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When it comes to losing weight, the journey not only involves a great deal of determination but also requires a lot of energy to get through the intense workouts before you. If you have never heard of GU, it is a very prominent company that has an incredibly large line of energy supplements as well as weight loss supplement products.

You may be thinking that GU products are only meant for intense athletes but everyone requires an energy boost at one time or another during their workout and pushing to your limits is how you see results.

How Does GU Energy Gel Work?

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GU Energy Gel is made to help you get through your toughest workouts. It is literally a gel substance that you are meant to squirt into your mouth at the peak of your workout. This gel is packed with the carbohydrates and electrolytes your body needs to continue working out even when your current energy levels are depleted.

 You take the GU Energy Gel after about an hour of intense exercise and then drink as much water as you can to activate its ingredients. It is extremely simple to use and comes in a large variety of different flavours.

What Are Others Saying-Does GU Energy Gel Really Deliver?

Running is the number one way to lose weight because it is a low impact activity you can do every day. With this being said, GU Energy Gels are most prominently used by runners. It doesn’t matter how fast your run or how slow, after an hour of working out, you are going to need this energy gel to get you through to the end.

Amy Eshleman is an Amazon reviewer who found GU Energy Gels to be extremely effective for her workout routine. She says says, “I prefer the Gu to other gels because the texture is thicker, more like frosting". We all know how important taste can be when we’re trying to lose weight and GU Energy Gels has thought of this for you.

Will it Help me Lose Weight?

Yes! GU Energy Gels can most definitely help you lose weight. For anyone who is overweight, you may have already found that you are lacking in the energy department. It can take some time to build up more energy as you begin to burn more fat and GU Energy Gels can help you get there faster.

It is important to make sure you continue with your workouts because the relatively high amount of carbs and calories in this product can cause you to gain weight rather than lose weight if you stop working out.

Side Effects

There are no documented side effects in relation to GU Energy gels but there are reports of people experiencing stomach issues during their workouts. Just as with any energy or weight loss supplement, each individual reacts differently. Some Amazon reviewers reported upset stomachs and digestion problems where others will not use another energy product they love the GU Energy Gels so much. Trial and error is really the only way to know how your body will react.

Pros and Cons


• Many flavours to choose from
• Easy to eat during exercise
• Portable, pocket size for travel


• Can cause stomach problems during exercise
• Taste can be a problem for some people

Problems and Complaints

GU Energy Gels can be an acquired taste and this is proven through a handful of Amazon reviews. It is a unique taste and texture and for some people it is delicious, while others find it difficult to choke down. The results are proven and even those who don’t like the taste admit it works. It’s a good idea to try out several different flavours before deciding you don’t like the product because it does work if you can find a flavour you like.

Is There an After Taste with GU Energy Gels?

The great thing about these energy gels is that yes, some people say the taste is not great but the gels wash down wonderfully with water and leave no residue behind. This means that even if you don’t like the taste, all it takes is a quick drink of water to wash it down and you can then reap the benefits of the GU Energy Gel’s ingredients.

How Do GU Energy Gels Rate Overall?

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Overall, I would give GU Energy Gels 5 out of 5 stars. For anyone who is looking to lose weight but can’t get past that energy wall, this is the answer for you. They are quick and easy to use during workouts and can really help you burn calories and lose weight faster.

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