How to Get Ripped: 7 Things to Remember

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Every year I see dozens of people who want to get ripped, but fail to reach their goals. The truth is most people fail because they don’t have the right information. Below we will discuss 7 of the critical things that you need to know to get a ripped muscular body.

1. Getting Ripped Does Not Only Involve Weight Loss

Most people think that getting ripped is synonymous with losing weight. The truth is that this is only half of what it involves. When we say that someone gets ripped, we also talk about putting on muscles. It is a complex procedure that can only generate positive results when we see the importance of putting on muscle mass and dieting.

2. You Have to Take Your Workout Seriously

I sometimes go to the gym and see some people doing one round of exercises and then resting for 10 minutes. There are also some that talk more than work out. You should not be one of them. When you go to the gym, you need to be focused on your exercise routine. Try to give it your best every single time. I also recommend a nice carbohydrate filled drink or meal 90 minutes before each workout to give you the energy to top your previous results.

3. Increasing the Weight You Lift

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You cannot simply lift the same weights every time for a year and expect to grow muscles fast. The body gets used to any physical activity. Once in a while it is necessary to increase the weight that you lift. A good rule of thumb is to increase the weight that you use by 10 percent when you are able to easily perform 10 repetitions.

4. Rest and Recovery is Crucial

Although this is usually a beginner mistake, even pros might end up doing it. Your body needs time to recover after a strong workout. If you don’t let your muscles fully recover from your last workout you will actually harm your muscles’ growth. Most people will only need to go through around 3 resistance training sessions weekly.

5. Those That Succeed Are Those That Are Motivated

There are times when your workout will not go that great. You might even end up putting on some pounds instead of burning fat. This does not mean that you cannot get ripped! You need to keep your eyes on the prize and getting ripped is a process that will take some time. It is normal to make mistakes and your motivation is the key to success. Do not give up! Everyone can get ripped. It is just a matter of will power and information.

6. Only Use Programs That Are Proven To Work

The internet is a great source of information. I also learned a lot by reading some articles and books but what is important is to only take into account those that are proven to offer great information. It is always better to utilize a system that is popular and that is currently utilized by as many people as possible. It is a clear sign that it works! Instead of opting for a revolutionary technique that nobody really knows much about, you are better off focusing on what actually works!

7. Your Diet is Crucial!

The truth is that this aspect of getting ripped should be mentioned first but I leave it last since I know that most people just skim through information found online. You never skip the last tip and you are reading this right now for sure! Your diet needs to be calculated properly and you can only do so through a trial and error approach. If you are serious about your goals, you will soon discover your exact nutritional needs and adapt properly to such requirements.

In conclusion, getting ripped is something that is possible but it might take longer for some people. This should not discourage you. If you eat right, exercise properly and rest enough, you will surely get ripped a lot faster than you first imagined. I am sure that your results will be a lot better if you take into account everything that was mentioned above.

About the Author: Hello guys, my name is Matt Stevens and I managed to learn how to lose weight properly, got ripped and now am sharing my experiences with everyone. Please check out my articles on Weight Loss Triumph. I am sure that you will learn something new from them. In addition, I invite you to go to my blog,, where you can read about my story of how I got ripped and different other topics that can be helpful for all beginners that want to lose weight.

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