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Sometimes, all of us need a little extra help to lose weight. Going on a diet plan and increasing exercise can often help – up to a point. However, it is all too common to find that after losing a few pounds, we stall out and even cutting more calories does no good.

If you have hit just such a roadblock, you might want to look into a diet supplement to help you continue losing weight. There are many diet pills on the market, and while some are just ineffective, others are actually unsafe. When you are looking for a safe dietary supplement for weight loss, you can depend on "Applied Nutrition Soft-gels" to help you lose those unwanted pounds without causing you any harm.

How Does "Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner" Work?

"Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Soft-gels" work by harnessing natural ingredients to help you burn off excess calories and rid your body of harmful elements that may been accumulating.

Most diet plans call for some detoxification, and these soft-gels contain pomegranate extract to help cleanse your body.

Helping to reset your metabolism for more effective weight loss is done through the use of cinnamon and grapefruit extracts, and green tea is used to assist in burning more calories.

Water retention can cause your weight to rise, but the cranberry contained in Applied Nutrition Soft-gels will help with its gentle diuretic action.

Noni juice and blueberry help to round out the necessary ingredients to assist in weight loss, and the addition of natural caffeine will help your energy levels remain normal.

What Are Other Saying – Do Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner Soft-gels Really Deliver?

Having tried numerous diet pills, both legal and illegal, Maggie Mae “Maggie” was ready for a diet aid that did not affect her behavior. She knew any weight she had lost was just going to come thundering back unless she found a good supplement, so this reviewer was delighted to discover Applied Nutrition Soft-gels.

While skeptical about whether they would work or not, Maggie can report that, “Two weeks later, yes TWO WEEKS LATER I am down 15 lbs!” This user intends to keep taking the soft-gels for continued and sustained weight loss.

S. Womble “reading mommy” was very concerned about her weight, and needed something that would help her lose fast. This reviewer realized that changes had to be made to her eating habits, but found that Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Soft-gels really help to shed excess pounds. S. Womble says, “It helped me lose 30 pounds.” This is a very respectable weight loss, and one that was achieved safely.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

"Applied Nutrition Soft-gels" have contributed to some very significant weight losses in those who use them. Anyone starting a diet regimen with these pills will also have to make adjustments to what they eat, and their exercise for maximum efficiency.

Some people who have used these supplements have lost 3, 15, and even 30 pounds. Bree C states that, “I lost 7 pounds while on these pills.” Your weight loss will depend in part on your metabolism as well as diet and exercise.

Side Effects

Although most of the people who used Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Soft-gels had no problems with them whatsoever, one person did report that the pills made them feel jittery, and another reviewer found that if taken late in the day, it was difficult to sleep.

Pros and Cons


  • Applied Nutrition Soft-gels use natural ingredients to assist with weight loss.
  • The price of these supplements is very reasonable.
  • There are no dangerous ingredients that might cause health problems.
  • Significant weight loss is possible.


  • The natural caffeine in the soft-gels could make some users jittery.

Problems and Complaints

Most of those who reviewed "Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Soft-gels" were very pleased with the pills and the results produced. However, there were several people who had some complaints.
One user complained that the soft-gels caused jitteriness, causing them to stop using them immediately. Another reviewer did not get any results from using them.

Are "Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Soft-gels" Better Than 15 Day Weight Loss Cleanse & Flush 60 Tablets?

Judging from the customer reviews, it would seem that the "Allied Nutrition Soft-gels" are a much superior product to the Cleanse & Flush Tablets. While the "Allied Soft-gels" had no serious side effects at all, some of the users of the Cleanse & Flush Tablets reported distressing problems while taking them, including headaches, nausea, and constipation.

How Do "Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Liquid Soft-gels" Rate Overall?

This weight loss supplement was well received by those who purchased it, and "Applied Soft-gels" was given 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most of the reviewers had good results from taking these soft-gels and achieved a weight loss. Also important was the fact that serious side effects were nonexistent.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For "Applied Nutrition Fat Burner Soft-gels"?

You can purchase "Allied Nutrition Soft-gels" at a 11% discounted price on Amazon. This is a very attractive price reduction and it is in effect right now. You will be very pleased at the savings. You can read more reviews here about this weight loss supplement and it is currently in stock.

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