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Which Weight Loss Program Should You Choose?

Review of the literature suggests that weight loss does not depend on the type of diet. The key factor to achieve weight reduction is energy restriction. In other words, whether you are on a vegeterian or a non-vegeterian diet,  a low-fat or a law-carb or a something-in-between diet, you will lose weight providing that the energy restriction component is sufficient to create caloric deficit at the end of the day. Therefore the best diet - the one that works and provides long term results - is the diet that resonates with your personal choices and values towards food.

This simple truth is better presented using the words of Dr Malik S. Vasanti from Harvard School of Public Health, as penned down in his recent scientific paper published in the peer reviewed journal Nature Clinical Practice.

"Currently, there is no conclusive evidence that one popular diet is superior to another in long-term weight control. Clearly, one diet does not fit all. Thus, when prescribing such diets to patients, it is important to consider cultural habits and food preference to maximize long-term adherence". Dr M. Vasanti.

Therefore, the question is:

Do You Know The Specific Weight Loss Program That Will Work The Best For You? 

First, let’s dispel the myth about weight loss.  There isn’t a single diet plan in the market today that should be considered a “one-size-fits-all” solution.  Despite what billboards tell you, your weight loss goals and motivations aren’t the same for everyone.  Just as there are personality profiles, there are dieter profiles, and you probably match one of those described below. Whether you want to lose ten or one hundred pounds, you have the best chances of success choosing a plan that suits your wants, needs, and lifestyle.

Why Is It So Important To Find The Weight Loss Program Best For You?

Not all diets work for all people. Finding the one that is best for you is important, because what suits you the best, will work the best.  Diets fail mainly for the following two reasons:

  • Lack of determination on the part of the dieter, and

  • Choosing the wrong weight loss program.

Once you find a program that motivates you and fits with your lifestyle and goals, you will easily stick to it and achieve your desired results. Michael L. Dasinger, MD says:

"Most diet plans will work well if you stick closely.  The key is finding a plan you can stick to. The plan you like the best is the plan that works the best". Dr M. Dasinger.

He is director of obesity research for the atherosclerosis research lab at Tufts-New England Medical Center, Boston. 

How To Find The Right Diet

The weight loss industry is so massive that you are constantly bombarded with suggestions about using the “latest and greatest diet ever”.  Matching the right diet to your profile can be like piecing a puzzle together.  If it doesn’t fit, you’ll probably get frustrated and give it up.  If it does fit, it makes a big difference in the results you’ll achieve.  Consider the following:

  • If you’re too busy to attend weekly meetings, you shouldn’t join a plan that requires a regimented schedule.

  • If you’re the type of person that hates to cook or leads a hectic lifestyle, you might consider following a plan that provides prepared meal delivery for you.

  • If you find you’re most motivated when you work on a goal with a group of people striving for the same results, you should think about a diet that provides a regular support group.

  • If you are someone who is very health conscious, thrives on learning about wellness and who loves to cook, you should follow a diet plan that allows you to experiment with nutritious food combinations and stay away from diets that involve prepared foods and microwave ovens.

The 3 Dieter Types: In Which Group Are You?

Below you will find three diet choices that are aimed at your specific lifestyle, personality and goals.  When you read the suggested details for each dieter, you can easily connect with a diet plan and know which program you want to embark upon.

Profile Type 1:  The Urgent Dieter

Are you someone who is ambitious about getting quick results from a diet?  The urgent dieter needs and wants to lose weight fast.  Urgent dieters often have an upcoming event that creates this sense of urgency; this could be a wedding or a reunion. It could even be a recent vacation at which time unwanted pounds were piled on.

If you’re this type of dieter, you want a safe and convenient weight loss plan that’s easy, effective and will provide quick results.  This is not typically a long term dieting solution for you, but one you can follow for a few weeks as needed.  It can be a great jump start, giving you later the motivation to adjust to a long term diet. 

Diets that fit this profile are perfect for those who enjoy the convenience of not having to shop, plan, cook, clean or count calories and carbs.  If you’re prepared to significantly reduce caloric intake, replace meals, and follow a well-designed plan that helps melt fat quickly (up to 5 pounds/week), then the Medifast diet can help you get to the desired number on your scale.

If don't want to follow a very low calorie diet but still want to lose weight fast (2 pounds/week) with a program that works incredibly well because it is EASY to follow, then Nutrisystem is one of your best choices. Nutrisystem has a proven record of success as it has helped millions achieve their weight loss goals in the past 30 years.

Profile Type 2: The Holistic Dieter

Do you want to gain knowledge and information on how to lose weight and keep it off for life?  Do you feel that learning to make better food and exercise choices is more important than just losing weight?  Then, you just might be a holistic dieter.

As a Holistic Dieter you’re interested in more than just losing weight.  You want to embrace overall health and wellness and you’re willing to change your lifestyle so that you will experience weight loss, health, and longevity.  You want to achieve more than a number on the bathroom scale, and you’re looking forward to an increase in vitality and energy.

Many Holistic Dieters are a bit of foodies, who love to cook beautiful looking, great tasting elaborate meals. Many of them are social people, who love to talk about the discovery and journey of changing their lifestyle, and planning their menus in a support group setting.

If losing weight alone is not your only priority and you feel most motivated when you meet others with similar goals, Weight Watchers will most likely suit your personality and lifestyle.

Profile Type 3: The Frugal Dieter

This dieter wants to start inexpensively and without delays.  Does not want a program with food shipments, calculations, or counting points, but a simple and quick weight loss plan that works and meets his meager budget. 

As a frugal dieter you look for a program for which you don’t have to pay repeatedly.

You’re probably not interested in following a diet of shakes and bars, or attending weekly meetings to weigh in and discuss your progress and feelings.  Instead you want to get the required information, study it, and go off on your own and execute it. You have the self-motivation and determination to aggressively pursue your desired goals.

Your best choice would be the #1 best selling online Diet Generator, Fat Loss For Idiots. People have reported losing as much as 9 lbs in 11 days, although this is not typical.

Which Type Of Dieter Are You?

Assuming your focus has been on your wants, needs and life style, you probably see by now where you fit.  So, check out the recommended diet programs and get the specific answers involved in each.  Don't forget that the diet that suits you the best, also works the best!

Great Advice ad now it's Time to Take Massive Action

Great article. We first need to find out where we are and who we are to make any necessary changes. Knowing which diet category we fall into really helps to identify self limiting behaviour so that we can correct our bad habits.

Great Tips to Lose Weight

I agree...Not every diet is for everyone. Know your expectations, goals, and limits before you dive into a diet plan. Very good tips to lose weight! Thanks! Ronald Dean

Quickly Weight reduce

How can I reduce my weight quickly.

Weight Loss

If you didn't find what you were looking for in the fabulous posts above, you could try Though the suggestions above are pretty substantial. There are plenty of options out there for you though.

Eat As Much As You Want And Lose Weight

People gain weight because they eat the wrong foods and too much of the wrong foods. You hold onto weight or gain it back after you lose it when your body is toxic.

Toxins are stored in your fat cells and regaining weight you've lost when you are very toxic is your body's way to protect you from dangerous effects of the toxins stored in your body.

Now, if you have been a yo-yo dieter or have had a very challenging time losing weight and keeping it off PERMANENTLY, you may have food sensitivities. When you eat foods you're sensitive to, it causes inflammation in your body. The more you eat the intolerant foods, the more inflammation occurs and your health deteriorates.

A common side effect of eliminating the foods you're sensitive to is weight loss. This was discovered accidentally as nearly all overweight patients who followed their rotation diet of safe foods after being tested for foods sensitivities lost weight - eating as much as they wanted of their safe foods. Weight loss is only one of the benefits of eliminating of intolerant foods from your diet. Improved health, more energy and resolution of many conditions that have plagued you for many years can resolve when you remove the offending foods.

So, if you're tired of never keeping the weight off that you've lost, or not being able to lose weight or lose enough to get to a normal weight for your body size, you may want to consider getting tested for food sensitivities. Read more here.

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Weight Loss

This is a great post by you. The best weight loss program is one which is having a proper balance between diet and exercise.
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Weight loss

I totally agree with you Aastha. Diet and exercise are play important role to lose weight. I also lose my 30 pounds weight by control on my diets. I don't eat now junk foods and I just eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables etc. I also doing exercise in routine to maintain my weight. Really just diet and exercises are enough to lose weight.


I lost 25 pounds just by cooking healthy food and cutting on junk food.If you need some ideas on recepies it helped me alot: PALEO COOK BOOK

Gastric Bypass Alternative -Roca Labs

I find it too risky to undergo surgery. I have known a few people who had undergone surgery and it wasn't successful. I am diabetic, and having weight loss surgery will surely give me more risk and pre-op complications. I'm just happy that I used a gastric bypass alternative, it's much safer since you just drink it or eat it everyday. I lost a total of 39 lbs from using it for 3 months and 2 weeks. The results are not as impressive as the actual surgery, but I don't want to dive in to the risks and complications. I choose the safer route.

Clean 9 review

For someone who want to know about clean 9 forever living product!
Since day1 of the program I have been feeling very hungry and weak. starved a lot. Today is my Third day still feeling hungry and startved though I had rotis for dinner of first two days which was not given in clean 9 plan. But I am willing to continue the program till 9th day and see, because I lost 1/2 inch at my tummy

Best Diets Products on the Market

Check out for some of the best products and info I have found on the net!

fat loss diets for women

I fall into the holistic dieter category. I think it's important to understand nutrition if you want to keep the weight off for good. To promote effective fat loss diets for women online interventions are increasing in popularity as a way to encourage weight loss in large groups of people.

1 3 dimethylamylamine

1 3 dimethylamylamine exhibits a powerful stimulating ability, for mental clarity, increased energy and physical performance, I had used 1 3 dimethylamylamine in energy drinks and got amazing results from that.

weight loss

Everyone that is overweight wants to lose. These plans range from the extreme plan(lose up to 25 pounds in 25 days) to the cabbage soup diet
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hey...I really wanna loose my

hey...I really wanna loose my weight.i have searched many..many... websites but i can't find the perfect diet what we have 2 eat during the whole day etc.can anyone please help me em w8ing!!!!! =)

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Give Advocare a try!

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So everybody's using

So everybody's using different weight loss supplement just to meet their body's standards.

Free tips to lose weight

Fantastic, good tips and information. Since 2004 I work as wellness coach and coach people to a healthy weight. You can get FREE tips that will help you to get the right results on

Lose Weight Without Dieting And Exercises

I just like to share that there is a new weight loss product that can help people to lose weight quick. 90% of the participants that took part in the clinical trials of this product lost an average of 14lbs without even amending their eating habits or exercises. This product is called nuratrim.

Great News!!!

I just stumbled across this blog and thought that more people should see it! It has helped me out a lot! I've been struggling with my weight for years but this really gives me hope! I hope you guys find what your looking for like I did!

Effective Diet Plans for Weight Loss

A Very best diet plan for fat loss also involves drinking a lot of water.Drinking a lot of water is good for a number of reasons. It helps you to stay properly hydrated, it flushes out your system and keeps you healthy well.

One Of The Best Weight Loss Website Around.

This is truly a great website and the information you have provide has really help me to overcome my overweight....

Weight loss blues

We all have our weight loss blues, and I being one of many, have tried so many things, have had my ups and downs, but finally I have found something that works and I've been so motivated to follow it through. Along with my friend we have created a blog and would love for you to view and follow our progress. My husband is also along for the ride. I do believe we are all made differently and some things that work for some won't work for others, we all have to find what works for us. Just find that one thing and stick to it!!

You're Right...

Weight loss can be depressing especially when you do a crash diet or fad diet. But, losing weight doesn't have to be that hard. A friend of mine and I tried the Roca Labs Gastric Bypass NO surgery and we're doing well. We take a dose in the morning, and eat literally, half of what we used to eat. My friend got the urge to snack one afternoon and took the Anti-Cravings Formula included in the pack. We're losing weight and happy with the (10lbs) weight loss.

Weight Loss With Roca Labs

A couple of my friends decided to try the formula from Roca Labs. They researched online by watching the Youtube videos and figured, like so many others, the formula could work for them and it DID! The one friend lost 15lbs in two and a half weeks and the other friend lost 7lbs after one week of the Roca Labs Formula. So,if you're trying to lose weight, the Roca Labs formula would be worth buying.

Adding Superfoods?

Fantastic overview of the different dieting plans! Really comprehensive. It's a mixed bag, right? I'm tend to lean in the direction of 'Holistic Dieter'...wanting to balance weightloss with healthy (delicious!) food. I've also been making this amazing superfood smoothie when I'm really busy and want a big dose of super-nutrition! I find that when I'm eating well, my energy is better, and then I feel more like doing the things to take care of my body...

How to Lose Weight - The Basics of Weight Loss

7 recommendations to lose weight faster

Roca Labs is an Alternative

A friend of mine ran across an advertisement on Roca Labs and decided to research them on the internet. She found out that they have a Formula for weight loss that gives the bypass surgery effect without actually having the surgery. The formula fills 80% of the stomach with leaves room for 20% of food and water to be consumed.

She's lost almost 20lbs! She no longer feels self conscience about her weight.

My uncle decided to try the

My uncle decided to try the Roca Labs diet and he has lost 13lbs in the last two weeks. He eats healthier and is so much more confident about the way he looks.

Weight Loss

Losing weight and taking control of your health can be hard but I know I can help. I am an Independent Health Coach with Take Shape for Life. It’s the most affordable plan with quick and safe results. You will receive my services which include one-on-one motivation and support. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for over 8 years and have helped hundreds of people reach their weight loss goals. Lose up to 2 - 5 lbs a week. Lose weight quickly, safely, and easily with the support of a FREE Health Coach and clinically proven Medifast Meals. Learn how to keep the weight off for the long term with the Habits of Health • Free Support of a Health Coach • Affordable Clinically Proven Products and Program • No Counting Calories, Carbs, or Points Please contact: Michelle Desco #30240138 Independent Health Coach - Serving All of the U.S 906-203-4770

Getting Started With a Weight Loss Program

If you are like most of those trying to lose weight, you get involved with one program for a while, just to see how it goes, and then you try something else for a while, before you know it, you're looking at something else. The problem is, "trying" and "getting involved" are not the same as being "Committed" to a program. And it takes more than a Top Shelf Program to successfully Lose Weight and Keep it Off. Often times, even when you sincerely believe you are committed to losing weight, you find it's just NOT happening for you. That commitment needs to be anchored to something deep within You. Without that anchor,you end up bouncing from one Diet Plan Plan to another, and another Mind set is the key to successful Weight Loss. But, of course, Mind Set is like Determination or Goal Setting, or Persistence. Even with all that stuff, how do you know you are on the right track? Would you like to get clear on where you are going with your Desire to Lose Weight and Get In Shape? I have Written a Series of 4 Short Articles that focus solely on Getting Started with a Weight Loss Program.(Click the Tab: Starting Gate) Plus, you can pick up a copy of my Exclusive 66 page Ebook-- Everything You Never Knew About Metabolism--only at my website: Wishing You Well... Mike

getting started with a weight loss program

I have not really considered a weight loss program because I have not had any problem with my weight in the past and have always tried to keep fit with exercise, but I notice that as I get older, I find less time to exercise and before I knew it, I have gained excess weight.I do believe, that weight loss goal and motivations are not the same for everyone. It will also depend on the determination of the person to lose weight.

Incredible Weight Loss Secrets!

I had trouble losing weight too. But, I finally found the system that worked for me and my friends. I have free info about this on my site at:

The best weight loss program

Thanks very much for a very interesting article and tips about how to choose the best weight loss program and diet plans. With all the products that are available in the market today, how does anyone really know which one works? Your insights are very helpful especially to people who are struggling with weight and their health. Cheers!

Losing weight and fighting the psychology that goes with it

I have always struggled with weight and I've found it is really a double act. If you are depressed, you usually gain weight, then of course your are too depressed to do anything about it and your over weight self gets more depressed about being overweight. Yuck. Overcome being overweight by following very specific steps laid out. Don't reinvent the wheel, and last but not least, don't do it on your own. I find a good system will help guide and motivate you. Be sure to work on the mind just as much as the body. Both are important. Learn More

Great stuff, I just posted a

Great stuff, I just posted a very similar article on blog on how to build muscle fast. Fat loss and muscle building go hand in hand.

Good stuff

As you mention, it is common that people are generally got biased by the eye catching ads and follow any plan to reduce their weight without any thorough knowledge. But every person should follow the plans which are suitable to them and their lifestyle. password management software

I have found two very

I have found two very effective weight loss programs @ The site also has a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

wow .. what an information ..

wow .. what an information .. you have cover almost all the aspects of losing belly fat fast ... looking forward to read more such healthy article from  you . Thanks for sharing :) relacore reviews

Weight loss programs

There is a pretty good review of one of the top selling weight loss programs on the following site, it has its pro`s & con`s although it does show results, I`d recommend you guys do read about it:

Safflower Oil and CLA

Can both of these supplements be taken together? I am already taking Safflower oil in liquid form for about 10 days now. Will supplementing with both help me see greater fat reduction sooner?

Excercise Is Important Also

Along with the natural supplements I think a good regimen of exercise is very important also. You can't beat a little cardio for losing weight and gaining health.

Thank youtb

Hi, I am Kevin Allenson,. Thank you for giving us tips.. It helps me alot :) Keep on posting! If you have time you can also visit this site for more information about Best Fat Loss Exercises

Been using this cool Diet program

I've seen this site, and it does look legit, but how would I know if it will work? Certainly looks promising. Anyone know it?

Have you checked out BistroMD?

I have used Weight Watchers over the years, and various exercise programs. Last year I decided to try having meals delivered from The program includes healthy meals and snacks that are delicious ... delivered once a week in a cooler with dry ice. I no longer needed to shop, cook,or clean...just enjoy the meals. I began to feel better, have more energy and lost pounds. After several months I actually wanted to exercise! The meals are designed by a doctor and professional chefs. When I am on the program I have access to dieticians whenever I need some help. The website and newsletters include recipes, exercise and motivation tips. This is a well rounded program, which is well worth the price tag.

No Diets

Diets don't work because after the diet you just gain the wait back. you need to change your whole life style permanently.



I've tried MANY diets over the years but nothing has been so easy and enjoyable as BistroMD! The meals are DELICIOUS and FILLING. I was skepticle at first, thinking 3 meals and two snacks a day was too much food. I stuck to the meal plans for 8 months and have lost 30 pounds and 6 dress sizes!! The food is prepared by Doctors/Dieticians. I don't have to count calories, points, etc.. All I have to do is pop the meals in the microwave and 5 minutes later I have a healthy, yummy meal. Super easy, super worth it! The cost of the weekly meals is about the same as your grocery shopping list, gas to and from the store and not to mention the time in preparation. I can actually spend my time doing other favorable things than all of that other time consuming stuff. Don't waste time struggling with fad diets anymore. BistroMD turned my life around. Give it a try!

re: BistroMB and ALL OTHER "DIETS"

Lisette wrote, in part "I don't have to count calories, points, etc.. All I have to do is pop the meals in the microwave and 5 minutes later I have a healthy, yummy meal."

My inner voice immediately replied... "Fine and dandy... just so long as you're prepared to be mindlessly fed for the rest of your life, this program will likely keep your weight off and their pocketbook full of your cash."

You do realize, Lisette, that if the power goes off or if you're out for dinner or camping or traveling or anywhere away from your stash of frozen portions, you're up the creek!

In my experience and opinion, the ONLY, repeat ONLY, way to a healthy body at a healthy weight is through EDUCATION. You must first learn how YOUR body deals with the foods (the fuel you put into your mouth) and then avoid those that cause you to gain weight.

Now, that's going to take time and effort. Please invest in your own health by doing "all that other time consuming stuff" (learning about healthy eating and food preparation). You don't really want to be a dependent on BistroMD for the rest of your life, do you?

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