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Five Ways to Stay Fit & Healthy During the Work Day

For most of us who work 9-5 during the week, staying fit and healthy can not only be difficult but often downright inconvenient. I'm writing from personal experience here, I work in an office and sit in front of a computer screen for the majority of my time in the office (and out of it really). I started to notice that I wasn't being very healthy with what I was eating and doing during the working day. So I did some research and decided to share my results with other people so that they can work healthily as well.

Take a Break from Your Screen

Rest your eyes and your back by taking a short break from your computer screen every hour or so. We've all had those days when our eyes feel dry and we have a pounding headache; odds are that this is brought on b the constant strain being put on your eyes by the screen.

If you don't trust your own willpower you can download the free Eye Leo app for your computer, which basically freezes your screen for a few minutes after the selected time period has lapsed.

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Exercise Tips for Beginners

You know how important it is to get regular exercise, but if it has been a while since you last hit the gym, it can be extremely hard to get back into the habit.

Other people have a hard time getting regular workouts because they are new to exercise and are unsure exactly where to start.

If you are currently struggling to make working out a habit, read on to get the best exercise tips for beginners!

Tip 1: Set Manageable Goals

One of the most important exercise tips for beginners is to set specific goals for yourself—but you need to make sure they are realistic.

WebMD.com emphasizes the importance of keeping your initial plans attainable and relatively low-key because when you just diving back into consistent workouts, your body simply won’t be prepared for really strenuous physical activity.

Plus, if you miss a day or end your workout before you reach your goal, you’ll end up feeling guilty—even though you should just be happy you were exercising at all.

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8 Myths and Facts You Don't Know About Exercise

Exercise, is what every magazine, every blog and every doctor recommends. However, there is so much contradiction everywhere. For example some claim to trim you down in 14 days while others claim to shape you up in just six weeks; one expert says "4 minute exercise is just enough" while another one claims " 12 minutes is what you need".

Such an enormous confusion sometimes makes you hopeless when things are not going in your way.

To separate lies from truth, to overcome the "never answered confusion" read the below things you don't know about exercise.

1. Abdominal exercise is the best way to reduce mid-section of the body.

Absolutely false statement. Many people believe that when only specific muscles of body are exercised, say waistline, it looses fat. Years ago, doctors examined a number of active tennis players to find out the truth.  They found same fat content in their arms but in a more shaped and developed form than the rest of the body.

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What Are the Components of Fatigue and How to Manage it?

Fatigue is a “state of mental or physical weakness” but this definition is still argued upon. The causes of fatigue can be listed by Exercise Psychologist but what brings fatigue, in reality, is still a question to be discussed. Fatigue can be athletic, i.e. a muscular component or mental i.e. a brain component can be involved. Mostly, athletes and sportsperson talk about muscular fatigue, which can be minimized by taking supplements or nutrients if fatigue is only muscular.

The Muscular Component

Our body produces energy when muscles work or contract due to the stored glycogen in the muscle cells. As soon as the muscle glycogen is used up, the residue, free radicals accumulate giving rise to low energy, less work and a feeling of fatigue. A decrease in lower level of Branched Amino Acid is also noticed, which are mainly responsible for maintaining the oxygen supply to the muscle cells during the workout or muscular activity.

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Carbo-Loading – Separating Fact from Fiction!

Nutrition has undeniably been an integral part of performance in the field of sports, training and athletics. We've come a long way in terms of identifying peak performance foods and supplements that help us perform and train better. Endurance sports is one popular subculture. It is also a category for which a plethora of research related to nutrition has been done. Which food to eat? What should be the timing of the food intake? What should be the macro-nutritional breakdown? Which micro-nutrients are important for performance? These questions are a few of the basic ones that nutritionists and dieticians try to answer.

Like every other field of sports, endurance sports has been plagued by many myths and misinformation, 'Carbohydrate loading' being a prime example. The myth goes:

'Carbo-Loading is essential for performance enhancement in endurance sports such as marathon running, triathlons, long distance swimming and cycling.'

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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Exercise

In the present appearance conscious world, cosmetic surgery and exercise are two important aspects of physical beauty. This debate of cosmetic surgery vs exercise need not be an either-or question. In fact, no cosmetic surgeon would recommend that a patient should forgo an exercise regimen and a healthy diet in favor of liposuction or other cosmetic surgery procedures. Each and every doctor wants his/her patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good food choices and regular exercise that can keep the body in an aesthetically good shape and improve the overall health of the patient. But for some people, the healthiest lifestyle routines and good exercise are not enough to keep them healthy

Obese people face a lot of health issues like cardiovascular problems, muscular and skeletal problems, type-2 diabetes etc. Liposuction is one way of reducing the obesity levels. Cosmetic surgery can give obese people another chance at living life in a healthy way.

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Research Reveals that Blood Type Affects Heart Disease Risk

There is a lot of controversy surrounding the causes of heart disease these days.Common wisdom prescribed by the government indicates that a diet high in saturated fats will lead to heart disease, while many new voices are claiming that in fact diets high in refined carbs are the leading cause of such ills as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

While the truth is probably more complex than any one sentence can summarize, a new set of studies have revealed what seems to be a basic fact: your blood type can affect the probability of your developing heart disease.

Two new studies have been reviewed by researchers that track a total of almost 90,000 patients over the course of 20 years, and the results are in. Coronary heart disease is least likely to develop in people with type O blood, while those with type AB were 23% more likely to have heart disease. Type B blood were only 11% more likely, and finally type A were only at an increased risk of 5%.

These two studies were conducted by Harvard researchers. One tracked 62,000 women over the course of 26 years, while the second tracked 27,400 men over 24 years. Of these test groups, about 2,500 developed heart disease.

Benefits of Exercise When You Have Diabetes

Diabetes is not something that can be taken for granted. Without proper diagnosis and intervention, this disease can progress to disability, and ultimately, can lead to death.  The good news with diabetes is it can be managed.

Although there’s no treatment for diabetes, which means that once you have it there’s no way of reversing it, there is still life even if one has diabetes. Unlike terminal illnesses where the patient ultimately dies because of the disease, with diabetes there is hope. The key, according to medical and health experts, is staying on top of things, which means getting the disease under control. In a nutshell, it simply means gaining better control over you.

Why Is Exercise Important?

Moderate exercise is recommended to people with diabetes for two reasons: One is to control weight, and two is to control blood sugar levels.

Medical studies strongly suggest that obesity is one of the main reasons why a person becomes diabetic. When a person is obese, it simply means that the body is not able to burn the calories consumed, thus they are stored in the body. 

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The Ultimate Travel Fitness Plan

Traveling is fun, but when it comes to traveling for work it's a different story.

Most people try to keep their routines the same when they travel. If you like to workout while working in the office or at home it's easy to stay in your routine, but on the road things can be challenging.

Working out when traveling is not easy. Some hotels offer gyms and it can be enough to hit the gym for a quick run or a short weight exercise, but most of the time when you're on the road you need to find time to get food for the three meals each day while planning your meetings and events. There is little time to head down the gym.

Plus there is the issue of being tired from the long days of working on the road. Who wants to workout after a long day of meetings?

For those looking to sidestep these issues of working out on the road here are tips for creating your own ultimate travel fitness plan.

Use Body Weight for Strength Exercises


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The Benefits of Introducing Swimming Into Any Workout

Heading to the pool may not be the first place on the list for anyone looking to shed a few extra pounds but maybe it should be. There isn't another total body workout that can firm muscles without putting undue stress on the body better than swimming. Swimming is an effective way to boost the metabolism and burn calories for swimmers of any age and fitness level.

Anyone can understand the fitness benefits that swimming offers just by observing recent Olympic competitors such as Michael Phelps or Natalie Coughlin, who at nearly 30 has just won her 12th Olympic medal. Science backs up these observations, as studies conducted by Indiana University have proven that swimmers in all age groups have more lean muscle and better physiques than non-swimmers.

Fitness Benefits

Swimming provides an effective, low-impact workout that burns plenty of calories and shapes muscles. Swimmers engaging in an easy swim generally burn approximately 500 calories an hour, while an intensive workout can burn about 700 calories an hour, all without damaging joints as is possible with activities such as jogging. No other exercise can boast such benefits while exercising the entire body and being possible for even elderly participants.

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