Four Unhealthy Habits That Are Crushing Your Fitness Goals

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Coming across roadblocks when on your way to achieving your goals and objective can prove to be very frustrating. Especially when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. To obtain as well as maintain an ideal physique, one must always be cautious about their every move they make in and outside of the gym for achieving optimum results.

On the road to success, avoidance of any bad habit that may derail you from getting closer to your success is essential. Regardless of how small in nature they may seem to be, the set objectives should not be jeopardized via the bad habits scattered all over the fitness landscape.

Mentioned below are just four out of the numerous ways by which you grow further and further away from obtaining your desired results about your fitness and physique.

1.    Never skip breakfast

Waking up later than expected during the mornings and skipping breakfast as a meal altogether may be seen as a splendid idea however it does a lot more damage than expected. Consumption of a well-balanced and a healthy meal first thing after you wake up is essential for energizing the body internally as well as externally.

Depriving ourselves of the necessarily needed calories during the mornings in the form of breakfast also leads us to be completely drained all day long. Skipping breakfast is also considered as being one of the leading causes of overeating during the rest of the day.

Ideally, small frequent meals should be consumed to keep steady levels of energy within our bodies as well as to help stay us fit. Rather than spending thousands on fancy breakfasts, oatmeal and eggs can be used in a wide range of ways for the purpose of enhancing the taste buds.

2.    Getting used to sloppy form

Another terrible mistake that tops the charts for delaying the process of obtaining your fitness goals and objectives is the usage of incorrect posture while physical activity is carried out.

Getting used to training in severe form can lead to long-term consequences fitness wise. With the increase in the frequency of incorrect posture while working out can unintentionally result in physically targeting other muscles.

 A bad form, especially while weight training, can lead to deadly consequences and hence the utmost concern as well as care must be taken for preventing any injuries as well as to obtain maximum results.

3.    Poor diet

It is of the essence to indulge yourself in the consumption of a relatively balanced diet which includes proteins, carbohydrates, and fats each day. Keeping a calorie intake check is always a good option. However, it still fails to differentiate between what is good and what is harmful to your pre-set fitness goals.

Sometimes eating too much and even too little can backfire enormously especially when it involves the consumption of all the wrong foods. Depending on your goals, a proper diet by them is critical for obtaining useful results.

Fizzy drinks and refined products must be banned from your diet or at least saved for the most desperate of days.

4.    Overdose of Cardio

Cardio as a form of exercise is categorized as being great however to a particular extent. For those that begin to overdo the cardio or overdose on it are more likely to suffer from strength loss, muscle atrophy and even in extreme cases, Fat loss plateaus.

The best kind of cardio is considered to be that which is short however adequately intense in nature. 15 minutes of high-intensity cardio workouts are considered as being ideal and sufficient for maintained strength as well as the percentage of fat loss.

Keeping the earlier mentioned tips in mind, one must finally also have a crystal clear objective of what you plan on achieving. Without the clarity and the confidence, one is positioned to fail eventually at achieving their fitness goals. 

Author Bio:

This post was written by Beth Martel. She is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at

Four Unhealthy Habits That Are Crushing Your Fitness Goals

Amazing post! thanks for sharing.

health tips

Thanks for sharing this post. It will give me lots of benefit to improve my health.

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very useful tips.and as a health conscious i tried not to skip bfast or any meal and i do everyday my ab workout to stay fit and fab.

Thanks for sharing this

Hi Beth,
Thanks for sharing this article.
I totally agree with you. Healthy abits play an important role in reaching our fitness goals. Good habits can completely transform our lifestyle and so do bad ones. Never skip breakfast is the first priority. It's not just about the fitness goals, but our health as well.
Thanks again and hope to see your new post.

Nice article

Nice article, thanks for sharing this with us.

Habits are good and as well

Habits are good and as well as bad for health. If we want to keep our body fit we should leave bad habits. Beth Martel, what you share in this post really appreciable.

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