Green Coffee Beans Extract – FACT, FAKE, or SCAM?

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Green coffee beans extract is now very popular in the wellness and weight loss community. However the hype over green coffee did two things. First, it publicized the green coffee extract as a viable solution to weight loss. Second, this very publicity killed its credibility as a weight loss supplement as more marketers and bogus wellness companies are capitalizing on the hype by selling it extensively (creating false promises) and by adding a lot of fillers to the products tampering with its natural properties.

 This created a lot of confusion and mixed reviews. This article will dig deeper into the green coffee bean extract’s claims and the science that is behind its promises. This is the only way to prove facts, spot fake claims, and scam marketing.

Why do coffee beans extract work for weight loss?

Let us get into the facts first. Green coffee is basically raw, unroasted coffee beans. Because it is not cooked at 475 degrees Fahrenheit, it retains its high chlorogenic acid content. This natural substance is actually the key reason why green coffee is very good for weight management.

Green Coffee Beans

First it burns glucose in the body and burns fat in the liver too. It then causes the slower release of sugar to the bloodstream making excessive fat storage a thing of the past. A study was conducted by Dr. Joe Vinson from the University of Scranton and it was found out that the people who used the green coffee bean extract lost 10% of their body weight (17 pounds) and lost 16% of their total body fat in 12 weeks. These results were achieved without changes in the diet. All of the participants of the study did not exercise. The green coffee extract did it all for the body. These are the facts!

Why is there so much resistance to this weight loss supplement discovery?

Simply put: people are wary of the wellness and weight loss marketing hypes. The market is flooded today with green coffee products that are not even 100% natural as it should be. Most of these fake but well marketed products have synthetic additives that ruin the natural makeup of the green coffee making it ineffective in weight loss. Also the green coffee bean weight loss discovery is just too good to be true. It delivers impressive weight loss without the effort. But this is the very reason why people should try it. This is the very good news that people have been waiting for a long time.

Organic Green Coffee Beans in Hand

What can you do to steer clear from green coffee bean scams?

Always read the label of the green beans coffee supplement you are about to buy. It must have at least 45% chlorogenic acid content. It must also be 100% natural. Synthetic sounding additives are a good clue that the product is not worth your money. Shop from well reputed wellness stores online to make sure you will not be scammed with bogus products. Read product reviews and make sure that the green coffee supplements you will buy are backed up by people who have the credibility to endorse wellness products. By doing these simple steps you can be sure to have the best green coffee bean extract supplement.

Here are a few tips for when you buy green coffee extract:

  • Make sure the product has 45-50% chlorogenic acid
  • Make sure it is in veggie capsule form (vegetable cellulose)
  • Make sure it has no extra additives
  • Steer clear of maltodextrine, stearates, silica and all other fillers with nasty side effects
  • Buy from a reputable company with a solid reputation and clear money back guarantees

On a side note, if any company is claiming to have an endorsement from Dr. Oz, beware of this because recently Dr. Oz has stated that he has made no endorsements of any particular product.

About the Author

Kate Redwine is known as the ‘The Green Coffee Bean Lady’ because she is a green coffee enthusiast. She’s also the Author of: Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: The Quick Start Guide to Burn Fat, Avoid Green Coffee Scams, and Reviews of Green Coffee Beans for Weight Loss.In 2010, Kate lost 30 pounds in 30
days with raw food, green smoothies and good old fashioned exercise.
She loves to share her stories, tips, and secrets about natural weight loss on her blog: She is the mother of a beautiful teenage daughter Lexi and currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

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