Before and After Workouts: 5 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy

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With beach and pool season in full swing, many of us are trying to adopt an exercise regimen to keep our bodies in top shape. Summer is great because you can move your workout outside, and there is so much variety in exercise to try. Summer also provides for incorporating a mixture of fresh fruits and vegetables to rejuvenate your body before and after you exercise. Read on for some tips on how to keep your body safe throughout your workout this summer!

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Have A Yearly Physical by Your Doctor

It is important to have a yearly physical exam performed by your doctor, especially if you suffer from, or have a family history of high cholesterol, heart disease, osteoporosis, diabetes or asthma. You doctor can evaluate you and tell you if it is safe for your to engage in strenuous physical and cardiovascular exercise or if perhaps you should engage in only mild to moderate exercise. This can prevent heart attacks, broken bones, or difficulty breathing during your workout. For example, if you have osteoporosis, your doctor might recommend that you do not engage in any contact sports, or if you have or if you have asthma, he or she can prescribe an inhaler to help you breath better while engaging in cardio workouts. Always use common sense when it comes to pushing your own limits. Safety first in any new workout.


Stretching exercises

It is always important to stretch your muscles before and after workouts to help the muscles get warmed up and ready to move. This habit increases blood flow to your muscles and removes waste products that cause pains and cramps. This is especially important for athletes who plan to engage in vigorous and lengthy cardio workouts, such as distance sprinting or swimming laps. Be sure that your muscles are warmed before stretching either before or after a workout. Cold muscles can easily tear and pull uncomfortably, so make sure you are warm and ready to stretch before diving in. You should also take out one day a week to have a long stretch, dig deep, and lengthen those tight muscles. This will help your overall workout and health to improve dramatically.

Stay Hydrated

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During the heat of the summer, you will probably sweat a lot during any workout, especially if you are exercising outside. It is very important to replace the water and electrolytes lost in sweat very frequently with water and sports drinks. A general rule is to drink one to two 8-ounce glasses of water for every hour of exercise, and you can adjust this based on how much you are sweating. Before you workout, make sure you have sufficiently hydrated that day. Heat exhaustion can happen to anyone and can be deadly if not treated immediately. If it is very hot, you may even want to consider working out early in the morning before the sun comes up. Wear sunscreen to prevent sunburn, as that can also deplete the body as much as dehydration.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

During summer, the best way to hydrate your body is with fresh produce. Foods that are high in water content include watermelon, cucumbers and celery. You can purchase a commercial blender to juice these items and help replenish your body during and after workouts. Find recipes to add protein, vitamins and maybe even electrolytes into your drinks. Custom fit your diet to your workout goals to get the best results, for example, distance runners might add more carbohydrates while others looking to build muscle may require more proteins.


As important as exercise is, it is equally important to rest your body after you exercise to let the muscles heal the tears that occur. If you are beginning a workout regimen, start slow and build your workouts up every day instead of starting with too much at once and becoming too sore. Create a workout schedule to get to your goals and include some rest days. Your body needs time to build up muscle, stretch out stiffness and rest before the next workout.


Stay safe this year while exercising, and come up with the best plan for you before and after your workouts. Be sure to include resting and stretching on your new summer regimen for safety and for the best results. Keeping yourself safe while working out will help you to feel great and will allow you to exercise for longer when you avoid injury. Working out this summer doesn't have to be painful or dangerous when you follow these simple steps.


"Brooke Chaplan is a writer and graduate of the University of New Mexico. She loves to run, hike and bike while exploring the sights in the ever enchanting New Mexico. She blogs frequently about home and family, sports, and fitness. Contact her via twitter @BrookeChaplan."

Hi Brooke,Your workout plan

Hi Brooke,

Your workout plan is so beneficial and very efficient too. Furthermore, in summer eat fresh fruits & vegetables and frequently exercise because this is very good for your health. All your points are very helpful but I love the last one about "Rest" as it is necessary with eating. By following this workout plan and steps anyone can stay safe and healthy.

These tips

Are these tips for staying healthy for only women? Or men can also use these tips?

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