How To Increase Your Metabolism Naturally Without Pills Or Starving

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Gray hair, wrinkles, muffin top. Aagh what's happening??? As we age, our metabolisms start to slow down. What does this mean? Realistically, after 25 it can start to get harder to lose the weight, and easier to put it on. You may notice that you have to eat less to maintain that dress size or the number on the bathroom scales. However, all is not lost. You do not have to starve yourself or resort to potentially unhealthy substances to keep your weight under control.

How to increase your metabolism naturally.

There are quite a few effective and safe strategies that you can employ to keep your metabolism burning those calories as well as they did when you were younger. Try some of these simple tips:

Sleep well. Yes, you read right. Your beauty sleep is doing great things for your metabolism as well as your complexion. Sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain. Your body will burn those calories a lot more efficiently if it is sufficiently rested.

Tone up. Toned muscles not only look slimming but they are slimming. The more muscle you have the more calories you will burn each and every day. Muscles require far more energy for maintenance than fat. The general formula is that every extra pound of muscle that you lay down will chew up an extra 50 calories daily.

Don't starve your body. A study done at Georgia State University proved that eating every 2-3 hours burns more calories and results in less body fat than consuming just 2 or 3 meals per day. The reasons? Firstly, digesting food gives your metabolism a jolt. Secondly, once you go past 3 hours your body goes into starvation mode. This means that your body will not want to burn up the next meal as it assumes there might not be another one coming any time soon. This helps to explain why you see thin people eating all the time, and many people battling the bulge hardly seem to eat at all.

However, you should note that we are not suggesting eating 6 big meals a day. Snacks can be fresh vegetables, fruits, or lean protein like a small tin of tuna. Alternatively, eat what you do now, but divide the food into 5-6 smaller portions.

Throw away the remote. Get off the couch and change the TV station yourself. Walk or ride a bike to the local shop. Take the steps at the office. Hop off the bus, train or tram a stop early and walk the extra distance. All those extra movements add up into a lot more calories being burned daily.

Eat high fiber vegetables. High fiber vegetables are good for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they are low in calories and fat. Secondly they are very filling. Thirdly, they require your body to put a lot of energy into attempting to break them down (otherwise known as boosting your metabolism).

Conclusion. After the age of 25, our metabolisms do start to slow down. However, getting older does not have to mean getting bigger. The above tips can prevent muffin top accompanying the grey hairs and wrinkles.

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