goals.

Pros and Cons


  • Can be folded up flat for storage
  • Comes with a workout DVD to help you get started
  • Simple and effective concept


  • Poor quality
  • Some reviewers say not enough resistance to feel the burn

Problems and Complaints

The biggest problem I found associated with the Ab Circle Pro is that the quality is just not there. Not that the machine itself breaks but the knee pads split and crack nearly immediately as well as paint chipping off as soon as you begin to use it. These types of problems may not directly affect the performance of the machine but as a consumer these are things you shouldn’t have to worry about.

Considering you are utilizing this machine on your knees, the knee pads should be more efficient and high quality so you are comfortable and many reviewers say that are not.

How Does the Ab Circle Pro Compare to Traditional Crunches?

When performing a traditional crunch, you are not only using your abs but your lower back and neck muscles as well. This may not always be the case or the correct way to do a crunch but for the majority of people this is where they feel the pain. When on the Ab Circle Pro you are utilizing your abdominal and oblique muscles only.

Your hands and your legs are stationary and your abs are the muscles moving your body from side to side. This allows for a complete abdominal workout without the pain of the traditional crunch.

Ab Circle Pro Review  

How Does the Ab Circle Pro Rate Overall?

Overall, I am going to give this product 3 out of 5 stars. The product seems to be successful in its concept but the quality is a problem. Although there are few reports of the actual machine breaking the quality of the knee pads is important as well as the overall quality of the item itself.

Several customers found the Ab Circle Pro to be exactly as advertised and were happy with it and its instructional DVD which is great. There are too many quality complaints on Amazon to provide a higher rating even though I believe the concept works.

Where Can I Buy & Read More Reviews for the Ab Circle Pro?

Amazon.com is the perfect place to read through over 100 reviews written about this product. You can buy this product on Amazon for a 40% discount at the time of this writing.

Learn for yourself what consumers just like you think of the product and how their first experience was.   Read more reviews here.

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