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Are you one of those who wishes to grow thin and lives on a crash diet every now and then? You can also be one of those people according to whom a rigid regime of exercises can help you maintain your health or maybe you feel eating a lot of greens can help lose weight. Well neither of this is a wrong way to lose weight and maintain a good lifestyle. But as they say in the traditional language a healthy lifestyle is necessary to live a good life and maintain your weight and health.

What one forgets in this busy life is that unbalanced lifestyle striving on one single system will not be beneficial in the long run. A crash diet is good when you are overweight and your first thought is losing weight. But again once you have lost substantial weight it is necessary to balance your food and exercise to create a decent lifestyle. Again a lifestyle that depends on the exercise along with certain unhygienic habits can also lead to long term complications. There are certain simple rules, which if followed would help you manage a long life free of hassles and complications.

Relish your Greens

Greens leafy vegetables are fun to have and there are so many things you can make of them. Right from salads, vegetables to dressing they can be used in many ways. Greens help in maintaining the basic vitamins and prevent major diseases from befalling you. So, this season go green and try to balance your diet.

Say No to Smoking & Drinking

“It’s a casual habit” they say. “I drink socially” some say.. You should avoid these habits as they are bound to cause health issues in the long run. They imbalance the entire system and in the long run cause organ disorders. Once in a while drinking or smoking is permissible but avoid making it a habit.

Hit the Gym

It’s not only about going to the gym but it’s all about exercising. Any form of exercise is a must for a person who wishes to live a happy life. It could be basic aerobics or yoga or regular running in the gym. Normally a mix of all three works the best for any person wishing a good lifestyle but this should be done in a balanced way. On a single day all three actions cannot be performed. All three should be done alternately and combination of the three gives the best possible result.

Crash the Diet But Just for a While

Say your weight loss program calls for a crash diet, you can go for it but remember the diet plan should be followed just for the period. Even a crash diet suggests eating at regular intervals. So instead of just eating fruits or living on juice eat healthy food in limited amounts and at regular intervals. See we cannot suffer the pains of gas so eating at regular intervals is a must.

Come Along Inner Peace

Meditation is a very useful tool towards a healthy and beautiful life. Meditation reduces stress and gives you some inner peace. Inner peace is a must if you wish to reduce stress and live a long life. Meditation, prayers or sitting in a silent place for a while whichever you choose gives you a way to vent your stress and possibly invite some inner peace.

Become a Sun Lover

Vitamin D is an important element for a healthy lifestyle. How about taking in some sun while you are still running towards a healthy lifestyle? Well sun happens to be the best source of Vitamin D and what better than sitting in the early morning sun and creating some magic while getting in some magical elements.

Say No to Ready to Cook

This certainly is the easiest and best way to avoid cooking. You get full meals and all you have to do is heat the food for five minutes. Guess this has spoilt the very idea of cooking being a stress buster. It’s ok to have this when cooking is just not possible. But try to avoid this habit of ready to cook meals as it is unhealthy and would imbalance your very being.

A few more tips would include getting your salt and sugar levels to the right amount, stretching out every once in a while when you are working, trying to walk when you can and avoid vehicles and laugh when possible as laughter is always the best medicine. Follow these simple steps and create a balanced structure. It might be difficult in the beginning as it is kind of rigid and balanced but following it in the long run will just create a healthy lifestyle. The new road to a healthy living is all yours now; wish you good luck on this path.

About The Author: Mark Sanchez has been a writer in many disciplines for over 8 years. Today, he makes his living online as a writer, copywriter and marketer.


I love bananas. I have never smoked. I have cut down drink. Now feel great.

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