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What is Havahart Wireless Dog Fence?

Havahart is a pioneer in providing humane traps for wild animals and now they are providing dog owners with technologically advanced fencing. A Wisconsin company whose name is synonymous with a humane way to relocate animals is now a leader in digital technology that gives dogs maximum freedom while keeping them safe at home. They provide multiple options to homeowners who don’t wish to dig up their yard or cut and reseal their driveway in order to bury electric dog fencing.

Why Havahart Wireless? How Does it Work?

A special collar on the dog transmits and receives signals from a controller. When the dog oversteps their designated area, they receive a “correction” via their collar. The following video explains the benefits of the custom shape wireless dog fence.

Havahart offers:

• Custom-Shape wireless dog fence
• Radial shape wireless dog fence (circular)

Is Havahart Wireless Dog Fence Worth It? Key Features and Benefits

  • When other brands offer a maximum radius of only 90 feet, Havahart Wireless can be set up to 400 feet. That means your dog has 20 times larger roaming area. Their custom shape boundary can control up to 25 acres. This is particularly important to homeowners who have large expanses of land but don’t wish to pay for permanent fencing.
  • Custom shape means that it can be the shape of a lot, and that it does not have to be straight lines on all sides. Particularly useful for lots in newer developments which may have less than rectangular shapes.
  • Exclusion zones are possible. If the dog is not supposed to be in the pool, the pool can be put in an exclusion zone. Some owners can even exclude the cat food dishes!
  • No digging is required. This means that the wireless fence can be easily moved – even taken on vacation or on camping trips.
  • The system uses 2.4 GHZ frequency wireless technology. Installation within 2 hours is possible with no electrical knowledge.
  • The system will support two dogs. A collar for the second dog will work just like the first one.
  • Windows computer users can use the Custom Shape Wireless Fence Tracker. This internet based program allows them to see the location of their fence boundary on their Windows PC.

Havahart Wireless Dog Fence – Cons – Disadvantages

The wireless technology has not yet been developed to the point that it can be used on steeply sloping lots. The signals are also unable to pass through metal (such as a metal roof, or metal siding), so that even an external air conditioner can degrade the signal. Concrete walls also stop the signals. Signals pass easily through regular walls.

Their website doesn’t have an About Us page. Though the name Havahart is a known brand, there is no information about who they are and how they came to this particular product. The website also has a very out of date blog. Better no blog than one that is over a year old.

How Does Havahart Compare to Other Wireless Dog Fencing?

On the Havahart website, they offer their own chart of comparisons with Invisible Fence (underground Wired Fence) and Pet Safe Inground Radio Fence, Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence and Pet Safe Wireless Fence. Their key competitors for wireless are:

I looked into both of these systems to see how Havahart’s wireless system is compared to theirs.

Reviewers with hands-on experience of the Perimeter system write that it is not a good system. The boundaries of the system vary from minute to minute moving as much as 20 feet. Its best feature is that it alerts you when the dog is trying to go through the fence. Its second best feature is that it provides rechargeable batteries.

PetSafe Wireless is thought to be better than the Perimeter Wi Fi system, but less good than the Havahart Wireless. PetSafe’s main drawback is that you can only have a radial boundary with a maximum 90 foot radius. Since most house lots are not round, this may be quite a problem.

I believe, overall, Havahart stands above their competitors, as the leading innovator of wireless dog fence solutions.

What is the Cost?

Since all three wireless dog fences have similar radial designs, the prices are almost exactly the same.

  • Havahart Radial Shape $349
  • Perimeter Wi-Fi Dog Fence $349
  • PetSafe Wireless Fence $330

On the other hand, only Havahart has a wireless Custom-Shape boundary which they price at $799. There are no other wireless systems at present that have that feature so that there is no other price to compare Havahart with. Nor do there seem to be any discounts available except the ones I mention at the top of this page.

What Are Others Saying?

The most common statements about the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence are that it is a breeze to install and work best if you read the directions carefully and follow them. It appears that most of the problems with the system are caused by careless installation. The positive ease of installation comments are balanced by some negative comments about the design of the dog collar. The Havahart Wireless site has a page of very positive consumer reviews. The comments at Amazon are less glowing.

Any Promotional Coupons for Havahart Wireless? How to Buy at a Discount

As affiliates of Havahart Wireless, we regularly check for coupon codes and promotional deals that work so that you will get the best prices. If there are any coupon codes or discounts available today you will find them at the top of this page.



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