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Review By Pam Marshall

If you want a personalized and simple approach to weight loss, the inexpensive Diet Watch online weight loss program is a perfect fit.  This weight management plan offers a number of powerful diet tools to assist you in meeting your own personal goals. 

What’s Unique About This Program?

While there are many online weight management programs, as forerunner, Diet Watch led the way. More importantly, it is viewed by many as the most comprehensive program on the Web today. With Diet Watch you’ll enjoy a personalized meal planner, customized shopping lists, a nutrition and exercise tracker, as well as automatic reminders and alerts – all designed with your success in mind.

So How Can It Help You Lose Weight?

That’s the burning question, right?  Here’s a little overview of the Diet Watch philosophy.

Many experts agree that daily tracking the food you eat actually helps you eat less.  The numbers prove it.  Research shows that dieters who keep food records lose more weight than those who don’t keep consistent records.  And that’s exactly what Diet Watch does. 

Think about it for a minute.  How many times do you grab a quick cookie, or a few chips out of the bag without even thinking about it?  It’s all too easy to lose track of these little guilty pleasures. As they say, “Out of sight, out of mind.”  But when you use the Diet Watch system, everything you eat every day is recorded in plain view.  Diet Watch makes it so much easier to keep track of your private diet records, your calories, and ultimately, your weight.

Nutrition and Exercise Tracker

The smart tools in the Diet Watch program calculate your daily calorie requirements and macronutrient ratios.  Sound complicated?  It’s not.   It’s all based on your Diet Profile and chosen diet plan.

The diet plan you choose may be:

  • Low cholesterol –focuses on minimizing saturated fats
  • Vegetarian –lacto-ovo
  • Reduced carbohydrate –carbohydrate percentage is 40% per meal - not low carbohydrate as in the Atkins diet. 
  • No restriction plan – a sensibly balanced plan for weight loss

One you choose a plan, with a glance you can keep track of your protein, carbohydrate, fat, and vital nutrient intake.

By logging the foods you eat and your exercise activities, you can compare your actual food intake to your nutrient goals.  That’s important because your progress charts show you exactly where you are on any given day – whether you’re moving towards your goal or away from it.  Obviously, at the end of the day, the goal is to burn more calories than you’ve eaten.  The tracker takes all the guesswork out of how you did at the end of each day.

Community Support

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight understands a support system can be crucial to success.  It’s all too easy to just chuck your whole plan if you’ve had a bad day or it just gets to hard to stay focused on your goal.  Diet Watch has strategies to help you over the rough patches.

Blogs - The Diet Watch Program provides your own personal blog where you can share your triumphs and set backs with others.  It’s extremely rewarding to see your journey “on paper” as you move closer and closer to the weight you want to be.

Discussion Board - You’ll also have access to a Discussion Board where you can find expert advice, meet new friends, and participate in discussions.  We all need encouragement from time to time, and with the Discussion Board, you’ll feel like you’re chatting with your most supportive friends. 

When you get down to the nitty-gritty, dieting success starts with what’s in between your ears.  Your mindset.  You can track your food and calorie intake all day long, but if you don’t have the right attitude, you’re missing a core ingredient.  That’s why the Diet Watch program devotes an entire section to helping you deal with managing your emotions, positive thinking, and goal setting.  You can even enter a virtual Meditation Room where you can listen to inspiration messages to relax and unwind.


$2.99/week if you register for a 3-month period.
$1.49/week if you register for a year. 


  • Requires a daily commitment towards tracking and recording your food intake and exercise.
  • Automatic billing on your credit card every 13 weeks (with the 3-month plan) and annually for the yearly plan. 

All in all, if you prefer a hands-on approach, are detailed oriented, and love tracking your success, this diet could be perfect for you.

Counting Carbs - Calories? - DietWatch Diet Planner® Can Help! Forbes Web Award Winner.

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