Benefits of Exercise When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is not something that can be taken for granted. Without proper diagnosis and intervention, this disease can progress to disability, and ultimately, can lead to death.  The good news with diabetes is it can be managed.

Although there’s no treatment for diabetes, which means that once you have it there’s no way of reversing it, there is still life even if one has diabetes. Unlike terminal illnesses where the patient ultimately dies because of the disease, with diabetes there is hope. The key, according to medical and health experts, is staying on top of things, which means getting the disease under control. In a nutshell, it simply means gaining better control over you.

Why Is Exercise Important?

Moderate exercise is recommended to people with diabetes for two reasons: One is to control weight, and two is to control blood sugar levels.

Medical studies strongly suggest that obesity is one of the main reasons why a person becomes diabetic. When a person is obese, it simply means that the body is not able to burn the calories consumed, thus they are stored in the body. 

People with diabetes have uncontrolled sugar levels, and unless something is done to regulate sugar in the blood, the person will, in the end, suffer the consequences of the illness. Thus it is very critical to control weight gain. This is where exercise comes in. Accordingly, one of the best ways to control weight gain and obesity is through regular, consistent, persistent, exercise.  

There is, however, a caution raised by health and medical experts. The most helpful and beneficial type of exercise for diabetics is moderate exercise. Extreme exercise is not recommended to diabetics as they can cause more damage than good.

Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Doing regular exercise, even the moderate ones, can be very tiring and challenging especially with people who are not so akin to waking up early in the morning or sweating out in the gym. But here are the benefits that can result from religious, consistent, and regular exercise, and these are known to help manage diabetes, so read on.

Regular exercise improves the body’s utilization of insulin. This is very good for people with diabetes. Another well known benefit of exercise is that it helps burn stored and excess body fat.  With regular, moderate exercise, the person’s weight is controlled. When a person regularly exercises, it results to a body with lower body fat, which helps keep the body sensitive to insulin.

Exercise also does many other wonderful things for the body. It lowers blood pressure; it helps improve bone strength and density; it’s a good way to keep the blood vessels and arteries healthy because exercise helps eliminate the bad cholesterol; it keeps the heart healthy because of good blood circulation; it improves the muscles in the body; and lastly exercise reduces stress and improves the feeling of general well-being.

Joffrey Drummond is a sought after writer for, specializing in health/fitness, medical technology, and online marketing. He currently resides in Phoenix, AZ, with his dog Ralph and you can connect with Joffrey via his LinkedIn here.

Hi jdrum08 thanks for your

Hi jdrum08 thanks for your post here. This is one of the nice posts for diabetes who cannot follow the proper intervention the diabetes treatment. Still the people take the decision to walking for diabetes, but the main thing is; exercise is one the best way of reversing it. Regular exercise can improve your body strength and also help to reduce your blood pressure, fat and weight of the body. Another one easy method for diabetes is; to take the healthy protein foods for their treatment those haven’t time to spend on gym.

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hi there! I saw your guest post on Darren's blog. stopping by to let you know how much of a good job you've done. Keep up the good work :-)

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