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Review By Pam Marshal

Who Ever Heard of A Woman Losing Weight And Enjoying 3 Delicious Meals At The Same Time?

Wouldn't it be great if “one size fits all” when it comes to dieting? It sure would make losing those unwanted pounds a lot easier. But these days when it comes to identifying the number 1 program for losing weight, there are just so many choices that it's hard to know which one is best for you. Although each diet program has its own strengths, eDiets stands head and shoulders above the rest for several reasons – but mainly because eDiets knows that when it comes to diets, one size does NOT fit all.

And for that reason, eDiets is possibly the most flexible diet plan available. You can lose 10lb in 5 weeks with this excellently designed program that serves both those who are on a budget AND those looking for an exceptional online dieting system. So, if you fall within that category, or you're looking for the convenience of the #1 ranked meal delivery service, which offers 3 FREE weeks of meals that can satisfy your demanding taste buds… then eDiets is definitely for you.

The eDiets program is recognized mainly for its unparallel meal delivery service.  They’ve been ranked best for both taste and nutrition.  This is what differentiates eDiets from from Nutrisystem, Medifast and Weight Watchers. These programs provide packaged food (and because of their excessive advertising have dominated the weight-loss industry), however eDiets food is much fresher and impressively delicious.  That's because they do not deliver preserved or shelved food, which is often bland and boring.

Flexibility Takes On A Whole New Meaning

eDiets actually gives new meaning to the word flexibility. Not only can you choose to have delicious meals delivered right to your door, you can also take advantage of their exceptional online program.  In their online program there is no meal delivery. You can choose from over 20 popular plans, so finding the diet perfect for you is no longer a game of hit and miss. If you use their promotional coupon - (see top of this page) -you will save 25% on eDiets online or eDiets meal delivery. (As they note in their website, this is an offer that wil not last for ever). 

For example, after your diet profile is determined through a short survey, you may find a glycemic impact diet is best for you. Or, your choices may include the Mediterranean diet, Atkins, a cholesterol-lowering plan, or a vegetarian plan. The fact that you can virtually customize your diet is what makes eDiets the superior program it is.

Without a doubt, eDiets is totally reputable and trustworthy. The eDiet program has an excellent track record, too. With more than 1.5 million enrollments finding someone who has lost weight with eDiets is pretty easy to do. 

Unlike Other Diet Programs Out There

eDiets  differs from other programs that focus on fresh meal delivery, such as BistroMD and Diet To Go.  That’s because eDiets offers two choices:

  1. eDiets Meal Delivery
  2. eDiets Online

Whichever you choose, you can rest easy knowing both are approved by dietitians so you know they are healthy. Each diet is designed and tested by experts and they are medically sound. Actually, these diets are based on the recommendations from the American Heart Association.

1. eDiets Meal  Delivery

Talk about total convenience -- no cooking or mail preparation required with eDiets meal delivery program!

So, what Is so unique about eDiets Meal Delivery?

Why is it superior to Nutrisystem or any other meal delivery program?

Well, first of all, eDiets meal delivery is rated the number one meal delivery program. As a matter of fact, it was rated best for taste and nutrition by Epicurius.com - which is a pretty impressive accomplishment.  Also, eDiet meals are chef prepared which means they’re fresh, contain no preservatives and are made from the best quality ingredients.

FedEx delivers your eDiets meals straight to your door in a stay fresh cooler. You won't find any powdered, processed, or preserved foods with eDiets.

Meals Specifically Designed For Use With Alli

If you are an Alli user you'll be thrilled with how much easier your life will be with eDiets. You won't have to worry about counting the grams of fat in each meal because eDiets has designed meals specifically for Alli users.

"eDiets does all the calorie counting, thinking and planning for the Alli program, so users don't need to,"

said Pamela Ofstein, MS, RD, LD/N., director of nutrition services for E. diet.

"This powerful combination makes it easy to follow and provides all the tools and support that dieter needs for success."

4-Meals A Day - Restaurant Style Kitchens That Are USDA Inspected

Other leading brand diet programs offer you dehydrated, frozen, or powdered food that are often mass-produced and were able well work for taste and nutrition as well as support. On the other hand, eDiets give you fresh prepared meals from the hands of an expert shelf and are ranked number one for taste and nutrition. Registered dietitians and trainers are available to provide you expert support.

So, How Much Does eDiets Meal Delivery Cost?

  • Weekly 7-day program:

    $169.95 ($21.14/day X 7 days =  $148, plus $21.95 shipping and handling)
    $132.95 when 25% OFF promo code is used (you save $37)

  • Weekly 5-day program

    $139.95 ($23.6/day X 5 days = $118 plus $21.95 shipping and handling)
    $110.45 when 25% OFF promo code is used (you save $29.50)

Each day includes 4 meals and the 8th week is free. That's a $169.75 value to you.

Make sure you use the 25% OFF promo code for eDiets Meal Delivery provided at the top of this page.


Many meal delivery diet programs require a monthly payment schedule. So the decision to cancel a lengthy and expensive sign-up is a hassle. But the great thing about eDiets delivery plan is you only have to pay every five or seven days.

And, if for some reason you decide you would like to cancel your membership, no worries, you will get a refund. It’s as simple as that.

However, the above doesn't apply to the first week’s order. The first week is non-cancelable and nonrefundable.

2. eDiets Online

When you consider the extremely customizable aspect of eDiets online, chances are you'll find exactly what suits you. Not only that you'll have the access to an amazing community, you will receive one-on-one expert support. A dietitian will be available to answer your nutrition questions with free live phone support. Menus are personalized with a “print and go” shopping list so you’ll know exactly how to put together delicious meals. You can also take advantage of the Recipe Club where you can find hundreds of ideas for mouth watering and healthy foods.

And if you have questions about your fitness, you'll also have access to a personal trainer. You will receive a personalized fitness program with at-home workouts, and you can also view 3-D demonstrations of the exercises. That way you'll know you're doing exactly what you need to do to get your body in the best shape ever.

If you are diabetic, there is a certified diabetes educator who will help you learn how to better manage diabetes.  There is also a very comprehensive article and video library about fitness health and diet news. eDiets even offers community boards for ongoing support if you reach a stumbling block or two.

Cost of eDiets Online

  • 4-Week Plan

    $4.74 a week if you buy the 4-week plan ($18.95 for 4 weeks of full access)
    $14.21 for 4 weeks when 25% OFF promo code is used (you save $4.74)

  • 3-month Plan

    $4.16 a week if you buy the 3-month plan ($16.65 per month-- $49.95 for 3 months).
    $34.46 for 3 months when 25% OFF promo code is used (you save $12.5)

Make sure you use the 25% OFF promo code for eDiets Online provided at the top of this page.

Drawbacks - Cons

You can cancel your eDiets online membership any time, but if you cancel before the end of the third 28-day billing cycle, your credit card will be charged a $25 Early Termination Fee. 

There are no refunds for eDiets online.  But they do offer a pretty phenomenal guarantee:

If you don’t reach your weight loss goals in 6 months you’ll receive the next 6 months for FREE!

When you consider the tremendous benefits of eDiets, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive and “smart” diet plan amidst the sea of choices available. 

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