Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner Review

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If you're trying to shed some pounds, the Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner may help you. This is a dietary supplement that includes 100 pure and powerful concentrated extracts of grapefruit, cinnamon, pomegranate, green tea, Tahitian fruit, cranberry & blueberry.

How Does The Natural Fat Burner Work?

The extracts from grapefruit & cinnamon help enhance your metabolism rate that leads to weight reduction. The extracts from pomegranate help in detoxifying your body, whereas green tea extracts help in burning fat. The natural fat burner includes a super antioxidant in the form of blueberry, which effectively manages water weight by replacing potassium within the body. The Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner combines EGCGs and natural caffeine resulting in energy expenditure as well as fat oxidation.

A Natural Product

The simple fat burner comes with natural ingredients unlike some of the other fat burners. Since it utilizes natural products, the risk of side effects is considerably reduced. It makes you feel full and as a result enables you to eat less and reduce your weight. For instance, Brendly G. Rodriguez, a user says, that the product is rich in natural ingredients, giving him more energy. As a result he feels fuller after every meal. Also, his nails have started growing faster, thanks to all the nutrients and vitamins in this product.

Side Effects of Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner

This fat burner does not produce any major side effects commonly associated with other fat burners. For example, it does not cause irritation, nor does it make you nervous. Some of the users have found it a great appetite suppressant and endorsed its natural qualities. One such user, Mark Gibson says that the product does not have any harmful side effects like diarrhea and mood swings, associated with other diet pills. The use of this product fills you with energy and uplifts your mood.

Does The Natural Fat Burner Work?

The natural fat burner is easy to use and needs little effort. Once you use it, you will find that it really works well. It is an excellent fat burner and is the right product for reducing weight particularly from the belly region. J. Stinnet, who considers it a great hunger suppressant, says that, after using this product his energy levels have increased. He is also able to sleep better at night. He recommends this product to anyone who needs motivation to lose a few pounds.

How Much Will I Lose?

According to users’ reports, if you take 3 soft gels per day, you can expect to shed up to 25-30 pounds in 4 months. Maggie, who was initially on phentermine but stopped because she almost “had a heart attack two days into it”, used the Natural Fat Burner and lost 15lb in 2 weeks!

Not A Miraculous Product

Although the natural fat burner is touted as an excellent fat reducing solution, some people consider it just an average product. According to them it is not a magical dietary supplement, even though it suppresses hunger. Andrea L. Polk opines, “This product isn't a magic pill that will burn off all the stored fat in your body, but as part of a diet and exercise program, it can help you lose weight.”

Another user, Nona Cabrona believes that it works well but is too soon to consider it a great fat burner.

Problems and Complaints

The Applied Nutrition Fat Burner comes with natural weight loss properties. It does not lead to serious side effects. However, some users have shown grave concerns about its use. They feel that some hidden and long lasting side effects are associated with it. One such user, Joanna decided to stop taking this product, as it made her jittery. She was concerned about the fine print at the back of the box, which warned that the product contained chemicals, which were known to cause birth defects. She complained that the product mislead people, as it was classified as natural, even though it contained such harmful chemicals.

Tiny Tim believes the product is not the right weight loss solution. However, in its initial stage he gives it a benefit of doubt. He says,

It's my first week on these supplements, and I can't say they are really working. Like one of the other reviewers wrote, I am actually feeling sleepy and more hungry than usual when I take these pills.

The Applied Nutrition Natural Fat Burner, 30 Liquid Soft-Gels may be a great solution to reduce your weight. The natural fat burner uses natural extracts to curb your appetite. Although there are some user concerns, in an overall assessment the natural fat burner seems to be a viable option.

natural fat burner is awesome

Love it don't take 4 tho it kept me up a full 24 hrs I noticed I'm not hungry and have way more energy I've tried a couple from walmart trim spa xenedrine hydroxycut and noticed instantly this works faster I've had to reduce my dosage to 3 pills because 4 keeps me up all night :)


This does work to supress your appetite. But took it for a week. On the weekend had ONE glass of wine. I was TOTALLY drunk...then I have had major stomach issues, massive headaches since the glass of wine and my head and ears feel "strange!" Something in this is not to be mixed with Alcohol. Hope I feel better soon. On day 3 off it and still not good!

I tried the "Natural Fat

I tried the "Natural Fat Burner" twice. Both times, I felt sluggish and extra tired. I also felt nauseous. All of the problems stopped when I stopped taking the pills.

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