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Exercise Increases Lifespan - 4 Tips to Help You Workout Daily

Spend Time to Get Time: Take care of yourself to live a longer life.

We all know how important consistent exercise and proper nutrition are. By now, you have probably heard it over a hundred times.

In a study conducted between 2007 and 2008, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that over 33% of adults age 20 and over were obese.

It’s wild, isn’t it? Just to put this figure into perspective. Think about your plumber, your doctor, and your accountant. If this statistic is applied to those three people, then one of them is obese. Now repeat this process for the entire US population. It gets to be pretty out of hand. All those people live lives that are affected by obesity.

You also have to realize that these results are from over four years ago. Today, how high do you think that percentage is?

Where is the disconnection between what people know and what they actually do?  It’s important to remember that people are usually more emotional than they are logical. That’s why people use excuses.  If they don’t “feel” like they are emotionally prepared to do something, they won’t do it. It doesn’t matter what the benefits are.

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How to Get Ripped: 7 Things to Remember

Every year I see dozens of people who want to get ripped, but fail to reach their goals. The truth is most people fail because they don’t have the right information. Below we will discuss 7 of the critical things that you need to know to get a ripped muscular body.

1. Getting Ripped Does Not Only Involve Weight Loss

Most people think that getting ripped is synonymous with losing weight. The truth is that this is only half of what it involves. When we say that someone gets ripped, we also talk about putting on muscles. It is a complex procedure that can only generate positive results when we see the importance of putting on muscle mass and dieting.

2. You Have to Take Your Workout Seriously

I sometimes go to the gym and see some people doing one round of exercises and then resting for 10 minutes. There are also some that talk more than work out. You should not be one of them. When you go to the gym, you need to be focused on your exercise routine. Try to give it your best every single time. I also recommend a nice carbohydrate filled drink or meal 90 minutes before each workout to give you the energy to top your previous results.

Stretching Exercises for Shoulders, Arms, Chest, and Legs

Flexibility training: 5 tips to stretch effectively and improve your blood circulation

Flexibility training is an activity which activates the various body parts and results in improving the blood circulation. Further, this activity helps in improving your ability to soak in and eliminate the metabolic and toxic wastes from the body system. The training process leads to physical strengthening, enhanced concentration and in energizing the body metabolism to work faster. The flexibility training is the key to achieve and to maintain the state of optimal health and wellness.

1. Shoulder & Chest

You can stretch your shoulders and chest by either kneeling down or in standing positions. Begin by clasping your hands behind your back and straighten them. Now raise your hands as high as possible and slowly move forward from the waist and hold this position for 10-30 seconds.

The following video shows an even more effective way of shoulder and chest stretching.

2. Shoulder

Arms across chest. Start by placing one arm straight across chest; put your hand on your elbow. Next, pull your arm towards your chest and hold this position for 10-30 seconds. Repeat the same with the other arm.

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Your New Beach Body Workout

It's practically bikini season which means for all of us who have been hiding under our big bulky sweaters, it's time to work it out and get your beach body back!

While it can be hard to stay motivated, if you can commit to working out even 3 times a week with these exercises that target your whole body, you should see a difference in as little as 1 month!

And if you aren't the type of lady who likes strutting around in a bikini, you will at least feel sexier naked! Bonus!

So let's kick off our beach body workout and start sweating, shall we?

Wood Chopping

I know, it sounds like a lumberjack's work out but have you ever noticed just how buff those men are? To get a lean and mean body simply start with a medicine ball, or hand weights if you prefer.

Hold your head up straight, draw down across your body in a axe-swinging, wood chopping motion. Once you've completed the exercise you will be in a squat position. Do 3 sets of 12 chops on each side and you will be targeting your abs, core muscles, glutes, hamstrings, hips, legs, quads, and shoulders.

The following video shows how to do the axe-chop exercise.

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Endurance Training Exercises for Rowers

Endurance training for rowers is a crucial component of being successful at competitive or long distance rowing because it gives you the long-haul stamina you need to keep going. Since most rowing competitions involve covering long distances, your endurance is just as important as how strong you are. But this kind of training isn’t just for individuals competing on ergometers or rowing on the water. It’s also a healthy part of any fitness routine because it increases your cardiovascular health and can prepare you for a variety of other kinds of competition, including marathons and triathlons.

Results of Endurance Training

Anyone who does endurance routines on an indoor rower will quickly see results in both their cardiovascular health and their overall physical conditioning. Because it isn’t strength oriented, endurance training is a great way to do overall sculpting and toning of your muscles without adding a lot of bulk. Because you aren’t increasing muscle mass, it’s also a good way to lose weight because you’re burning calories without adding heavier muscle tissue to your body as you shed fat. Increased lung capacity is another great result of endurance exercises.

Why Playing Golf Helps You Lose Weight and Keep Fit

It is common knowledge that if we want to lose weight and stay healthy, physical activity needs to be included in our day to day lives. What a lot of people get confused with or sometimes misunderstand is that if you plan your day to day life properly and make the right decisions you can exercise without realising. Not only does this apply to using the stairs when at work rather than the elevator or walking home from the train station rather than getting a bus but also to when you participate in sports such as golf.

Golf is often taken up by individuals in later life which is probably when you need to focus more on keeping fit. After you bypass the 40/50 bracket your muscles can begin to wane leading to increase chances of disease and your bones become more fragile which can lead to an increased likelihood of fractures or breaks. When playing sports such as golf you should always make the workout as strenuous as possible.

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You're Wasting Time If You Aren't Doing HIIT

Like almost everyone these days, your time is limited and you'd better learn to exercise efficiently. Unless, that is, you're one of the few people in our country who has too much time on their hands.

But if you usually find yourself trying to squeeze two day's worth of activity into one day, let me tell you that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) allows you to use your fitness minutes most effectively.

What is HIIT?

In the following video, trainer Aaron Ribant of CoreFintessLA.com uses an elliptical to demonstrate the basic principle of interval training.

High Intensity Interval Training Isn't New...Just Most People Think So

Anyone who's been involved in long distance sports anytime after about 1950 is most likely amused by all of the breathless enthusiasm at fitness clubs surrounding interval training. After all, performing a workout that alternates extremely hard efforts with recovery intervals has been a mainstay in running, cycling, and swimming for decades.

Three Steps To A Creative Workout

Weight loss solutions vary for different people. Some enjoy stricter dieting by portioning out smaller meals and adhering to weight loss program protocols. Others choose grueling exercise regimens akin to Jillian Michaels’ “boot camp” or more relaxed - but still useful - routines like Yoga or Pilates. And others may choose surgical procedures like the lap band or other gastric bypass operations to see them through.

Whatever the case may be, the goal of weight loss is the same across the board: self-discipline for better living. Determination is crucial for everyone who either wants to shave off a few pounds or go for a complete overhaul.

Make Your Pre-Workout As Wholesome As Possible

I’ll share three ways I changed up my routine for the better, but before that, I must mention to everyone working out, it’s essential you don’t do it on an empty stomach. I tried it once and couldn’t last more than 30 minutes without feeling utterly depleted. People think that if they workout on an empty stomach they’ll lose weight quicker, but in reality, the opposite wins out. Empty stomach exercises put more strain on your body because there are no carbohydrates to expunge energy from, meaning you’ll tire faster.

So fill that belly up with good carbs and keep yourself hydrated before every workout. The more wholesome you feel, the faster and longer your body can naturally break down the weight.

Tone Your Frame and Energize Your Life With Slimming Exercises

To get results fast, it will require some intensity, but the good news is that these workouts will get you strong and energized and at the same time they will blast the fat revealing lean muscles you didn’t know you had.

Shedding Pounds through an Active Lifestyle

You want to look thinner, but you shouldn’t plan to target just the thighs or the butt or the abs in some kind of “spot reduction” approach. The right approach means losing weight everywhere, all over your body, even in areas you didn’t think of. Slimming exercises will make your shirt fit more comfortably without that tight pull at the shoulders, and will slim the butt and thighs allowing your skirt or pants to fit more sharply. Even your puffy face and double chins will show the effects of slimming workouts.

What Types of Exercises to Do

Fitness and Weight Loss Benefits of Hula Hooping

People have been hula hooping in one form or another for centuries. Traditionally made of willow, grapevines, stiff grass or rattan, hoops have been used in dance and play by people all over the world.

Modern day hula hoops are made of a plastic tube and have been in use since the 1950’s. I’m sure just about everyone remembers playing with hula hoops as a child. I know I had a blast with mine. Little did I know it was actually really good exercise, with numerous health benefits. All I knew was it was a lot of fun!

Hula hoops are not just children’s toys anymore, though. Today, hooping is a popular exercise for people of all ages. It is great exercise and is a lot of fun.

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