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When it comes to weight loss, the key is being excited about your fitness regime. If you are not happy with it or find you’re bored with the exercises you are not going to last long in terms of commitment. Fortunately, there are more and more interesting ways to begin to lose weight surfacing today and belly dancing is one of them.

Belly Dancing for Beginners is one of the many dancing related fitness DVDs on the market today. You can have fun in the comfort of your own home and burn calories at the same time. This is the type of fitness regime you will want to do every day!

How Does Belly Dancing for Beginners Work?

The sessions within this workout DVD range from 10-30 minutes which is perfect for people short on time but still interested in getting a workout in before work or before bed time! The essence of workout regime such as this is to learn a new type of self-expression as well as self-confidence. The added bonus is that while you’re doing this and having fun you are also toning muscles in your body that you have never used before.

With Belly Dance for Beginners, you’re burning calories and you’re not even realizing you’re doing it and this is the key to a successful weight loss program. By the end you will learn several different dance routines as well as the fundamentals of belly dancing in general.

Here is a snippet of the DVD, performed by bellydancer Leila:

What Are Others Saying-Does Belly Dancing for Beginners Really Work?

When you decide it’s time to do something about your weight, there is no better place to start than by learning how to dance! Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and is a fun source of cardio. No one likes running on the treadmill for hours at a time, especially when you can get nearly the same results from belly dancing. There are no fitness level requirements, so no matter where you are in life in this aspect, you will be able to belly dance when this DVD is over!

Tabitha Niedelas is an Amazon reviewer who was looking to learn how to belly dance and found this DVD to be one of the best instructional DVDs on the market today. She goes on to say, “She is really good at showing you how to do things with examples that are easy to understand.” A good instructor can make all the difference.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

In terms of weight loss, there are some slower parts to this DVD that may not give you the calorie burn you are hoping for but when the dancing begins you can expect results. It’s not fair to compare this type of workout to a fitness boot camp but you will be burning calories and having fun at the same time.

The great thing about a fitness DVD is that in the beginning you will struggle but you will be able to visually see your progress as you take fewer breaks throughout the dance as days go by. By doing this workout at least 5 days a week you will see progress in a shorter time period.

Pros and Cons


  • Workouts that range from 10-30minutes for time concerned people
  • No fitness level requirements
  • Extremely affordable
  • Fun to do


  • Doesn’t provide the aerobic intensity of some other workout DVDs
  • May be a bit too easy if you’re looking to lose a lot of weight

Problems and Complaints

The one complaint I did find related to this DVD is that it does not flow freely. As the user you constantly have to flip through the menu to get to the next chapter instead of the DVD doing this automatically. This can make a big difference in the flow of your workout as well as your energy levels. If the DVD or workout becomes a nuisance you are less likely to use it.

Is There Room for Progression in this Workout?

This is definitely one of the draw backs to this DVD that should be addressed. There is really no room for progression. This DVD teaches you the basics and fundamentals of belly dancing and can get you into the groove of things but it doesn’t provide a more advanced option when you are finished.

If you are happy with this type of fitness regime you can definitely upgrade to a more advanced version of belly dancing but this DVD in particular does not offer it.

How Does Belly Dancing for Beginners Rate Overall?

Overall, I will only give this product 3 out of 5 stars. It is a great way to break into a fitness regime for those who have not worked in out ages. The problem with this program is that once you’re done that’s it, there is no advancing. It’s also a bit too easy for extreme weight loss but I still believe it’s a great way to get back into fitness and enjoy it at the same time.

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