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7 Things That Motivate You to Go to a Gym

Working out as expected enhances your mood, generates endorphins and sheds weight efficiently. These benefits notwithstanding, a lot of people still keep away from the gym like the plague. Why?

Probably, for the fact that it is just not that fun. Even before getting started many people lose their motivation to exercise. They have a lot of excuses like being very tired, the gym is boring and there is no sufficient time among other excuses.

Nevertheless, consistent exercise is imperative to your fitness routine irrespective of whether it is cardio, stretching or weight resistance, if you really want to be in good physical shape. Ordinarily, to keep your body in top physical shape you need to devote at least 20 minutes a day to working out in a gym.

Hence, identified below are 7 things that will motivate you to go to a gym regularly particularly if you are bored with your current workout program or you have even lost it completely.

1. Dance and lose your weight

Ritual  Dance at Embera Drua Village

Fat Loss 4 Idiots: What Are The Shopping Requirements?

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Will I spend more in groceries than I usually do?

The FL4I menu consists of regular food which you can find in any market. There are no special or expensive ingredients so it should not be more expensive. You eat foods like eggs, vegetables, fruits, meat, fish andbeans.  I have researched many blogs and forums, yet I have not found a single complaint about high grocery bills.

Here is what Jules says (from caloriesperhour.com/forums/forum3/5663-6.html)

Fat Loss 4 Idiots: Can I Modify The Menu?

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Can I substite some of the foods with my own?

It is advisable that you follow the menu to the letter at least for the first cycles. Some people find that substituting a food with a similar one does not affect their weight loss results.

Here is what Annie says about that:
"The important thing, especially when beginning this diet, is to stick as closely as you can to the guidelines. Then you will eventually see how the diet works for you. Once you begin to see good results, you may decide to change or add certain foods thereby experimenting with the plan. If you change something and see that it does not affect your weight loss then you might continue to use that. Otherwise, you'll know what one thing slowed you down."

Does FL4I Diet Work For Seniors?

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I found the answer to this question in a forum during my research. A lady with the username "basketballmom" writes:

"Hi Everyone, I wanted to share another success story, this one is my mom's. As of today she has lost 20 pounds using the FL4I diet! She will be 71 next month so she is living proof that you can still lose even at an older age! I am so proud of her and it's really nice to have a "buddy" to suffer through fruit day with!  Good luck to all and keep plugging away."

Fat Loss 4 Idiots: Why Does Each Cycle Last 11 days?

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11 days is long enough to allow the calorie shifting to take effect and short enough to keep you mentally motivated.

Susan says:
"Knowing that it is only 11 days of dieting and then there is a 'break' helps keep me going. I ended up losing 17 pounds by the end of cycle 3 and currently on day 8 of cycle 4, I have lost 19.2 pounds. I am 53 years old, 5'9" tall, started the diet at 221.8 pounds and would like to lose at least 45 pounds. I can't believe how well this diet works."

Fat Loss 4 Idiots: Do I Need A Computer?

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I don’t have access to a computer every day. How will it work for me?

You don’t need every day access to a computer. Once the Online Diet Generator computes the 11-day menu for you, you can print it out. You will only need to access the system when you are about to start a new cycle.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots: What Challenges Will I Face?

                                                                                      (read Mathew's Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review)

Sometimes the menu may make an unappetizing pairing. However, the food on the menu depends entirely on which items you select. You can play with the menu until you find the one you like most.

Some people report that they have difficulty drinking 10 glasses of water daily. Adding a natural sweetener to your glass, like Stevia, will make it much easier.

Others find the fruit and vegetable days a little difficult.

As in every diet, you may experience a temporary fall that may get you off track and discourage you.

Fat Loss For idiots: How Do You Keep The Weight Off?

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You just need to maintain a healthy life style. The FL4I Handbook provides a comprehensive guide for maintaining your desired weight. However, it’s totally up to you to maintain your weight loss by eating sensibly and working out. Many people report that by the time they reach their weight goal, this diet has taught them how to eat sensibly and control their food portions, enabling them, thus, to keep their desired weight.

"I feel like this diet is training me how to eat after I reach my goal, especially with portion control. And that's really what I need - to just learn not to go crazy when I’m on my own."

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