How to Get Motivation to Lose Weight

This post is to encourage people who wish to lose weight but feel lazy to do so. Whether you’re exercising the natural way or using diet pills and weight loss equipment, do so under supervision.

Children, naturally remain active, and it takes a while before they compose themselves and walk straight on the road, instead of hopping, skipping and jumping from one room to another under the same roof!

In adolescence, the pressure of remaining slim and acquiring an hour-glass figure, especially in case of women is so overwhelming, that even a favorite flavor of ice-cream becomes a taboo.

However, after marriage and a couple of children, we enjoy plunking down the office chair, in front of the idiot box, and dream we too possessed the kind of figure Jane Fonda would be envious of! As complacency sets in, lethargy overtakes your enthusiasm to kick the flab.

Reasons to lose weight

However, when mid-life crisis begins, men and women begin to respond to the wake-up call and begin a routine of early morning jogs, join yoga to combat lethargy, cut down on fats to reduce cholesterol etc. We even try out popping weight loss pills to shed weight. Diet and fitness become the focus of our life and we’re browsing the internet for information to look slim and trim. At this stage, the reason for being weight conscious is ‘Health’. But what a world of difference a slim and trim body can make if people were weight conscious right from young age!

How to get motivated?

First of all, to get into shape like any other goal, we need to actually want it. Gyms across the globe advertise their claims and the younger generation enrolls and enjoys the strenuous exercises along with earth shattering music. Wanting a shapely figure every once in a while is not sufficient.

Imagine yourself fitting into beautiful clothes...

Jessy, my friend who started bulging after a delivery, aimed at shedding the accumulated pounds. She shopped for dresses that were a tad too tight for her and were expensive, pretty and alluring. She’d display them prominently in her wardrobe and glance at them often. No, she wasn’t a shopaholic. Wanting to get into those enticing dresses made her control her weight and gradually she started using those attractive clothes. That was a novel way to get motivated.

A little bit of jealousy helps...

Liz, my neighbor pasted pictures of her favorite models on her refrigerator and each time she felt the need to stock her refrigerator, she’d think of the portraits and control her temptations. Where as I who wanted my husband to mind his bulging paunch used to openly admire other slim and trim men. The poor self-conscious man felt so insecure that, he enrolled for a weight reduction program and ensured that I was all eyes for only him.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

To get started we need to want it first. And if there aren’t other hormonal or health reasons, we can have ingenious ways of getting motivated, but being goal-oriented is the catch!

As a work at home mom, Sandra Wade blogs about health and weight loss subjects. Besides she also writes reviews on diet pills like proactol for a living.

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Motivation wanes as one gets older

Thanks for your post. I agree, motivation to lose weight does get increasingly difficult when you are older, married, and have children. However, this is not to say that all hope is lost! I think we have to remember that staying fit is not just for our vanity but more importantly for our health! We need to make it a priority in order to age gracefully and with minimal pain.

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