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The Ultimate Travel Fitness Plan

Traveling is fun, but when it comes to traveling for work it's a different story.

Most people try to keep their routines the same when they travel. If you like to workout while working in the office or at home it's easy to stay in your routine, but on the road things can be challenging.

Working out when traveling is not easy. Some hotels offer gyms and it can be enough to hit the gym for a quick run or a short weight exercise, but most of the time when you're on the road you need to find time to get food for the three meals each day while planning your meetings and events. There is little time to head down the gym.

Plus there is the issue of being tired from the long days of working on the road. Who wants to workout after a long day of meetings?

For those looking to sidestep these issues of working out on the road here are tips for creating your own ultimate travel fitness plan.

Use Body Weight for Strength Exercises


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