Drinking Alcohol On A Diet Is No Longer A Weight Loss Crime.

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The word diet for many of us implies deprivation of things we enjoy. Chocolate, carbs, candies, alcohol, the list goes on. Hang on, let's rewind here. While drinking alcohol on a diet may have been frowned upon in the past, an Indiana winery has released a wine sure to thrill all dieters who enjoy a tipple.

The appropriately named "Slender" wine has no carbs, no calories, a glycemic index of 0, no fats, and no sugar. The alcohol content is much the same as a standard bottle of vino, at 12%. Yes, you read right, a bottle of wine with alcohol but none of the dreaded carbs, calories, or weight gain.

Not only is this wine ideal for those counting calories, pounds, and carbohydrates, but it also great for diabetics. The ingredient used as a sweetener does not effect insulin levels, nor will it rot your teeth, nor leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Speaking of sweeteners, the natural sweetener used in Slender is known as Zerose, which contains the active ingredient erythritol. In case you are wondering, erythritol is a sugar alcohol sweetener found naturally, in some fruits likes grapes and peaches, and mushrooms. Since our bodies cannot metabolize it this means no nasty side effects.

In other words, while erythritol looks and tastes like sugar, it has none of the detrimental aspects of sugar for the diabetic or dieter. Better still it does not normally cause digestive upsets such as diarrhea that some other sugar substitutes do.

Slender wines are available in White, Red, and Blush. The white is a blend of French Columbard and Viognier, and is said to have citrus and peach tones. The Red is a Cabernet featuring berry and spicy tones. The Blush is a blend of Cabernet and Chenin Blanc with citrus and strawberry flavors.

Well, drinking wine need no longer be a forbidden pleasure for those wanting to lose weight. With the release of Slender wine it should only be a matter of time before other wineries follow suit. You can have your wine and lose weight too. What will they think of next? Wine that does not produce hangovers? Cheers!

(Of course, alcohol should only be drunk in moderation regardless of whether you are watching your weight or not.)

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