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Increasing Dietary Fiber Decreases Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

Here is another reason to get into the habit of eating fiber-rich foods; they lower your probability of developing cardiovascular diseases.

What Are Fibers?

Fibers are the indigestible portions of plant foods. Fiber is a general term for different compounds, including pectin, cellulose, lignin, mucilage and gum.  Fibers can be found in vegetables, legumes, fruits and whole grains, but not in animal products.

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Fibers can be water soluble or insoluble, and fibers exert different effects on the body. Fibers are often associated with facilitating bowel movements, but as you will come to see at the end of this article, there’s more to fibers.

According to a secondary analysis of data drawn from America’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), people who consumed more fibers in their diet had the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases drop by 7%.

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Housework May Not Be Sufficient To Confer The Full Benefits of Exercise

While doing household chores is certainly better than just sitting around in the house, a new study suggests that it may not be enough to help you meet your minimum exercise requirements.

150 minutes of moderate physical activity is the recommended minimum, but unfortunately, a greater deal of the population cannot satisfy this requirement. It is actually for this reason that domestic work started being suggested as a way of helping people meet their exercise quota.  DIYs, gardening, and other home improvement exercises were suggested to get largely sedentary people some avenue other than structured exercises to get their daily dose of exercise, and receive their attendant benefits.

Day 067 - Housework hero

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be entirely the case.

Some studies point to an ambivalent association between domestic physical activity and the probability of developing cardiovascular disease. A secondary analysis of data from 30 European nations also shows that when domestic physical activity is compared to leisure time physical activity, there is only a tenuous association between it and Body Mass Index.

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Joint Weight Loss Program More Effective Than Individual Effort

There’s this African proverb that rings true in many situations; if you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together. It is an aphorism that aptly illustrates the fact that humans achieve more when they do things in concert, not in isolation.

I know this for a fact because on the occasions that I go to the gym, I find it is easier to train with a gym partner rather than doing everything alone. Weights feel lighter for some reason, when you are being psyched by another person.  From my own experience, I know that the mere fact that the other person is watching out for me imbues me with strength, because I know if the weight overwhelms me, he will quickly step in and lift it off me. When training alone, I do not have such a safety cushion, and for that reason, I will always train with weights that can never truly test my strength.

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The importance of such teamwork has been further demonstrated by researchers drawn from the Baylor College of Medicine.

Weight Watchers vs. Individual Effort

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Color Coding Foods Improves the Selection of Healthier Alternatives

Evidence gathered by researchers at the Massachusetts General Hospital shows that properly color-coded food labels could play a significant role in ensuring people pick up healthier foods when shopping.

The data that corroborates this was taken from a 2010 study that involved the use of red, yellow and green food labels. Red labels were used for foods with little or no nutritional value, while yellow labels were used for foods with a moderate level of nutrients. The healthiest and most nutritious foods had green labels.

Most prepackaged food feature a table that display the nutritional composition of the packaged substance, and upon request, it is possible for you to get a breakdown of the nutritional composition of foods purchased in restaurants and other food outlets. For many people however, their lack of nutritional knowledge means that much of this information bears little significance on their food buying decision, hence the need for a simpler method to highlight the differences in nutritional composition.

Conducting the Study

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The Duodenal-Endoluminal Sleeve Barrier: A Less Invasive Procedure To Reverse Obesity

I have never undergone major surgery, but from the few minor operations I have suffered through, I am certain it is an experience I would rather pass.

But in many obesity related cases, surgery is often the alternative with the best outcomes. However, like all other surgeries, it comes with numerous complications. The term "complication" here is used liberally, as this can be something as different as having to watch the amount you consume to taking care not to get pregnant post-operation.

A combined team of scientists from the Metabolic Disease Institute, University of Cincinnati, and the Helmholtz Diabetic Center, Germany,  have confirmed the success of a removable intestinal barrier. This findings should give many hope as this less invasive and easily reversible procedure could be the way to effective weight loss in obese individuals.

What Are the Current Bariatric Surgical Procedures?

There are currently four procedures that you can opt for, and these are:

Adjustable Gastric Banding (AGB)

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Exercise During Convalescence Can Improve Recovery

Thinking back to those days when people had to chew cinchona barks and an assortment of roots and leaves whenever they fell ill, I can say with certainty that drugs have largely improved the fortunes of people.

But I fear that drugs have become overused, and nowadays we have a pill for all and sundry, for those with life threatening conditions, and those seeking to tweak their otherwise healthy selves. I know I have done it, popping supplements back when I wanted to get Ronnie Coleman’s physique; the only problem was that I wasn’t doing the requisite amount of exercise to get there.

We are rapidly progressing to a point where were are getting into a drug  overload, as prescriptions increase over the board, while people seem to ignore the most basic engagements through which they can maintain their health.

According to research carried out by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 80% of American adults do not do engage in the minimum recommended weekly exercise, and that is 2.5 hours of moderate activity or 1¼ hours of intense activity.

It is a shame really, considering that there are many known benefits to exercising even when you are the paragon of health.

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Could Melatonin Supplements Be The New Weapon in Weight Loss?

Scientists trying to understand exactly how the hormone melatonin alleviates the ravages of metabolic conditions such as hyperlipidemia and diabetes have discovered a mechanism that suggests it could be used to rein in weight gain.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone that is produced by the pineal gland, a pea-like structure found in the center of the brain.

Melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep-wake circadian rythm

It is produced when a person is in darkness; that wave of calm that sweeps in as you sit in the dark is melatonin kicking in, instructing your body to sleep. It exerts a major effect on our circadian rhythm, and for this reason it is given to jetlagged individuals or people suffering from sleep disorders in order to reset their internal clocks or induce sleep respectively.



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Wanna Lose Weight/Get Fit? A Few Minutes/Week is All You Need, According to New Research

I cannot really remember the first time I set out to deliberately exercise, in order to get fit, but it must have been some time in high school, because that’s when I found myself preparing to go on my first hike.

Back then, the conventional wisdom about engaging in exercise was that you needed to put in some significant amount of time regularly for the exercise to be of any benefit; at least an hour, but if you could hit two hours, well and good. As far I still know, this is still the guiding principle for many people.

Attractive twenties caucasian blonde woman exercising

But I am not writing this piece to regale you with tales from the past, I write this because a couple of researchers are threatening my long held principles, suggesting that brief, intense durations of exercise can be better than those long hauls.

Less can be more, according to these fitness scientists who are keen to cut down exercise time to minutes, a whole new level of fitness minimalism.

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