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We understand that making the decision to lose weight and get into shape is not easy and we commend you for making it this far. Now, allow us to help you through the next few steps. There is nothing more important than preparation for a weight loss program because the moment you are not sure what you’re doing is the moment you will forget why you are putting in all this effort and give up.

There are many different tools required in order to lose weight successfully today and equipment such as the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench". Within this article we are going to teach you what this product is and help you learn why it is a weight loss necessity.

How Does the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench" Work?

In the video below you can watch a description of the way that the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench" works as well as the variety of the exercises you can practice on this workout bench.

Strengthening your core and back is very important for no matter what type of fitness program you have chosen for yourself. The problem with this type of workout is that no one wants to get down on the floor to do it and this is where the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench" comes into play.

This bench has been designed to allow you to workout alone, no spotter necessary thanks to the sturdy and adjustable leg holders and handles. Your legs are held in place during the entire workout, allowing you to thoroughly work your core without the discomfort of lying on the hard floor.

You likely know that if something is uncomfortable or difficult you are going to find any excuse to skip this aspect of your work and this hyper extension bench can help you avoid this weight loss pitfall.

What Are Others Saying – Does the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench" Really Deliver?

As with any review, it cannot be complete without acknowledging the opinions of existing customers. By learning what people already think of the product after weeks of use you are discovering any pitfalls or errors in the product itself that you would never know unless you purchased it yourself.

K. Moylan from Missouri is happy with this piece of equipment saying it was not damaged during shipping and assembly is quite simple. After using this bench every day for a few weeks, results in the abdominals are already noticeable.

Melissa from Texas highly recommends this product. Within just a few hours she received her bench in the mail, assembled it and was working out! She found that the handles are not necessary and removed them; this is a preference choice you too will have.

Bud Clauer expected this product to be difficult to put together. Because it is so much cheaper than the other brands he expected to be missing parts and have holes not line up properly but this was not the case. The "Apex Roman Hyper Extension bench" is high quality and sturdy enough to hold a great deal of weight without tension.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

This is the question we hear most often when we introduce a new piece of workout equipment to an audience. As you can imagine it can be hard to give solid numbers in terms of the weight that can be lost. What we can say is that this workout bench will make you want to do sit-ups.

It will make you want to work and strengthen your core and the results will not take long to appear. The idea here is to use this workout bench at least 3 times a week and then supplement this plan with a cardio routine as well as a low calorie diet for best results. This is how you lose a great deal of weight in a short period of time.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and strong to hold any amount of weight
  • The comfortable way to do sit-ups
  • Maintain back health from home


  • Some users reported their product arrived missing hardware required for assembly
  • The chair is not adjustable enough for taller users

Problems and Complaints

The most common complaint I found associated with this product has to do with delivery with missing hardware and essential pieces for assembly. As a customer, this is a very frustrating situation and one that will make you not want to order from this same company again in the future.

Although only a small percentage of people reported this problem, when you order a product online such as this, the risk is present. Many times you can find what you need at the local hardware store but the point here is the inconvenience this carelessness creates.

Hyper Extension for Back Health

Millions of men and women today are suffering from chronic back problems. Whether you have been told that there is nothing that can be done about your back problems or you are slowly working through an injury, hyper extension has been proven to make a positive difference on back health.

You are slowly and safely stretching the muscles in your back that often tense up and create the pain we experience on a day to day basis. By using this hyper extension bench on a daily basis you can relieve the pressure in your back and limit your visits to the chiropractor and the amount of aspirin you take in a day!

How Does the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench" Rate Overall?

Overall, this product has received a 4.5 star rating from Amazon.com. Nearly every customer was satisfied with the product but as stated already the only downside to this bench was the missing parts some customers reported.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews for the "Apex Roman Hyper Extension Bench"?

If you are ready to take your workout to the next level and have decided this product is for you, you can find it at a 62% discounted price through Amazon.com. Here you can read more reviews and learn as much as you can about this product before jumping in and buying it yourself.

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