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Exercise And Bone Loss: Losing Weight Without Exercise Puts Bones at Risk Study Finds

The statistics on overweight and obesity for the United States population are staggering, and weight loss programs are being prescribed and attempted by ever-increasing numbers. While most weight loss programs tend to recommend a combination of diet and exercise for the best results, many people are still attracted to the idea of losing weight without exercise. Are they making a serious mistake and putting their bone health at risk?

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Blasting Belly Fat with Moderate- or High-Intensity Aerobics

You already know that shedding abdominal fat means spending time at the gym, but you may be wondering just how intense your cardio workouts have to be. Some experts say that moderate intensity is enough, but others will tell you that it’s best to go all-out. So, how hard should you be exercising?

Is high-intensity aerobics really necessary for abdominal fat loss?

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Try These Cheap Home Workout Tips To Stay Trim And Toned

In these belt tightening times, we all still want to lose weight, but we don’t want to spend a lot of hard earned cash to do so. Try some of these tips for a cheap home workout that will keep you trim, taut, and terrific, without costing the earth.

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How to Lose Belly Fat After Menopause

Are you one of the many women who believe that weight gain is inevitable as you get older? Even if you don’t have the body of a college freshman anymore, you don’t have to settle for being overweight.

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Can Vibration Plate Training Help You Lose Weight?

You may remember the old time commercials involving women standing around next to a vibrating machine from which a strap was attached – this strap was placed around the woman’s hips and set to vibrate for a certain amount of time. It was all the rage at one point and was considered an easy and fashionable way to lose weight. Nowdays, one can purchase a more modern version of this vibrating dinosaur, which is more or less just a base onto which a person will stand while holding its handles.

Strength training workouts for women

Lifting weights is a ‘jock’ thing… It is for guys who want to add bulky muscles… Is that really what you think? Is that why you would rather stick to doing only cardio exercises? Well, contrary to popular belief, if you are a woman and if you want to lose weight, including strength training in your exercise routine is the most effective way to get a lean, toned look.

Lose weight with Bikram Yoga

If you have tried different ways to get back into shape and failed, then may be its time you tried to lose weight with Bikram Yoga. Named after its inventor, Bikram Yoga is a simple but effective adaptation of the traditional yoga practices.

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Running vs Walking for Weight Loss: Which is Better?

Many people that are looking to lose weight realize the importance of establishing a healthy exercise routine. For the most part, steady weight loss will not occur with just a change in your diet alone. For those that are not familiar with a good exercise routine though, choosing what exercises to do can be intimidating. Some of the easiest exercises to get into are running and walking, but when it comes to running vs walking for weight loss, which is better?

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Walk And Lose Weight Successfully And Rapidly

So you don't like hitting the gym? Embarrassed to be seen running or jogging in your present state? Can't afford a treadmill? Well, all is not lost. Recent research has shown that you do not need to actually run or even jog to shift those pesky pounds. Yes, that's right. You can go for a brisk walk and lose weight successfully.

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Elastic Exercise Bands: A Quick, Cheap Way to Lose Weight

You’ve probably heard that resistance training is one way to lose weight, and cardio training is another. What would you say if I told you that you could combine the two without having to spend more than fifty dollars?

Elastic exercise bands are a cheap, yet effective way of losing weight. While top-of-the-line resistance bands can cost you fifty dollars, you can purchase them new for as low as twenty dollars.

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