Enjoy A Lifetime Of Weight Control And Nutritional Balance With Our Free Calorie Counter

Counting your calories with an online calorie calculator is an effective and easy way to manage your weight. Studies show that keeping a food journal can help you lose twice as much weight compared to dieting and exercise alone. This is why we created this state of the art FREE online diet and exercise calorie counter.

Take these simple steps and experience a fun and exciting “life change” journey.

1. Set your goal. 
Decide how much and how fast you want to lose. The calorie counter will calculate precisely your daily caloric intake needed to achieve your goal leaving out any guesswork.

2. Become an enlightened, aware eater.
Document your caloric intake and fitness activities by searching our food and exercise database. It only takes a few minutes every day.

3. Be in control. Feel the power of knowing that you are on the right course by tracking your daily progress with our informative charts.


4. Achieve. Enjoy your healthier new body. When you look good, you feel good!



We are passionate about helping you succeed. We invite you to register today and get all the tools and resources 100% FREE.

  • Calorie and recipe calculator
  • Advice from experts
  • Support forum
  • And MUCH MORE…

You have nothing to lose but your weight!

Matt Papa
Publisher. WeightLossTriumph.

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