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Getting and/or staying fit can be difficult without some kind of a plan, and the plan needs to be one that you will be able to stay with for the long haul. There are many types of workout programs that feature expensive equipment or a great many hours in the gym, so I found it refreshing to see a program based on short spurts of energy using very simple props.

In the next few lines you can read the description of a DVD workout program that will not only make you lose fat but it will also build you body.

Why is "Barry's Boot Camp Complete Workout" a Good System for Exercise?

In the video below you can watch a short video which shows why the "Barry's Boot Camp" DVD is a good workout program for you daily exercise. Cindy Whitmarsh leads the workouts and she demonstrates a variety of exercises that target different body parts like the lower or upper body parts and the abs.

Barry's Boot Camp Workout" stresses doing something as hard as you can for a minute and then taking a thirty second break, then exercising again. I found that by focusing on this kind of regime, I quickly improved to the point where I could do an exercise for several minutes at a time.

How Do Others Who Have Used the System Feel about "Barry's Boot Camp Workout"?

In the video below you ca watch a user of the "Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System" DVD giving her own testimony of this workout program.

"I could never get motivated on my own - so I didn't do it anymore. I saw "Barry's Bootcamp" infomercial and bought the DVD system with low expectations." However, Baz Hawkins could not be more excited with this product as he saw immediate results. He gets stronger and stronger as he adds more rubber bands on the handles and his hands are sore and bigger.

There is no pretense that this workout system is easy. You will have to exert yourself to be able to lose weight and firm up your muscle tissue. As Krlos J, observed: "The first few days it's going to be hard, but one week in you are going to do them without stopping as much, also you will see results in weight loss as well in your body." He equated the Boot Camp System to a great gift you give to yourself, encouraging others to try it if they want to see results fast.

Demonstration of the "Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System" DVD

In the video below you can watch another short video demonstration of the "Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System" DVD.

Does "Barry's Boot Camp Complete Workout System" Work for Everyone?

Any exercise program will have some who do well with it and some who have very limited results. Most of that is due to the individuals themselves and their commitment to the program. From the reviews I have read, I find that most people who have used the system as instructed have experienced positive results.

Are There Any Problems with the Exercises in "Barry's Boot Camp System"?

One reviewer, a fitness instructor in the education system, mentioned that some of the exercises are not designed for everyone. Some people may injure themselves if they attempt to do physical activities that are beyond their abilities.

If this isn't made clear in the instructional materials or videos, each participant of Barry's Boot Camp Workout needs to exercise caution in their approach to the program. I find reassurance in keeping my doctor informed of my exercise program and the activities involved so I can gain his approval beforehand.

One of the reasons for the short periods of exercise is to allow a break in period to determine if you should go on or stop before you hurt yourself, working at a pace best suited for you. Using the slow break in method kept me on the program without giving up too quickly like I have done in the past with other workouts.

What Are the Pros and Cons of "Barry's Boot Camp Workout System"?


  • Those who stick with the program tend to have good results.
  • It is inexpensive to start the program.
  • Reviewers who used other programs prior to "Barry's Boot Camp" thought it was better than the others they'd tried.
  • There is online support from other users of the program.


  • Most negative reviews say Barry is annoying and his female assistant does most of the exercises.
  • Equipment seems a problem with bands breaking and blowup balls failing.
  • When dealing with the parent company, some people complained of charges to their credit card that they did not authorize.

What do People Find Dissatisfactory About "Barry's Boot Camp Workout"?

The majority of complaints were not about the workout system itself. Almost no one who left comments liked Barry personally. The consensus is that he walks around during the exercise routines offering one-liners while his female assistant goes through the moves with the other participants on the videos.

Several people had problems with the DVDs and had to have them replaced, and others complained that the quality of the DVDs was very poor.

What's in the Box?

The kit comes with two sets of resistance bands, three DVDs that contain nine different workouts, a transformer, power handles, and a weight loss workout and diet plan. Also included is a free fifteen-day membership to "Barry's Online Boot Camp".

How Does "Barry's Boot Camp" Compare to Other Exercise and Weight Loss Systems?

With an 80% satisfaction rating, it seemed to me that "Barry's Boot Camp" does deliver for most people. Most dissatisfaction was not about the workout system itself, but with equipment problems and the processing of orders. The product currently rates 4.2 out of 5 stars on

Where’s the Best Place to this product and Find Other Reviews?

You can buy the "Barry's Bootcamp Complete Workout System" at a great price on Quite a few people noted that they were glad with their decision to buy it from Amazon because the price was very good and had the ability to send the materials back if they weren't happy with them. If you like to read more information about this DVD or may be reccommend to a friend you can read more reviews here.

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