eDiets Breakfast Review: Stuffed French Toast with Blackberry-Apricot Compote

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Overall rating:  5 out of 5

Meal Description and Cooking Instructions

I began Week 3 of the eDiets program with a breakfast of Stuffed French Toast with Blackberry-Apricot Compote.  The French toast consisted of a slice of whole wheat bread, cut in half, with a strawberry yogurt-cream cheese filling sandwiched between the two half-slices.  A spoonful of the compote was spread on top.

The heating instructions said to microwave the entrée on high for 30 seconds.  I know my microwave oven normally requires a longer time period, but I didn’t want to risk overcooking the bread, so I first heated it for 35 seconds.  This didn’t quite make it warm enough, so I nuked it for another 5 seconds.

I added some nonfat, plain Greek yogurt to the meal to serve as the dairy component the dieter is instructed to supply.

My General Impressions

Although the portion didn’t look big, it certainly looked larger than the breakfast muffins that were on the menu in Weeks 1 and 2, and the blackberry compote added some interesting color to the plate.  I hoped it wasn’t too sweet; I’m not a sweets-for-breakfast person.

As it turned out, I liked this entrée even better than I liked the Cinnamon French Toast and Apple Compote that was on my breakfast menu in Week 2. 

The French toast was moist, but not soggy, even with the compote served over it, and the strawberry yogurt-cream cheese filling was deliciously creamy.  The blackberries added texture, and the compote was just subtly sweet.  In short, this meal was nothing short of scrumptious. 

That said, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that I tasted no hint of apricots in the meal although I did see dried apricots on the list of ingredients—way down near the bottom.

Nutritional Content

As delicious as it is, this is a fairly low-calorie, low-fat breakfast.  Only 40 of the entrée’s 140 total calories are from fat—about 28.5%.  The meal contains 7 grams of protein and 21 grams of carbs, with fiber weighing in at 3 grams and sugars at 7 grams.

This breakfast entrée supplies 6% of the recommended daily average dose of Vitamin A, 2% of Vitamin C, 10% of calcium, and 4% of iron.

The protein content of the meal is due to the eggs used in the preparation of the French toast and doesn’t equate to a full serving of that food group.  The bread is a serving of starch, and my nonfat yogurt provided a serving of dairy.  The blackberry-apricot compote, as delectable as it is, is not close to a full serving of fruit, and the meal contains no items from the vegetable food group at all.

Food Rating/Quality

This meal rates a perfect “5” on a scale of 1 to 5 with me, and that’s saying something because French toast is not something that I include on my breakfast menu when left to my own devices.  It simply doesn’t hold any particular appeal to me.  But I would even enjoy this Stuffed French Toast with Blackberry-Apricot Compote as a dessert.  That’s how good I thought it was.

The fruit compote was a decided improvement over the variety of syrups that are often served with French toast.  It added just a tad of sweetness and flavor without being overwhelming.  And it complemented the flavor of the strawberry yogurt-cream cheese filling nicely.

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