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My Edel-Optics Review

I found Edel-Optics is a wonderful place on the internet to buy eyeglasses, sports glasses, nice sunglasses and contacts. Edel-Optics has an amazing array of all styles in their online store and the way they have placed the products on the pages for easy viewing is great. On the first page, you can view the top sellers. This is where they have all of the designer’s glasses here, including affordable Ralph Lauren eyeglasses.

Edel-Optics was created for adults and children who want eyewear that simply looks good. They saw a need for easy viewing and finding designer glasses at great prices. With so many people loving different designers, Edel-Optics has made available beautiful frames for everyone. A fantastic place to find Prada, Gucci, Ray-Ban and practically every other designer you can imagine.

The options are good at this merchant because they even allow one to use their own frames if they prefer. Here are the options you have at Edel-Optics:

  • Mens and women’s eyeglasses
  • Childrens eyeglasses
  • A choice of plastic, metal, rimless, semi-rimless and bendable titanium frames
  • Gorgeous Sunglasses
  • Bifocal and Progressive lenses and Bifocals
  • Reading glasses
  • Use your own frames options

Is Edel-Optics Worth It?

The answer to that question is yes, absolutely. The Edel-Optics is worth purchasing eyeglasses from because you would have to pay a heck of a lot more anywhere else. Other merchants do not come close in:

  • Selection
  • Top well known designers
  • Styles
  • Large Discount Prices
  • In transit insurance.
  • International shipping
  • Translation of the site’s content in 19 different languages
  • Glossary of eyewear terms and descriptions
  • 65 leading designer brands that are always in-stock
  • Great selection of payment options
  • No taxes

These eyeglasses are all well-made and the price is unbeatable in most cases. You can pay by credit card, personal check, or money order. Worldwide shipping is another bonus Edel-Optics offers.

Another cool thing about this merchant is that there is a display that rotates the glasses as you look at them in each category. It gives a panoramic view so you can see exactly what each style looks like. When I clicked on Sun Glasses, I got to see every detail, which was truly something and much better than a flat front view. So once again, yes, Edel-Optics is one great worthwhile shopping experience.

Edel-Optics Disadvantages

I really cannot find anything wrong with this merchant other than that I would like to see exactly who they are and what their business story is. It’s always nice to see some faces behind a business.

Although I am well pleased at what they offer and their prices for eyewear, it would offer more comfort to customers to see a friendly face or hear a friendly story behind the business.

A neat idea might be to have an option where you can upload your own picture of your face as they do on hairstyle sites. That way it would be easy to see which glasses suited you best.

Key Stores Competing with Edel-Optics

How Does Edel-Optics Compare with Similar Merchants?

I looked into two other stores which are in direct competition with Edel-Optics.

Edel-Optics vs Glasses USA

The first one I came across was Glasses USA. What I love about Glasses USA is their Virtual Mirror, a feature that is absent from Edel-Optics. Using this “Try-It” Mirror you can upload a photo of yourself and see how a particular frame looks on you.

The major difference between Edeloptics and Glasses USA is that the former carry big brand names such as Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Bue Bay, and Calvin Klein, whereas the latter carry mainly designers glasses. When I searched for Burberry glasses on Glasses USA a message appeared saying: “We do not have Burberry, maybe you will be interested in Designer Glasses”. For the same search, Edel-Optics returned 251 items.

If you are looking for brand name glasses you will not find them at Glasses USA. For example, I wanted a specific product, Ralph Lauren eye glasses, so I clicked on Designer glasses. That took me to another page where I chose women’s then another page where I could narrow down what I wanted, such as lens, frame, size, color, price and brand. Low and behold, they only carried a few choices and none of them were Ralph Lauren.

Edel-Optics vs FramesDirect

My next try was over at FramesDirect. They had 209 different styles for Ralph Lauren eyeglasses versus Edel-Optics 180 selection. It appears Frames Direct have better prices. The RA5005 Ralph Lauren is at discount for $79 while the same item costs $103.90 at Edel-Optics.

They also guarantee to price match any other store. Edel-Optics looks like they forgot to list my country, until I realized I could click on the currency beside the flags rather than on my missing flag.

Edel-Opticals Price Range

Prices start from the mid-$70 range and go up to the $500 range. This gives a good selection on how much you want to pay. For instance in certain styles a pair of:

  • Vercase $221.90
  • Ray-Ban $156.90
  • Ralph Lauren $226.90
  • Arnette $113.90
  • Steroflex Kids $79.90
  • Vogue $102.90

Edel-Optics offers a good package with the fact that no matter how many products you order, the shipping cost remains the same. The payment options give me more to choose from because as well as credit card, phone in orders, and wire transfers, they also offer the option of sending a money order or personal cheque. You can cancel your order at any time without being charged some crazy fee during processing and if you are not happy with a product, you can return it to them. They offer a lot of discounts and coupons and that is always a great thing.

You have 30 days to decide whether you want to return it, free of charge with anything priced higher than $50. The only thing you cannot return are glasses that have been customized just for you, which makes perfect sense.

Feedback from Others about Edel-Optics

If you are looking for one massive selection on designer glasses, whether, sunglasses, eyeglasses, or even contacts, this is a good place to shop. One woman loved the fact that there is so much selection and was able to choose from more styles by specific designer than anywhere else online. Another said she liked the fact that shipping remains the same regardless of how many products she purchased.

Any Promotional Coupons for Edel Optics? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Edeloptics, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any EdelOptics coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.

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