Fat Loss For idiots: How Do You Keep The Weight Off?

(continuing Mathew's Fat Loss 4 Idiots Review)

You just need to maintain a healthy life style. The FL4I Handbook provides a comprehensive guide for maintaining your desired weight. However, it’s totally up to you to maintain your weight loss by eating sensibly and working out. Many people report that by the time they reach their weight goal, this diet has taught them how to eat sensibly and control their food portions, enabling them, thus, to keep their desired weight.

"I feel like this diet is training me how to eat after I reach my goal, especially with portion control. And that's really what I need - to just learn not to go crazy when I’m on my own."

Lilli is answering Elsie’s question about keeping the weight off
"Hi Elsie. Your going to do great on this diet. Actually it just becomes a way of life. Once you start this you just won't have cravings. It won't happen right away but as your cheat days approach you will start thinking " Umm do I really want that?"

"I've just completed cycle #8 and my total loss is now 47 lbs. I gotta' tell you…It remains imperative to always remember that in order to maintain weight, health, and vitality you must look at this way of eating as a new way of life (eating to live, not living to eat). If you adhere to the diet just to get the weight off and then return to old eating habits you will surely destroy all of your so hard earned rewards----trust me, I've already been down that road."

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