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Numb Feet on Elliptical Machines - An Annoying, but Avoidable Problem

It is likely that you have experienced the nuisance of numb feet while using an elliptical trainer if you are one of the thousands of people who choose an elliptical as the means to achieving your aerobic exercise goals. This is a very common problem with elliptical users; and for some, it is such a large problem that they choose another means of aerobic exercise altogether.

If this is a problem for you, there’s good news. There are many ways of preventing the sleepy foot condition, and it is easier than you may think. Before you can solve the problem, however, it is important to understand what is causing it.

What Causes Numb Feet on Elliptical Machines?

Does it seem odd to you that your feet could go numb while the rest of your body is moving so much? While leaving your feet on the pedals is the reason that ellipticals are such a low impact option, it is also precisely the reason so many people suffer from numb feet on an elliptical trainer. Just as when you are standing in a crowd or waiting for a line to move, keeping your feet stationary while exercising is just the right condition for getting numb feet on an elliptical. When you stand on your feet for more than a few minutes without lifting them, the pressure on your nerves causes paresthesia, or in other words, it causes them to fall asleep.

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Endurance Training Exercises for Rowers

Endurance training for rowers is a crucial component of being successful at competitive or long distance rowing because it gives you the long-haul stamina you need to keep going. Since most rowing competitions involve covering long distances, your endurance is just as important as how strong you are. But this kind of training isn’t just for individuals competing on ergometers or rowing on the water. It’s also a healthy part of any fitness routine because it increases your cardiovascular health and can prepare you for a variety of other kinds of competition, including marathons and triathlons.

Results of Endurance Training

Anyone who does endurance routines on an indoor rower will quickly see results in both their cardiovascular health and their overall physical conditioning. Because it isn’t strength oriented, endurance training is a great way to do overall sculpting and toning of your muscles without adding a lot of bulk. Because you aren’t increasing muscle mass, it’s also a good way to lose weight because you’re burning calories without adding heavier muscle tissue to your body as you shed fat. Increased lung capacity is another great result of endurance exercises.

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