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High Fat Diets Block Your Gut's Ability to Signal Fullness Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

It's amazing how many people go about the process of losing weight all the wrong way!

Some people focus on extreme dieting, cutting back on their calorie consumption until their bodies are almost starving.

Some people focus on lifting heavy weights, hoping that increasing their muscles will burn all of the fat around their midriff.

Some people focus on high intensity or long duration cardio, expecting that they'll burn a lot of fat - when all they do is cannibalize muscle.

The key to losing weight is to combine a good aerobic (cardio) workout with weight training and a healthy diet. Only by doing these things will you actually lose weight.

Or will you?

The Damage is Already Done…


The University of Adelaide has shed some interesting light on our body's reactions to diets. PhD student Stephen Kentish is the one responsible for this study, which provides a fascinating insight into how a high fat diet affects the human body.

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Is There Room for Takeout in Weight Loss?

The notion of sustained weight loss through maintaining a healthy lifestyle and fitness regime is not a new one, and yet still the desire for quick-fix fad diets prevails. It’s human nature to want the best results in the shortest amount of time. But time and time again, it’s been shown that cutting out entire food groups, going on a crash diet, or even eating like an angel every day for the rest of your life, is not a sustainable, or indeed healthy, way to lose weight.

Embrace diet slip-ups; shun diet fads

So what is? Grazing on small portions throughout the day? Fasting for eight-hour periods on certain days? Going gluten free? Or could it be that you simply need to get up off the sofa a little more than you currently do, and perhaps stay away from cake and cookies every now and then?

Delicious takeout

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Weight Loss Pills Might Work, But Never Effectively On Their Own

The FDA has recently approved Qsymia, a promising new diet pill that produces dramatic results. In clinical trials following 3,700 people, most participants lost 6 to 9 percent of their body weight. While this isn’t the first diet  pill to have been approved for the market, it is the most recent that has come under the misconception that it can be taken by itself, and miraculously burn fat for its users.

There is no substitution for good old fashioned diet and exercise, but in today’s culture people are always looking for the path of least resistance, especially when it comes to their weight. With fast food companies everywhere and unhealthy food options seemingly always on hand, miracle drugs look appealing, but typically end up being a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Five Of The Worst Weight Loss Gadgets

Well, Black Friday is just behind us, ushering in the holiday shopping rush - and as we look for gifts to improve the lives of our friends and family, many of us might be tempted to get a little something for ourselves.

But if nobody wants a lump of coal for Christmas, even fewer people want a handful of magic beans at least not once the promise of "dieting magic" has worn off and their wallets are a few pounds lighter.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a handful of awesomely bad weight loss gadgets that don't deserve a spot in your stockings...

The Sauna Belt

Why It Sucks: If you've seen advertisements for this product on TV, you'd think your local station canceled those Seinfeld reruns and put something funnier on instead. Since delivering tiny electric shocks to the abs was getting a little passe, the people behind the sauna belt offer to "melt your fat away" by delivering a steady stream of heat to the midsection.

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Side Effects of Crash Dieting - Do Crash Diets Work?

Crash dieting is only a temporary solution for those who are overweight. While some people are able to shed excessive weight rapidly by adhering to crash diets, the weight that is lost is usually regained quickly. This type of yoyo dieting can cause several health problems, which, in some cases, spiral out of control.

Firstly if you’re thinking about crash dieting, you become obsessed about the foods you can consume. Ultimately, you start feeling guilty if you allow yourself to eat even a little more than you think you can afford to. Because you have to avoid eating certain foods as part of your diet, you build up the urge to eat those very foods and this can put you through a lot of emotional stress. But stress is not the sole health problem that accompanies crash diets. The list of adverse effects runs long.

5 Controversial Detox Diets

Doctors say that obesity is a primary cause for any type of diabetes regardless of your age, depression, learning and behavior disorders, sleep problems, asthma, and many other health problems. Besides changing eating and exercising habits, the most important thing we can do is to motivate ourselves to want to change for the better and to lead a healthier lifestyle

The only way to get healthy is to make better choices and lifestyles and to get on the right track to a healthy future. This can be accomplished by following a detox diet. Not only will it allow you to shed the pounds, but also you will feel so much better for doing it and you will have a lot more energy.

There are many ways that you can detox your body but still one of the best ways that you can detox your body is by diet. However, there are a lot of controversial detox diets and sometimes it all depends on your health and what your doctor personally recommends as to what detox diet might work out the best for you. Listed below you'll find five of the most known controversial detox diets that many people use to get rid of toxins.

1. Juice Detox Diet.

Boost Your Metabolism Rate With Spicy Foods And New Life Habits

Metabolism rate determines how efficiently your body is consuming good components of food. High metabolism rate keeps a body in perfect shape and also healthy. In actual food plays a very important role in delaying the aging process and equips body with energy to perform various life activities.

Super Foods To Speeds Up Metabolism Rate

Here are 5 super foods to boost your metabolism rate naturally. Enjoy reading the health secrets.

Baked Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings enhance the rate of metabolism, but try to eat baked ones instead of fried option. Fried wings will add more calories in your diet and will lead toward obesity.

Thai Food – Add Spice To Your Diet

Make your diet full of spice by including Thai foods in your diet. It’s not just about spice, but also the aspect of healthy components. You can go for fish, chicken, vegetables and lean meat. Your metabolism rate will get a boost with these spicy foods.

Indian Foods – Another Spicy Option

Support your metabolism rate with highly spiced Indian foods. Include Balti Curry, Chicken Tikka and allow your own level of spices that suit your stomach. You can also select foods that are low in fat as options are many and you can control your calories in control.

Low Calorie Foods Bring Diet Balance

Balance is everything

Maintaining balance (in every walk of life) is one of the toughest jobs around, but at the same time, it is the most yielding one. The best way to keep into accordance with nature is to keep things as much balanced as possible. One tends to be on loosing side if the required balance is lost in any aspect.

Balanced diet

Same is the case with human body. Once the natural balance and proportion of various elements is disturbed, human body’s debacle starts.

Low Calorie Food

Diet plays the most pivotal role in running human life. In fact, it is the primary fuel needed by human body to constitute any other activities. That is why the need of balanced diet is emphasized by medical experts all around the world.

For those who are disciplined enough to do so, enjoying healthy, active, and vibrant life is the ultimate reward which can be compensated by no other means.  Those who fall victim to their hyper active taste buds, or their stomachs’ spaciousness, found themselves in quite uncomfortable zones very soon.

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Oral hCG Review: Yavonae Drops for Dr. Simeons - A Homeopathic Quick Weight Loss Diet?

Homeopathy is favored by some - not by all - as is the case with all kinds of  alternative medications and prescriptions in the market.

The makers of Yavonae Drops propose a weight loss formula based on the oral administration of the human chorionic gonadotropin, known as hCG. This may attract those who have been using hCG injections for the same purpose. Administration by mouth sounds far more convenient.

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Pros and Cons of Low Carb Diets – Does Atkins Work?

There is a lot of confusion surrounding weight loss, mostly brought about by the drastic differences between different diets, all of which are promoted as safe and easy, but few of which live up to their promises.

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