Dual Action Cleanse with Green Tea Fat Burner Review, by Applied Nutrition

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As society grew, so did the way we ate our food. Convenience is key. It’s easy to run to the grocery store, drive-thru, and gas stations to purchase our foods. But those foods are often processed and combined with preservatives and other chemicals to keep our groceries tasting fresh and great.

As a result, I often don’t take in enough fibers and essential components that’s needed for my daily diet. This can cause a slow digestive system, backing up my insides that causes a sort of clog in the plumbing. Applied Nutrition’s Dual Action Cleanse makes claims to remove those clogs.

How Does It Work?

Dual action cleanse combines a potent array of herbs and minerals to help clear out the digestive system. It acts as a sort of plumbing snake to help speed up the digestive tract and push that extra waist out. The extra built up toxins and free radicals are then removed from our system, helping trim my waist line and increase energy.

The bonus Green Tea Fat Burner is a simple pill full of green tea extract. Green Tea extract is known, and in many cases, proven to help raise the metabolism to burn fat. Green Tea also helps remove toxins from the blood stream.

What Others Are Saying - Does Dual Action Cleanse Deliver?

Dual action cleanse does as it describes. The idea was to make me more regular, ridding my body of the backed up waist while at the same time providing more energy. After some use I was feeling better with a little more spunk in my step.

A. Charlotte tried the product and found that it gave her a feeling of well being as it regulated her digestive system and took the bloating away. “It DID shrink my stomach” she says.

Other consumers have the same results I experienced. After an adjustment period with the supplements, a more energetic feeling with regular bowl movements were reported. The appetite was decreased and the waist line was cut by a couple inches with prolonged use.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Applied Nutrition doesn’t have any claims to specific numbers. I experienced a slight weight loss, but more importantly got my hunger and appetite under control. I lost a couple inches around my waist line with use over some time.

Ivor Pelle, who tried the Dual Action Cleanse to give a boost to her weight loss efforts, found that it helped her get regulated. “I have not seen any major weight loss, but it helps”, says Ivor.

Side Effects

A major effect of using this product is regularity. Extra bowel movements, or more frequent bowel movements, may be experienced until the product is stabilized. I haven't found reports of upset stomach, nausea, or any other normal side effects while taking this herbal supplement. Everyone responds differently though.

Green tea supplements do contain caffeine. Taking more then the recommended dosage may cause jitteriness, nervousness, and an upset stomach.

Pros And Cons


  • Supplement is affordable.
  • Supplement is easy to take and follow.
  • Regular use can lead to real results.


  • A break-in period is required for proper dosage.
  • Effects can go away after usage is stopped.

Problems And Complaints

The largest problem I have found is that the product simply doesn’t work for some. Some users saw no effects while using this. Others saw very little effect. A Tolzmann did have reports of experiencing excess gas and constipation after use. These issues seemed to be reported randomly though.

Did You Know?

It is a medical fact that all persons have a certain amount of waste left in our bodies after meals. The human body is the most efficient engine ever created, but still can only process so much fuel at a time. That spent fuel can stay in our digestive track waiting for periods of time to be excreted. The human body can have a harder time processing some foods and chemicals, helping to slow the digestive tract. This is what causes that “weird” feeling in our stomachs, or lack of appetite some days when we otherwise seemingly feel OK.

How Does Dual Action Cleanse Rate Overall?

Dual action cleanse is cheaper then other products. It has reports of the product working. The cleansing power of the product combined with the metabolism boosting effects of green tea could create a good combo to help maintain weight. I would recommend this product as a supplement to another regimen or exercise routine, but not by itself. Dual Action Cleanse has the potential to be a great aid in your journey, but not the over all answer.

Where Can I Purchase Dual Action Cleanse?

If your interested in purchasing Dual Action Cleanse, Amazon.com currently has it on sale. Other users have left their reviews to skim through as well. Read more reviews, here.

Green Tea Fat Burner

Nice post! I take green tea to reduce my weight and it is really working.

Hi Jonathan, Nice topic.I

Hi Jonathan,
Nice topic.I take green tea for reducing weight and your post on Dual action cleanse really help me in thinking about it that it is good to use and I will have to purchase this.

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