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Glass Ceiling: 5 Reasons Why the Mirror is Hindering your Progress in the Gym

A little known fact for guys slaving away in the gym to get the perfect physique: the mirror may be your worst enemy.

Sure, we're all understandably encouraged when we can see the results of our hard work in the gym. However, if the reflection in the mirror becomes the sole yardstick for measuring your health and your physical achievement, you may be doing yourself (and your body) a disservice.

Unfortunately, the mirror can only tell half the story when it comes to assessing your strength and fitness. Your reflection generally only exposes the condition of the "mirror muscles," or the muscles that are most apparent from an anterior view of the body. Those muscles include the pecs (chest), biceps and triceps (arms), the front deltoids (shoulders), the abs (stomach) and the quads (thighs).

Guys who experience "mirror muscle syndrome" focus on these muscles with exercises like bench pressing, curling, crunches and leg presses, but neglect the opposing, posterior muscles, such as the back muscles, the rear shoulders, hamstrings, and glutes.

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