Benefits of Using Spirulina for Weight Loss

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Spirulina is a food source that has long been recognized by ancient cultures for it's extremely valuable nutritional properties. In recent years, modern man has finally started to discover how spirulina does not only work as a nutritional supplement, but can also be highly beneficial in assisting with weight loss.

Spirulina is an algae that contains a very large dosage of beneficial nutrients and is also easily digested by the body. This mighty food contains more than 36 essential and non-essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is approximately 70% protein.

This makes spirulina for weight loss very effective because it not only provides the body with vitamins and minerals that it needs for optimal health, but prevents fat stores from being built up as the body is able to digest it easier.

Due to this, many health food experts recommend using spirulina as a food supplement for those individuals that are trying to lose weight. Not only does this “super food” pack a mighty punch of nutrients, but it is very filling as well. As a meal replacement, it works effectively at supplying the body with essential minerals while keeping you full for a longer period of time.

Spirulina is readily available in powdered form that can be mixed into shakes or also in pill or capsule form. This makes it an extremely efficient source of nutrients for those people on the go, as it provides them with a “meal” that can be prepared in mere minutes. Shakes made from the powder often contain far fewer calories than the average meal replacement shakes, which is another reason why it is so beneficial to weight loss.

Studies performed on individuals that consumed at least five grams of spirulina an hour or two before eating, found that those individuals lost more weight than those that did not. Since the spirulina algae helps to satisfy hunger and make you feel fuller, you naturally eat less and consume less calories.

Spirulina or products containing it can be found in almost any health food store. They can be a great benefit to you if you are looking to lose weight and still ensure that your body gets the essential nutrients that it needs for you to stay healthy.

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