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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Exercise

In the present appearance conscious world, cosmetic surgery and exercise are two important aspects of physical beauty. This debate of cosmetic surgery vs exercise need not be an either-or question. In fact, no cosmetic surgeon would recommend that a patient should forgo an exercise regimen and a healthy diet in favor of liposuction or other cosmetic surgery procedures. Each and every doctor wants his/her patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good food choices and regular exercise that can keep the body in an aesthetically good shape and improve the overall health of the patient. But for some people, the healthiest lifestyle routines and good exercise are not enough to keep them healthy

Obese people face a lot of health issues like cardiovascular problems, muscular and skeletal problems, type-2 diabetes etc. Liposuction is one way of reducing the obesity levels. Cosmetic surgery can give obese people another chance at living life in a healthy way.

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Food Addiction Causes and Prevention

Food addiction is a contemporary term used to refer to compulsive overeating. This abnormal food intake can be directly attributed to one's brain chemistry. People suffering from this pathological disorder have hormonal and neurochemical imbalances that trigger these cravings.

What is the real cause behind food addiction?

The phenomenon of food addiction is more of a psychological problem rather than a physiological one. Even with the full knowledge of the effects of this destructive behavior, an individual suffers from loss of self control.

A change of diet can also lead to this condition. When you ban certain foods from your diet, you might end up craving for them. A change in eating habits may also increase your chances of suffering from this condition. For example, if you were used to eating dessert after dinner, a sudden crave may take effect once you stop. Low self-esteem can also be linked to food addiction in selected cases.

Which Foods lead to addiction?


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