How to Choose a Treadmill - Motorized Vs Manual - Pros and Cons

As Joey Adams, a popular American comedian points out, “If it weren't for the fact that the TV set and the refrigerator are so far apart, some of us wouldn't get any exercise at all”. Exercise is such an integral part of our daily activities. If only fitness had come in a packet, then its sales would have beaten every single business in the world.

Even though the importance of fitness is known and accepted by most of the people around the world, the trouble starts when it is practically practiced. There are a number of difficulties when undergoing exercise especially for the aged and weak people. On the other hand, there are lots of smart ways of doing the right exercise that calls for minimum strain and maximum results.

Buying the right treadmill is one such thing that requires smart thinking. Here, you have got two main choices to decide between.

  1. Choosing between a manual treadmill and motorized tread mill
  2. Choosing the right treadmill

Manual Treadmill Vs Motorized Treadmill - Comparison

For those who may not know what these two mean, a manual tread mill has a belt that has to be physically pushed by your legs in order to keep it rolling and keep yourself walking. A motorized treadmill as the name suggests is controlled by a motor and a walker has to just go through the motion.

Common people seem to prefer the manual treadmill simply, because it is cheap. As it has to be manually controlled, people tend to believe that it is a better calorie-burning process. But this is not to be the case. The advantages of a motorized treadmill are far behind just the price.
Read on the pros and cons of a motorized treadmill and a manual treadmill.

The Disadvantages of a Manual Treadmill

  • They are hard to start with and get the belt moving over the deck. It is definitely not the choice for elderly people or people with not-so-strong limbs.
  • They are not stable and keep wobbling
  • They have to be dismounted for changing the inclination
  • The speed of the belt movement is directly proportional to the speed of your moving legs. Once your leg stops, the belt also stops.
  • They have a better chance of hurting or twisting their knees or ankle than their motorized cousins.
  • Only suitable for athletes who are already strong enough.


Advantages of a Manual Treadmill

  • The price of a manual treadmill is much cheaper than that of a motorized.
  • Good for athletes that specifically want to concentrate in building up leg muscles.
  • A lot of manual treadmills come with multiple exercise equipments like the twister, peddlers etc.

Advantages of a Motorized Treadmill

From the above statements the plus and minus of a motorized treadmill are fairly obvious. Leg muscles and joints are safe when you work on a motorized treadmill as the belt is rolled by the motor itself. The speeds can be adjusted and a lot of comprehensive programs are offered so that you can preset them and determine your day’s workout.

A lot of innovative and entertaining features are available with the higher-end treadmills like showing you the distance covered, speed, heart monitoring and heart-rate control. There are also other add-ons like fan, audio, video, TVs and a lot of other exciting accessories to make you comfortable while on the workout.

How to Choose the Right Motorized Treadmill - A Few Tips

  • The motor is the heart of the treadmill. Sometimes these motor ratings can be confusing. Usually a motor is good when it is between 1.5 to 2 continuous HP (Horse Power).
  • The cushioning system of the treadmill plays a very vital role. This cushioning system should neither be too soft nor be hurting. It should be comfortable enough for a long walk.
  • The inclination control of a motorized treadmill is another factor that decides the quality of your unit. In some models the inclination is controlled manually while in higher-end models it can be controlled automatically using the buttons available. An inclination of 10-15% is good for making you feel that you are walking uphill.
  • Be smart in choosing the treadmill that has the right features for you. It is very easy to end up in choosing a treadmill with a great number of unwanted features or features that you might hardly use in your lifetime.
  • Generally a treadmill with greater warranty period is better. Try to choose a treadmill with 5-years or more warranty period.
  • The width and length of the belt of your treadmill is crucial as well. Generally the longer or greater they are, the better is the unit’s quality.
  • People with short heights might prefer lesser width and length depending upon the leg spaces of their run or walk.


  • Although most treadmills come with foldable options, there are some that do not. Hence beware of the fact that a foldable treadmill can save a lot of space for you.
  • The speed of your treadmill is another important factor. High-end treadmills run upto 10 mph. An average person tends to walk at 3-6 mph and run at 6-10 mph.
  • When you are going for the higher-end models, it is always better to manually test all the parts (preferably through an expert) like the belts, frame, deck, motors, labor, rollers and all the possible electronics parts. Also pay attention to the warranties offered to each of the parts.

All of us love to be rich and luxurious. But often we tend to forget that our health is the best wealth we could possess. On a personal note, we are all aware of the importance of saving a fortune for the future, expecting the unexpected. So why not spend for these life-saving equipments and get the best out of them?

And remember, on most times we are the authors of our own health.

Author Bio: Blogger Sanjay Bojan writes on the latest consumer products, technology, shopping, free samples, politics, public services, NHS services, NHS cashback cards and other services.

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