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I get urges for pizza.  I get urges for pasta and chocolate, all though rarely together.  I get urges for all those foods that just tend to sit heavy in your stomach.  Unfortunately those heavy foods can just sit, blocking up traffic in the digestive system.  A blocked digestive system leads to a sluggish and bloated feeling, mixed with a bit of constipation. 

It’s not very fun.  And worst of all, it helps me gain weight.  Colon Cleanse Complete #7 acts as that traffic director to help get colon traffic moving again.

How Does Colon Cleanse #7 Work?

 When the colon becomes blocked, wast can’t pass through the body as easily.  Crud and left over stuff builds on the walls of the colon.  The stuck gunk blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals.  It also blocks any of the fuels that my body needs. 

That gunk backs up the rest of the system which slows down the digestive track.  If the digestive track is slowed down that means it can’t process the foods I eat.  That means I get fatter. Colon cleanse #7 provides a gentle formula, that over use, will break up and remove that gunk. 

With that gunk removed my body can function better, removing waist much more efficiently from my body.  With traffic flowing properly I won’t feel bloated and sluggish. The product it self is easy enough to take.  Ingest one pill twice a day per instructions.  The rest happens automatically.

What Are Others Saying?

This product comes pretty well recommended.  Multiple consumers can vouch for the cleansing action of this colon cleanser.  Jon Luna said "he felt less sluggish".  Brian Fong has been using it over a year and has experienced a nice and subtle effect.  And M. Diaze stated that "the product was working within days of use". 

According to user accounts, this product does work.  Many consumers said they felt more regular, more energetic, and felt much better in general.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

I haven’t found any real reports of weight loss.  The company that produces Colon Cleanse Complete #7 doesn’t make claims to expected weight loss.  The users I have talked to say this product works great for digestive system issues and regularity, but didn’t say anything in regards to weight loss.

Side Effects

Colon cleanse products should be a gentle and gradual product.  Harsh cleansers that are fast acting can cause more trouble then good.  Colon cleanse #7 is a colon cleansing product of the gradual kind.  It’s gentle on the system.  A few random users reported increased constipation, but the majority experienced no side effects.

Pros And Cons


  • Cheap
  • Great colon cleanser
  • Gentle on digestive system


  • No weight loss effects reported

Problems And Complaints

During my research I found one complaint from another user.  That user stated that Colon Cleanse Complete caused more constipation and upset stomach.  This person also claimed to have a more extreme case of IBS and stated that these effects may not be experienced by everyone.

Part of this products advertising is weight management.  While it’s true that weight management is an effect of colon cleansing, it’s more of a side effect.  Many users did not report or experience any weight loss with this product. 

How Does Colon Cleanse #7 Rate Overall?

I feel that I have to rate Colon Cleanse Complete two different ways. 

Colon Cleanse Complete does an excellent job as a colon cleanser.  Many users have reported that this product works.  It’s gentle on the stomach and very cost effective.  This product is also safe for a long term use.  As a colon cleansing and regularity product I can recommend it without any issue.

As a weight loss and weight management product, Colon Cleanse Complete is a poor product.  No one claimed  to drop weight while using this product.  Weight loss experienced through colon cleansers are usually from a harsh flush in the digestive track.  Weight management is more of a side effect with the colon cleanse simply letting the digestive track do it’s job properly.

Where Can I Purchase This Product?

Amazon sells Colon Cleanse Complete #7 in a single bottle, and bulk three bottle, varieties.  Buy this product with a great price.   Other  users have left their opinions of the product to. Read more reviews here.

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Its best to shop around and seek medical advice before using colon cleanses.

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