Fat Loss 4 Idiots: Can I Modify The Menu?

(continuing Mathew's Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review)

Can I substite some of the foods with my own?

It is advisable that you follow the menu to the letter at least for the first cycles. Some people find that substituting a food with a similar one does not affect their weight loss results.

Here is what Annie says about that:
"The important thing, especially when beginning this diet, is to stick as closely as you can to the guidelines. Then you will eventually see how the diet works for you. Once you begin to see good results, you may decide to change or add certain foods thereby experimenting with the plan. If you change something and see that it does not affect your weight loss then you might continue to use that. Otherwise, you'll know what one thing slowed you down."

And Basketballmom agrees:
"Well said, Annie! I think most people would like to modify the diet at some point, but as you stated it is really important to follow it closely at first to see how it works for you, then make changes after that. I'm a firm believer in it if you follow the rules and give it a chance."

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