Diet to Go Review and Coupon - Does it Work? Pros & Cons

Review by Pam Marshall

If you are like most people, you are “on the go” a good part of your day. It’s little wonder keeping ourselves at our best weight is something we struggle with. The truth is a hectic lifestyle doesn’t leave much time for planning and cooking healthy meals, despite our best intentions.  And what happens as a result? Your health and weight loss plans take a backseat to everything else in your life.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just relax and let a top-notch delivery service bring fresh and delicious meals straight to your door? Wouldn't it make your day much easier to eat a full, balanced meal without cooking more than a few minutes? How would you like the feeling of getting home and having little to no preparation time to eat dinner? Diet-To-Go does exactly that. You can enjoy delicious low-carb or low-fat food without the hassle. They will cook the food, you'll lose the weight. 

Why Diet-to-Go Works


  • 100% Satisfaction Guarrantee. If for any reason you are unhappy with the food or service, Diet to Go will either remedy the situation or refund your money.
  • Most Inexpensive Meal Delivery in the US. Costs less than Fresh Diet, Bistro MD, and eDiets. Average cost per meal (March 2012) $6.81.
  • Easy. The easiest way to lose 20 lbs. or more (2 Lbs, or more per week) fast. They do the work, you eat the delicious, chef created meals and lose the weight.
  • Enjoyable. One of the goals of Diet-To-Go is to make dieting an enjoyable experience. Impossible you say?  Well, imagine no more counting calories and carbs, no more slaving in the kitchen after a long day at work, and no more waiting in long lines at the drive-through windows for quick meal. Diet to go is one of the best diet plans that work in a way that does not make you feel you are actually dieting.
  • Convenient.  It is a turnkey solution. A no brainer. You don’t have to cook or plan or decide what you will eat (or what fast food drive-thru to hit on your way home). No need to think how much to eat, or guess when it is time to put the fork down. You pick the food locally twice a week or you order it online once a week and you are set.
  • Everything Included.  There is no grocery shopping. Fruit, veggies, drinks, yogurts, condiments -  everything a balanced meal needs is included. The menu covers all food groups: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods, and dairy. Vegetables include zucchini, squash, bell pepper, cauliflower sides, and others.
  • Snacks Included, too. Having a mid morning and mid afternoon snack to hold you over to the next meal is necessary when dieting. Most DTG meals come with side iems that make  great snacks throughout the day.

    Here is what Donna from says:

    “One of the things I loved about that plan was the individual items that you can use to space out your day. I would save my pudding or fruit for a mid-afternoon snack. I was full enough from the entree not to miss it!”

  • Local Pick Up. No other brand in the US offers local pick up service. This service gives you the added bonus of completely fresh, never frozen meals.
  • Food is Good Quality. DTG is very picky with their purveyors. When it comes to choosing the ingredients for their meals, they don’t just get what is available from the grocery store. They use good quality ingredients from trustworthy providers. For example, they get their chili spice from Chugwater Chili Corp (Chugwater, WY), and their apple cider jelly from Woods Cider Mill (Springfield, VT). All poultry and fresh produce comes from local suppliers daily. On top of that, an official USDA representative performs daily inspections in DTG facilities.
  • Food is Fresh. The foods are fresh and you aren't worried about what happened to them in shipping.
  • Good Taste and Flavor. The food is surprisingly good even for a picky eaters. Most of the dishes are comparable to nicer restaurant fare. DTG has consistently been awarded the “best taste” title from national blind taste tests.
  • Low Sodium, High Flavor. Designed by registered dietitians, meals not only meet but exceed guidelines for low-sodium diets. Without compromising on flavor, the 1,600-calorie menus contain 2,384mg sodium while the 1,200-calorie menus measure less than 2,000mg sodium. There is no added salt, artificial flavor enhancers or preservatives. All sodium present in DTG meals is naturally occurring or is already included in the base ingredients (i.e bread). Read more about sodium.

    Here is what Marie, a reviewer, says:

I am very sensitive to sodium which typically causes water retention. This has been apparent with other diet programs; however, with Diet-to-Go, I have had no water retention at all.

  • Easy to Cancel, No Fees. Want to put your order on hold? You are not tied into following the program for a certain time. You can cancel any time. You can stop at any time and restart without any termination fees.
  • Customization for Special Dietary Needs. Any allergies or sensitivities? Don’t like onions? You can ask them to exclude what you don’t like from the menu or let you know which meals contain onions so that you can replace them with dishes that are onion-free.
  • Menus Displayed Online. You can find cooking instructions and nutritional information. You can see the menu before hand and decide which you are going to include in your order.
  • Variety of food. Meals rotate every 4 weeks. I don't have 35 different dinners that I make but they do! You may not like all of them, but this is why the substitution menu is there.
  • Flexibility. If you don’t like a dish you can substitute with either a dish of that week, or a meal from a replacement list. With a list of over 50 replacement meals, the substitution system of DTG satisfies even the picky eaters. Also, you can choose either a 5-day or a 7-day plan, a breakfast-lunch-dinner or a lunch-dinner only plan. If you get 5 days you can mix in other meals from you home. It's a great balance. At any time you can switch from one plan to another.
  • Teaches Portion Control. Once you try DTG, you will be grateful to them for adjusting your perspective on food and portion size. The 1,600-calorie plan is good and filling for men, too.
  • Variety of prices to meet your budget. Prices vary depending on whether you choose a 1,200 or a 1,600 calorie plan, a 5- or 7-day weekly plan, a 3-meals a day or 2-meals a day plan.
  • Good for Vegetarians and Diabetics. Diabetic Plans satisfy the American Diabetes Association Guidelines.
  • Frozen or Fresh. No shelved prepackaged food.
  • Ships Nationwide. Fast delivery across all states.
  • All Inclusive. All meals are sealed in packages. You can instantly grab your lunch and fork in your purse and go to work.

    Here is what Denise says:

“My principal at my school got me on it and she has lost about 100 pounds. Everyday she comes in with her meals and she sometimes brags on what she has to eat.”

  • Low Risk - You can Try it for a Week. Unlike other diets that require that you buy a 4-week’s worth of food right of the bat, with DTG you just pay for a week and you get started. If you are on the fence about it, give it a one-week trial. There is no contract, and you can cancel after one week if you don't like it.

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  • Local Pick Up Only in 3 States. Fresh local pick up is available only in 3 states. Food ships to all other states, frozen, inside coolers.
  • Not Many Alternatives on Low-Carb Plan. If you are on the low-carb plan and you want to replace a dish that you don’t like with another one, the system allows you to choose another food only from the then current week, not from the entire low-carb menu. In the extreme situation where you like only a few meals of the low-carb plan, you end up eating the same meals—so not much variety here. Some people wish there were a few more alternatives in the low-carb plan.
  • Frozen Vegetables not that Great. On DTG, you can either order FRESH food (which you pick yourself form a drop off location, provided you live in Greater DC, Baltimore or Philadelphia metro areas, or the San Francisco Bay area) or FROZEN food, which DTG mails to your home. If you choose the mail service, Vegetables are frozen. A few customers have complaint about the frozen vegetables. Those who order fresh meals, though, never complaint about the vegetables.
  • Meal Mispackaging. There are a few old reports of meals having the wrong label in the plastic wrapping (i.e called Beef Casserole when it was Chicken Roma). Also, the packaging needs some improvement in terms of identifying everything. Update: DTG have recently improved their meal labels.
  • Food Labels Lack Nutritional Info. People would like to see the nutritional information displayed on the meal package. While a detailed meal description and nutritional information is available in the website (along with detailed heating instructions), people do want to see it on the label, too.
  • Little Dessert. Calories on DTG are set relatively high (1,200 and 1,600) so there is no much room for desserts. Some dishes do include a little dessert. Occasionally, a meal will contain a pudding, muffin, etc. Moreover, the program does not offer any recommendations about low calorie food to supplement your meals, such as a light dessert.
  • Meals Missing Occasionally. There have been a couple of times where a meal was missing, but DTG responded quickly, by crediting the money for that meal, and apologizing for the inconvenience.
  • Questionable Dependability. Some customers question DTG’s dependability. Is it a meal delivery service you can rely on for your diet meals every single week? Do they run out of food? While the website does say that your order must be placed the latest by Tuesday at noon in order to have your meals on Wednesday/Thursday, I have read customer comments that complain about the fact that DTG often run out of meals by Monday. Yet, this could also serve as a proof that their food is on high demand. DTG serves roughly 30,000 meals a week. Make sure you order ahead of time.
  • No Forum. It would be great if DTG had a forum for people to discuss their progress and share their challenges. They do have a place to collect feedback from customers, but this does not appear to be a place to foster a vibrant community, probably because it is a little clunky. They do have a great Facebook page with plenty of information (meals photos, updates, contests, etc). However, there are dieters who don’t want the Facebook world (which includes relatives, friends, colleagues, boyfriend, etc) to know that they are on a diet.
  • “My Account” not Informative. When you buy DTG online you are asked to create an account. Unfortunately, when you click at “My Account “after you sign in, you don’t see any useful information other than how long you have been a member. It would be useful to see a history of the meals you have ordered, any particular substitutions you have made. It would be great to be able to track your progress (pounds and inches lost).

How Does Diet-to-Go Work?

Step 1. Choose one of the following distinct menus.

Diet-To-Go Menus

There are three healthy and tasty menu types with the Diet-To-Go plan.

Low - fat traditional:  Diet-To-Go’s low-fat meals follow the guidelines of the American heart Association, the USDA food pyramid, and the American Cancer Society. With this plan you'll have three meals a day available in 2 calorie levels -- 1200 calories and 1600 calories. As you can see, not only will your life be much simpler with Diet-To-Go, but you'll be taking an important step in improving your health by avoiding unhealthy foods that lead to obesity.

Low-carb :The low-carb meals with diet go are similar to those found in the Atkins diet. Each meal averages about 1200 calories per day or less and 30 net carbs per day. As with the low-fat traditional meals you receive three meals a day.

Low-fat vegetarian: You can choose from delicious Lacto-Ovo vegetarian meals that come in two different calorie levels -- 1200 calories and 1600 calories. Now it's easier than ever to enjoy a wide variety of foods specifically designed with the vegetarian in mind.

The menu rotates every 5 weeks. That means, you will enjoy 100+ different dishes before you start all over.

Apart from deciding which menu is best for you, you also need to choose:

  • Number of meals a day: Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner or a Lunch-Dinner only?
  • Number of Calories a day: 1,600 or 1,200? (the Low-carb is available only at 1,200 calories)
  • Number of Days a Week: 5 days or 7 days?

Step 2. Order Your Plan

There are no contracts or hidden fees. If you don't know which plan is best for you or if you have any questions related to the food (sensitivites, allergies, etc) call 800 743 7546. Once you start, you can stop, restart, or customise your plan at any time.

Step 3. Receive Your Plan

You will enter your zip code and DTG will determine one of the following two delivery options:

  • Local Pick Up. If you live in the Greater DC, Baltimore or Philadelphia metro areas, or the San Francisco Bay area, DTG has many drop-off locations where you can pick up your meals.
  • Fedex Shipping. If you live outside the aforementioned 4 major markets, Diet-To-Go will deliver directly to your home or office by Fedex. Meals are flash frozen, delivered in dry ice in a Styrofoam cooler.You'll receive weekly shipments of food on the first Monday or Tuesday after your order is placed. Your meals will arrive in 2 to 3 days.

Step 4. Lose Weight

You will lose weight because you will be eating fewer calories than you burn. Yet, you will not feel hungry because DTG award-winning food food is filling and leaves you satisfied. You will have more energy, better concentration and focus; you 'll even sleep better at night.

What Is The Cost?

Depending on the plan you choose, the price ranges from $95.99-$159.59. Shipping cost is another $18.95. If you use the coupons below, you can can save a significant portion of the regular price and buy Diet to Go at a discount—the lowest price available.

One thing I like with Diet to Go is that you have two options when it comes to payments. You can stay with it in an "auto mode" where the food comes to you every week without having to order it again and again. You just keep on rollin' with it.  Alternatively, you can switch the service to week-to-week at will. This way you order as often as you want and you don't worry about automatic credit card charges.

Try it for a Week

I would recommend you try it for a week and see if you like it. Test how chicken alfredo pizza is (yes, alfredo sauce on a diet plan) or how juicy and tender the italian chicken is. In the end, nothing will convince you if you don't try the plan, and taste the food for yourself.

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