Does Fat Loss For Idiots Continue To Work After Many Cycles?

(continuing Mathew's Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review)

According to FLFI customer testimonies, you can keep losing weight with the FL4I diet even if you have completed the 11-day cycle multiple times. However, it is likely that the lighter you become, the less weight you will be losing in each cycle. The rate of weight loss is usually higher during the first cycles (6-12 lbs per cycle) and tapers down after many cycles have been repeated (2-4lbs per cycle).
"This seems to continue to work for me, even after several cycles. I have completed my fifth cycle and my total loss so far is 30 pounds. I hope if anyone is seriously considering this, please give it a chance. Even if your body rebels at first or the cheat days set you back, I really think that in the long run you will be happy with the results. The way I feel now and the comments I am hearing from people just encourage me to keep going."  -- Marijke

"I was pleasantly surprised when at the completion of the 9th and 10th cycle I had lost 2 pounds with each cycle. So, it's still working. Instead of my usual loss of 4-5 lbs. per cycle, I'm now losing about 2 lbs. per cycle. I will be starting cycle #11 tomorrow. As of this morning, I am 52 lbs. lighter than when I first began this journey. I have 14 lbs. to go until I reach my target weight. I'm so determined to get to my goal. I can't even begin to express how wonderful it feels to fit back into my 'skinny' clothes again, to be able to take a brisk walk without feeling out of breath, to complete daily chores with great ease, or to have enough energy to start weight training again"  -- Lisa

"Just reporting in to everyone. I'm on my 8th day of Cycle #7. As of yesterday morning, my total loss is 41 pounds of fat baggage! I hope my results will provide a little something to keep others going. I started at 216 and my target weight is 145 so I'm 30 pounds away from my goal or in other words, more than halfway to where I want to be." -- Lisi

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