Crazy Fit Massager Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine Review

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Do you know that a good body massage along with relaxing exercises can do wonders for your body? The Crazy Fit Massager stimulates your body, provides a powerful massage and helps you lose weight, all in one machine. If you need a relaxing way to lose weight naturally while stimulating your nervous system and toning your core, the Crazy Fit Massager is just what you’re looking for.

Soothe Your Muscles And Lose Weight With The Crazy Fit Massager

The Crazy Fit Massager Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine is a weight reduction machine and a stress reliever all rolled into one. The plate base provides the vibration, which affects your whole body. This machine has dials showing time, speed and body fat. You can use one of the three built-in workout programs and also use the body fat scan to see accurate details about your body’s percentage of fat.

How Does The Crazy Fit Massager Work?

Research has shown that vibration strengthens the cells in the body due to the repeated “stretch reflex.” It improves circulation, provides a workout to the muscles and enhances bone density. This stimulation machine also works as a weight reduction tool and helps in burning away fat even when you are simply standing.

As Rita Casey puts it, “It’s a great way to remove body fat and not hard to do at all. Just stand, sit, lie, or lean on it to make it work.”

Does The Crazy Fit Massager Work?

The Crazy Fit Massager Body Vibration Plate machine shakes and jiggles your body. With the right frequency setting on your machine, you can burn calories faster. There are 20 different speed settings available so you can choose your level of use. Some users report weight loss and toning results, while others do not like the vibration, saying it is too harsh. It is especially useful for those who are not able to do more vigorous exercise.


The Crazy Fit Massager is shipped in parts. It is very easy to assemble and comes with instructions. The usage is also pretty simple and you can start on it without any difficulty. You can stand and watch television while the machine works on the muscles of your body and improves your health. Additionally, the hand rails provided with the unit can be taken off if not required.

How Much Will I Lose?

One of the buyers who reviewed the product on Amazon, said that once he started using the machine, he was able to lose about a half-pound every time. Currently he is happy with the machine and rates it very highly. After about a month of trying out the Crazy Fit Massager, he finds that he is able to lose weight more easily if he uses it every day.

People who do not have the option of exercising find this machine tremendously helpful. Dorothy Graham has had two knee replacement surgeries and is overjoyed with the machine. She uses it every day.

Karen Wilson feels that the Crazy Fit Massager really serves its purpose. “It is weird to look like a fitness goddess while being a life-long couch potato.”

Pros And Cons


• Makes you feel great “without even breaking a sweat,” according to Karen
• Well-constructed with heavy materials
• Easy to assemble


• Comes with poor documentation
• No information about frequencies, some of which can be dangerous for long-term use
• Does not the full direction of motion that more expensive machines have

Problems And Complaints

Cheryl feels that it is important to do thorough research before buying any vibrating machine. According to her chiropractor, the high-intensity machines are considered unsafe. Its use might damage bones and ligaments.

One of the users felt that not enough information was provided with the machine on how to use it correctly. The correct frequency setting is very important; an issue that he felt was not addressed in the manual. This lack of information was very disappointing for him.

The Crazy Fit Massager provides a relaxing experience that stimulates the nervous system and helps you lose weight and tone muscles.

You can read more reviews or buy the crazy Fit Massager at a discount on Amazon.


Just brought a crazy fit massage, the instructions that come with it, are not very explanatory, and very poorly laid out.

Im unsure on what speed i need to be using?? how the programs work?? what program i should be using.

The machine is not very solid, whole main panel shakes.

Not a very happy customer.



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Crazy Fit Massage Machine Kuafoo

Good Day

At my gym they have a crazy fit massage machine, Kuafoo, but they do not have the manual for it and don't understand how the programs work.
Is there a possibility that you can send me a manual, and a pragram function guide.

Kind Regards


Hi,I have the power plate crazy fit massage and I use it for stretching to help me to do splits.(front and side). I would like to know which speed is better for stretching.

fit massage

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Need direction for the crazy fit massager. Other wise I will have to bring back to store.

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