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Review By Pam Marshall

We all know our personality can largely affect our success in life, but did you realize your personality could affect your dieting success, too? Have you ever wondered why you eat the way you do or why you simply can’t stick to an exercise program? sheds some light on these troublesome questions. is a personality type diet.  Depending on your personality type, you'll receive a customized program to match your individual characteristics. The key is to change your lifestyle naturally, gradually, and without the uphill battle you may have experienced with dieting so far.

What Is So Unique About uses a question diet quiz to determine the best diet for you. Once you complete the quiz and discover your diet personality, you can dramatically increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off. Your customized diet plan is what makes it possible. Actually, this type of questionnaires have been used to treat thousands of patients with staggering results. It's not unusual to lose up to 20% of your body weight with these concepts.

How Does Work? Free Membership

Once you become a member of, you can tap into a website that is a gold mine of information, advice, and support. You'll find meal ideas that you can easily base around your favorite food, a personalized nutrition and fitness guide, as well as other tools such as meal, weight, and exercise trackers. You can choose your food from over 6000 food items, keep track of your progress and even calculate the number of calories you burn during your exercise routines.

But that's not all. believes in community. With over 1 million members, there are plenty of support groups ready and willing to help you with your weight loss journey. Chances are you'll find someone in the community that has the same goals and diet personality as you do. Some people find having a "buddy" makes all the difference in the world to their commitment and, therefore, success.

Fabulous Motivational Videos

While it's true there are other weight loss programs that offer videos, has a truly impressive library of more than 100 exercise video demonstrations. And they are free! All you have to do is select the area of your body you want to work on (such as your core, your upper and lower body, etc.) and the video explains exactly how to do the exercise. A real live person takes you through the steps.

There are also videos developed by the inspirational Sarah Dussault, where she interviews fitness experts, demonstrates how to do certain exercises, or prepare recipes. Ms. Dussault reports almost daily on weight loss news and evaluates new and popular products, so she is certainly someone to listen to.

More Experts On Hand has more than a dozen experts on hand to guide you. Fitness professionals Stephen Cabral, registered dietitian Tricia Thompson, and Dr. Jamy Ard deliver excellent information through their daily tips and blog updates.

Weight Loss Challenge

If you're up for a little friendly competition, you can take part in a weight-loss challenge among site members. The goal is to juice up your motivation and have a little fun doing it! believes in Weight Loss Challenge because studies have shown that people can lose weight faster with peer support. Join the Fresh Start Team Weight Loss Challenge and lose 15-20 pounds!

Premium Membership

If you would like to take advantage of all has to offer you can upgrade to premium membership. With this plan you'll receive everything offered in the free program, but you’ll also have access to online coaching by dietitians, live weekly chats with weight-loss experts, and personalized emotional coping strategies.


The cost of the premium membership is $39. 90 per month however if you select the one year best savings plan you can be a premium member for as low as $2.69 per week.


There are so many fabulous tools on, you want to try out each and every one. However if you choose the free membership you won't have access to everything. You'll have to upgrade to the premium membership but it's so reasonably priced, upgrading shouldn't be a hardship.

Also, because there's just so much to explore on the site it looks a little busy. You'll have to set aside some time to look at everything.

However, if you’re ready for a program that takes into account the important aspects of your personality, you’re motivated by tracking your progress and keeping your eye on the finish line, you’ll love

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