How to Set Up the Radial Shape Havahart Wireless Dog Fence – Instructions

The following step-by-step instructions are designed to help you get the most out of your Wireless Fence system in order to maximize your dog’s freedom and safety with your new yard. Follow each step carefully and refer to your instruction manual for complete details regarding safety, installations and operation. And remember, proper training of your dog is essential to help ensure the successful operation of your Radio Shape Wireless Dog Fence. Should you need further assistance, call Havahart’s customer care specialists at 1-800-800-1819, Option 1.

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System Components

Before you begin make sure you have all system components including:

• The controller, which provides intuitive navigation for setting up, activating, and managing your
• The collar, which communicates continuously with the controller to track the real time location of
   your dog
• An AC adaptor power cord
• Two rechargeable RCR 123A batteries and a battery recharger
• Mounting options
• Training flags
• Heart Shape Collar Tester

Items You May Need

You may also want to have the following items on hand:

• Scissors
• Drill
• Tape Measure
• Screwdriver
• Pliers
• Permanent Marker
• Isopropyl Alcohol, and
• A Soft






Two key terms you will need to know are:

1. Roaming Area

2. Trigger Zone

Roaming Area refers to the space between the Controller and the Trigger Zone where your dog is free to roam and play. It can expand from 40 feet up to 400 feet in all directions

Trigger Zone, which can range from 6 to 13 feet wide, is located just outside the roaming area, and serves to trigger a correction should your dog cross into this area.

With this in mind, you are now ready to get started.

Installing the Controller

First, determine the right location for mounting the controller in your home by choosing a wall that is near to the center of your desired circular containment area. Be sure there is a standard 120 V AC power outlet located within 6 feet of the location. When choosing your location, make sure that the entire roaming area lies within the boundary of your yard. Your trigger zone should not be closer than 10 feet to any road, side walk or thoroughfare for your dog’s safety.

To help optimize system performance, position your controller at least 3 feet away from signal limiting obstructions such as mirrors or large metal objects. When between the controller and fence boundary, these objects could potentially affect the signal strength of, reduce the size of, and distort the shape of the trigger zone. Most effects will be minimum. Consult your instruction manual for more details.

Mounting the Controller

Once you have chosen the location, mount the controller on the wall approximately 6 feet from the ground, using the removable wall mount adhesive strips provided.

Apply isopropyl alcohol to a soft cloth and gently clean the surface of the desired location.

Peel the liner from one strip and attach it vertically to the middle of the controller with the release tab pointing upward.

Connect another strip to the strip on the controller by pressing the fasteners of both strips firmly together until they snap. The release tab on the other strip should point downward away from the antennas.

Peel the liner from the back of the other strip and attach the controller to the wall with the antennas facing toward the ceiling.

Other mounting options are also available. Refer to the instruction manual for details.

Activating the Controller

To activate the controller plug the AC adaptor power cord into the nearby outlet and attach it to the unit. Press Enter after the words “Havahart Wireless Fence” appear on the display. The controller is now activated.

For Your Safety

Keep the following safety tips in mind when installing and activating your controller.

  • Keep the controller always inside your house and protect it from moisture
  • Plug the controller in a properly grounded 120 V AC outlet

Setting Up the Collar

When setting up the Collar, always make sure you have a fully charged battery. The collar uses an RCR 123A rechargeable battery. To install it turn the battery cap counter clock wise ¼ turn and remove it from the Collar. With the positive side facing outward install the battery and replace the battery cap turning it clock wise to secure it in place.

A green light will flash every 5 seconds to indicate that the color is on. A red light will flash to indicate when the battery should recharged.

The system features integrated motion sensor technology, which allows the Collar to conserve battery life when not in use. During this time the light will not flash. To awaken the Collar, just give it a gentle shake.

Activating the Collar

To activate the Collar select “Setup Menu” and “Collar Setup” on the Controller. Then select “Add a Collar”. Gently shake the Collar to keep it awake during this process. The system will search for new Collars. Press “Enter” when “New Collar Found! Collar ID=1”” is shown on the display. You can repeat this process to activate up to 2 Collars.

Adjust the Correction Level

To adjust the correction level, hold the Collar within 6 feet of the Controller. Select “Setup Menu”, “Collar Setup”, and then “Correction Level” on the Controller. Using the Up-Down keys, choose the desired correction level and then press Enter. The Collar is now activated.

The Collar features 5 Static Correction levels and 1 Tone Only level, which is the default setting. You can also check the battery life by clicking “Display Options”, then “Show Collar Monitor” on the Controller.

Setting Up the Fence Boundary

To set up the Fence Boundary, also know as the Trigger Zone, estimate the distance between the Controller and the desired boundary location. Use the shortest distance to a property boundary as the starting point for the radius of your Trigger Zone. To set the Radious, select “Setup Menu” and “Fence Setup” in the Controller. Select the desired distance, up to 400 feet, and push “OK” to save your settings.

While holding your Collar by your side, walk toward the boundary and gently shake the Collar until it beeps and the light flashes red. To confirm the boundary location, step back 6 feet until the Collar stops beeping and then walk forward until it beeps again and the light flashes red.

If the actual setting is different from the desired boundary location, return to the Controller and adjust the Radius accordingly. Repeat the process until the desired boundary location is achieved.

Important Note

Make sure that when you test the boundary location, you do not position your body between the Controller and the Collar, as it may affect the signal and distort the boundary.

Placing Training Flags

Once your Fence Radius is set, it’s time to place the Training Flags. While holding the Collar by your side, walk toward the boundary and gently shake the Collar until it beeps and the light flashes red. Confirm the boundary location by stepping back 6 feet until the Collar stops beeping and then walk forward until it beeps again and the light flashes red.

Then place a flag at the boundary location and then move back inside roaming area until Collar stops beeping. Repeat this process placing a Training Flag every 6 feet until the entire roaming area is enclosed.

Should you require additional flags you can get them at These flags represent the location of you wireless fence and will be used to train your dog.

Fitting a Collar


To ensure the safe and effective operation of your system, it is important that you make sure that the Collar is fitted properly on your dog. First, be sure that the fence is turned on by the Cotroller. To do this,

Select “Setup Menu” and “Display Options” on the Controller. Now, press the blue flashing collar button to turn off the Trigger Zone. All settings will be retained on the system’s memory.

Position the Collar on your dog’s neck, below your dog’s regular collar, underneath the chin with the Probes facing upward and center. Make sure the Probes maintain contact with your dog’s skin at all time. Attach the Collar to fit snugly but not tightly. You should be able to slide the tip of one finger the dog’s coat and one of the Probes of the Collar. Use long Probes for long-hair dogs and short Probes for short-hair dogs.

After you adjust the Collar to the correct length remove it and trim the excess strap using scissors. Remember to leave extra room if you dog is going to continue to grow or may grow a winter coat.

Some Tips For Your Safety

• ALWAYS take the dog collar off your dog’s neck if you want to make any adjustments in the
• NEVER leave the Collar on your dog for more than 12 hours at a time.
• Routinely clean the Probes and your dog’s neck to help prevent skin irritation.

Once you have successfully installed and activated the Controller, set up the Collar, set up the fence boundary Trigger Zone, and properly fitted the Collar on the dog, you are now ready to proceed to training your dog. And remember, it is important that you complete the entire training process to ensure the successful operation of your new Radio Shape Wireless Dog Fence.

For complete training instructions, please refer to your instruction manual.

Need Further Assistance?

If you need more help, Havahart Wireless’ Customer Support has you covered from every angle. Call them at 1-800-800-1819, Option 1.

Alternatively, for live chat and online product assistance visit


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