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If you are looking for a great workout that will help you get into shape fast and lose those extra pounds you’ve been dragging around, you should look no further than "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set". This set not only gives you five DVDs to really get you moving and your blood pumping, but also an amplifier sculpting bar to build up your muscles quickly.

This Tae Bo expert shares his years of experience with you to help you get the body you want. Several weeks of this exercise program should produce visible results. Billy also helps you to target problems areas, such as your abdomen, to help you slim down and tone up.

What Is "Billy Blanks Amped DVD Set" About?

In the video below you can watch the "Jump Start Cardio" DVD of the "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set". In this video you can watch Billy Blanks himself practising the "Jump Start Cradio" workout in a 42-minutes long exercise program.

This exercise set is perfect for both men and women who have a no-nonsense attitude about getting into condition, especially if it’s been some time since they’ve exercised. The set includes 5 DVDs that will keep you hopping, including Jump Start Cardio, Fat Burn Accelerator, Full Throttle, Core Express, and Live in LA.

Whether you have been using Tae Bo for your exercise regimen or are a novice in this, you will find that "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" will help you to reach your goals fast. You’ll really be able to work up a sweat while following the DVDs and the weight loss guide and energy formula (enough for seven days) will help keep you on track.

What Are Others Saying – Does The "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" Really Deliver?

When she finally became sick and tired of being obese and out of shape, A. Sellers “dicia” finally decided to try the "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set". Although this reviewer was skeptical about her ability to perform the exercises, she has found that she is able to keep up with most of them.

Best of all, this user reports that, “I could see results within the first week. My husband even noticed :).” A. Sellers is also pleased that she feels so good after going through a workout.

This workout is amazing!” declares Sara. This user has a history of trying one exercise program after another in an attempt to lose weight, but finally found that Billy’s Tae Bo DVD Set is one that she can stick with.

Being 20 overweight really bothered this reviewer, but now she is able to say, “In the two weeks, I have gone from a size 12 back to a size 10. I'm on week 3, and I feel great! Hopefully, I'll get into my dream size 6 in a few months!” Nothing is more encouraging when you’re trying to lose weight than seeing results quickly, and this is what this set delivers.

James has been doing Tae Bo for some time, so he’s able to tell when a particular workout is good or not, and "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" works great with his exercise program. This use reports that, “this workout is FANTASTIC and I definitely recommend it to any Tae Bo fan looking to kick up their workouts!” Billy provides a fast paced, complete workout that will let you know you’ve exercised.

"Core Express" DVD demonstration

In the video below you can watch a smal demonstration of the "Core Express" DVD of the "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set".

Will "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" Set Help Me Lose Weight and Get Into Shape?

It will be almost impossible for you not to lose weight if you follow through with Billy’s DVD program, especially if you use the amplifier bar. David Rapp was happy to find that he lost 2 inches off his waist after only one week, and is looking forward to even more favorable results in the coming weeks.

While most people like "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" just to help them tone up and keep in shape, it’s also great for losing weight, as New mama can testify. This reviewer says, “I have put on lean muscle and dropped 10 lbs.” This user had tried dieting without results, but after only 2 months of using this program, she was able to report a respectable weight loss.

Pros and Cons


  • These DVDs really give a good, pounding workout.
  • You can fit the exercises in to your schedule.
  • There is no additional equipment to buy.
  • The set gives you both a cardio and muscle-building workout.
  • If you follow the program, you will lose weight.
  • This set has a reasonable and affordable price.


  • Some people found the background music annoying.
  • There were problems with the exercise bar.
  • A few users thought the workout wasn’t rigorous enough.

Problems and Complaints

While it is true that a majority of reviewers loved "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set", a few people did not care for it. Sometimes the method of instruction was disliked, or fault was found because Billy did not always keep accurate count of the reps.

The biggest complaint, however, revolved around the exercise bar. This broke or otherwise malfunctioned with quite a few of the users, even people who otherwise liked the DVD.

Is "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" Better Than P90X Plus: The Next Level for P90X Grads-5 by Beachbody?

Judging from the reviews on Amazon, the "Billy Blanks Set" was definitely felt to be the superior product. Many of the people who bought P90X Plus felt that it was simply a rehash of old material and it was more like infomercials for related exercise equipment.

The sound quality of P90X was thought to be poor, too. Anyone trying to decide between the two programs might also want to consider cost, as the P90X Plus costs almost three times that the "Billy Blanks Set" does.

How Does The "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set" Rate Overall?

This exercise set rated 4.1 out of 5 possible stars on Amazon, which reflects the fact that most of the reviewers liked it. This DVD set was seen to have really made a difference in the physical condition of those who used it, and most of the people who bought it enjoyed using it. The "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set"can not only help you get into shape, but you will have fun doing it.

Where Can I Buy and Where Can I Read More Reviews For The "Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD Set"?

The "Billy Blanks Tae Bo Amped DVD Set" is currently in stock on Amazon, and you can purchase this DVD at a great price right now. This workout DVD is available for free Super Saver Shipping, and if you are interested in taking more information and getting your muscles in shape easily, you can read more reviews here.

You know, I've been a huge

You know, I've been a huge beachbody fan for ages now, but this review has made me look at Billy Blank's workout in a new light. After all, the guy has been around for so long and is still in such great shape that you can trust he knows what he's doing. Thanks for the great review!

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