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FansEdge is owned by Dreams, Inc., a 30-year-old, publicly traded firm in the sports products industry. FansEdge itself is only seven years old and operates both brick and mortar stores and an online store.

On its website, FansEdge poses the question “What is FansEdge About?” In response, FansEdge asserts that it is “about the best selection of officially licensed sports products on the planet.” I thought this was obviously an exaggeration—until I searched for my small-town Ohio high school. My search produced not only apparel emblazoned with my high school’s name and team nickname, but similar items were also available for the several grade schools in my tiny hometown.

Apparel for Female Sports Fans, Too!

Women sports fans have been neglected as far as stadium apparel is concerned. FansEdge carry the Touch line of clothing specifically designed for women by Alyssa Milano. In the following interview, Alyssa talks about the success of her Touch product line for women.

Of course, FansEdge also carries products associated with the big league teams, such as the NFL, the NBA, and the MLB. The selection of products varies with the team. For example, while FansEdge offers women’s apparel for a major league baseball team like the Colorado Rockies, there are no women’s items listed for the Rockies’ minor league team, the Asheville Tourists.

The website’s entire line of officially licensed products includes:

  • Men, women, and children’s apparel and clothing accessories
  • Automotive accessories
  • Blankets and bedding
  • Electronics (wireless mouses, keyboards, DVDs)
  • Bags (purses, duffles, backpacks)
  • Equipment and recreation (footballs, magnetic darts)
  • Collectibles and memorabilia

Is FansEdge Worth It? – Key Features and Benefits

My research shows that FansEdge is worth it for the following reasons:

  1. The FansEdge website is easy to navigate. You can search the site by league (MLB, NFL, NHL, etc.), find products associated with individual professional players, or search for products associated with a particular K-12 school or a college or university with a click of the mouse. You can narrow your search to “men’s, “women’s,” “auto accessories,” etc., and you can further narrow your search by using one of the sidebar tabs for “size,” “player,” “color,” “brand,” “category,” or “price.” This results in a quick, stress-free shopping experience.
  2. FansEdge offers flat rate shipping on most items. This means you pay one low price, no matter how many items you order.
  3. The FansEdge site also advertises same day shipping, which allows you to receive your merchandise quickly.

I regard the unparalleled collection of officially licensed products available on the FansEdge website as its best feature. The site even has items associated with historical teams, like the St. Louis Browns baseball team. I have several sports addicts in my family, ranging in age from grade school to senior citizen. Being able to visit just one internet store and find unique gifts to suit each of them will save me a lot of time and grief.

FansEdge Cons – Disadvantages

  1. Although the website is easy to navigate, I had to scroll through all the cities from A to M when I was searching for my hometown. I couldn’t just type in an “M” and view all the cities beginning with that letter as many websites allow me to do.
  2. There is no screen that allows you to review your order prior to submitting it to ensure its accuracy, and it can take several hours to receive an email confirmation of your order, which means it may be too late to correct any problems.
  3. There is no tab on the website that allows the customer to view all the items that arecurrently marked down.

What Stores Might Be Better Than FansEdge?

Key competitors of FansEdge are:

How Does FansEdge Compare To Similar Merchants?

I looked at a couple of other websites that are in direct competition with FansEdge.

The first was This site has a reasonable collection of officially licensed apparel for NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, and numerous college teams, but its collection cannot compare to FansEdge. It doesn’t cover as many sports. There is nothing in the tennis or boxing categories, for example. Although their list of colleges is extensive, I could find no merchandise for my son’s alma mater, Fordham College, as I could on FansEdge, and has nothing for the K-12 schools. They also don’t carry nearly the number of categories of merchandise that FansEdge does. Their focus is on apparel, although you might find the occasional keychain, too. Their shipping policy is similar to FansEdge, but they don’t offer flat rate shipping.

They have a 30-day return policy, whereas FansEdge accepts returns within 60 days. However, you may find the same item at a better price on I found a Men’s Pittsburgh Pirates Player Name and Number T-shirt by Majestic for $19.42 on The identical jersey was $34.99 on the FansEdge website.

The second merchant I researched was Finish Line. Their collection of officially licensed products falls short of FansEdge’s offerings as well. In addition to professional league items, Finish Line offers products associated with both colleges and high schools, but its list isn’t nearly as inclusive as FansEdge’s. My high school did not make the Finish Line list. Their offerings of professional team merchandise is also limited. For example, the website has seven items related to the Pittsburgh Pirates—one jacket and six hats. There were no Pirates’ jerseys available on the website, although they carry three Philadelphia Phillies jerseys. And as was the case with, they do not have merchandise associated with professional sports like tennis and boxing.

Finish Line does have a line of accessory items, such as backpacks and duffle bags, but these items are general and do not bear any team’s logo. Finish Line also has an extensive line of footwear, a product category that FansEdge does not offer. Like FansEdge, Finish Line offers same day shipping, but they do not offer flat rate shipping. Instead, standard shipping is $7.99 on the first item and $1.99 for each additional item, with some exceptions.

What Is the Cost?

The cost of the products varies greatly by team, brand, and category. Sample prices are provided below:

  • Men’s Colorado Rockies Nike Short Sleeve 2011 Practice T-shirt = $19.99
  • Men’s Colorado Rockies Player Name Jersey = $49.99
  • Montreal Canadians Carey Price Tapestry Throw = $36.99
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish Hitch Cover = $26.99
  • Notre Dame Fighting Irish Snuggie = $24.99 (currently reduced from $29.99)
  • Martins Ferry High School Purple Riders Football Women’s T-shirt = $12.99

FansEdge offers a flat shipping rate of $4.99 per order, no matter how many products are ordered, on most items. The website accepts payments through PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Returns are accepted within a 60-day period for a refund of the purchase price, including tax. Shipping costs are not refunded.

What Are Others Saying? Testimonials – Feedback – Comments

FansEdge was rated number 216 on the Internet Retailers magazine’s list of the Top 500 Internet Retailers. A click on the “About Us” link on the website and some downward scrolling will lead you to some customer testimonials with accolades for the product selection, price, quality, shipping speed, and customer service offered by FansEdge.

The reviews found on external websites are generally positive as well. However, several customers complained that they had received either the wrong product or the wrong size. There were a few complaints about the speed of the delivery, too, which surprised me, given the website’s same-day shipping claim. And those who were unhappy with the merchandise that was delivered to them were not at all happy with the customer service they received.

Any Promotional Coupons for FansEdge? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Fans Edge, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any FansEdge coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.

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FansEdge was rated number 216 on the Internet Retailers magazine’s list of the Top 500 Internet Retailers. A click on the “About Us” link on the website and some downward scrolling will lead you to some customer testimonials with accolades for the product selection, price, quality, shipping speed, and customer service offered by FansEdge.

comments on service 10 dollars off promotion

i thought the service was good so far & would recommend shopping here

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